Procurement and Tendering Processes

Project Compass Director Walter Menteth will be delivering a series of six RIBA Core CPD webinars on “Procurement & Tendering Processes” between now and November 2021.

You can book a place here, or your practice can contact the RIBA Head of CPD for an ‘in-practice’ delivered webinar (1, 2 or a grouping of practices).

Subjects addressed include the following:

  • procurement principles
  • procurement regulations
  • best practices
  • UK outcomes
  • guidance for competitive bidding
  • the proposed post Brexit reforms
  • issues & opportunities for the profession to lead in informing better public procurement going forward

The post Brexit reforms (‘Transforming Public Procurement‘. Dec 2020) have now been tabled. The proposed reforms will have major impacts on architectural procurement for a generation.

Project Compass, together with the London Practice Forum, have submitted a response paper which can be viewed here.

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