Architectural Design Competitions

A Key Policy Tool to Ensure Quality in the Built Environment Full Press Release transcript from the Conference on International Design Competitions organised by the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE), 25 October 2019. UNESCO Headquarters, Paris. Declaration Architectural design competitions (ADCs) are among the most effective ways to…

VAT reform would promote CO2 emissions reductions, more sustainable building & cost nothing – so why the delay?

1t C02_Olafur Eliasson

A Project Compass response to the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency objectives defined in Architects Declare. Revised & updated from a Walter Menteth article 1st published in AJ: Sustainability in Practice. 28th February 2014) [i] Government for too long has been missing an enormous opportunity to incentivise investment in sustainable construction: VAT reform. This means redressing…

Competition Culture in Europe: Voices

This publication comprises a series of essays by distinguished architects, competition organisers, scholars and commentators in 22 chapters on architectural competitions.

Peter Aldous MP’s Jan. 2018 Bill to protect retentions

Peter Aldous MP will introduced a Parliamentary Bill on 9 Jan. 2018 to protect cash retentions in a retention deposit scheme (similar to a tenancy deposit scheme). Project Compass invite you to write to your local MP to express your support for this. This is an important initiative being promoted by the Specialist Engineering Contractors Group…