Response Paper: on the Modernisation of EU Public Procurement Policy Towards a More Efficient European Procurement Market

This response to the EU Green Paper Consultation from Walter Menteth Architects, the RIBA Small Practice Public Sector Procurement Working Group and the RIBA, was prepared by Walter Menteth on behalf of the group. This 2011 report describes a range of issues for architects relating to the EU procurement system along with its interpretation and application at national level that are believed require urgent reform. It provides industry data, evidenced examples with discursive background, and proposes key opportunities for the comprehensive reform thought necessary.

This EU response paper impacted reforms of Directive 2014/24/EU, the Public Contract Regulations 2015 and precipitated establishment of the RIBA Procurement Reform Group in furtherance of some of the described objectives. Published under a creative common (CC BY-ND) licence.

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