Competition Culture in Europe 2017-2020: Final Report

Competition Culture in Europe 2017-20

In Competition Culture in Europe 2017-2020: Final Report, activities, research and educational outputs from the 2017 International Competition Culture in Europe (CCIE) conference,  and the wider CCIE programme, are assembled to provide invaluable resources, knowledge and guidance. 25 European countries were involved in the programme and in six research programmes were set up.

The first part provides an overview of CCIE international convocations & their outputs. The second part reports on University master students research from: Tirana (Albania), Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Sofia (Bulgaria), Athens (Greece), Dublin (Ireland) and Portsmouth (United Kingdom). These country’s outputs cover the history, development, application, and opportunities of competitions in an international context. This publication is an Architectuur Lokaal project realised with Project Compass CIC and A10 New European architecture Cooperative. It was made possible with support from the Creative Industries Fund (NL).

European competition resources are now being shared on  From 2013 this facility was developed to its initial establishment in 2015, in partnership between Project Compass (UK) and Architectuur Lokaal (NL). Now with the support of many other partners in various European countries, has been relaunched under this programme and is now being maintained and will continue in development managed by Architectuur Lokaal (NL) with the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL. transparently provides knowledge, guidance, resources and support for continuing to support UK architects, post Brexit, seeking to access the EU market and information on particular country conditions.

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