Competition Culture in Europe

Competition Culture in Europe 2017-2020: Final Report

Competition Culture in Europe 2017-20

In Competition Culture in Europe 2017-2020: Final Report, activities, research and educational outputs from the 2017 International Competition Culture in Europe (CCIE) conference,  and the wider CCIE programme, are assembled to provide invaluable resources, knowledge and guidance. 25 European countries were involved in the programme and in six research programmes were set up. – Expanded and Relaunched the first international portal for architecture commissions covering all European countries has now been relaunched. It remains free to all but with its new and expanded form it now covers thirty-nine European Countries. offers greater access and insights into public procurement and competition culture in Europe, contributing to improving construction culture across the…

Competition Culture in Europe: Voices

This publication comprises a series of essays by distinguished architects, competition organisers, scholars and commentators in 22 chapters on architectural competitions.

Conference on Competition Culture

How can architects, especially the new generation, find out what design contests are announced in Europe? What considerations should they make to decide if they’re going to participate in an architect selection abroad? And what is the chance a winning plan will be built? Architect selections for commissions below EU thresholds are not published on…