UxbridgeRegion: Wales
52458-202003/02/2020OffSite Project Integrator Wales
Welsh Procurement Alliance£612,244 (estimated)
UxbridgeRegion: -- No region given --
52442-202003/02/2020OffSite Project Integrator South West England
LHC£468,750 (estimated)
Livingston (Lots Won: 5 or 17.24%)Region: -- No region given --
52466-202003/02/2020OffSite Project Integrator Scotland
Scottish Procurement Alliance£862,069 (estimated)
Uxbridge (Lots Won: 4 or 14.29%)Region: -- No region given --
52450-202003/02/2020OffSite Project Integrator England (excluding South West England)
LHC£612,244 (estimated)
ManchesterRegion: Uk
244206-201807/06/2018Delivery Project Manager (DPM) For The Factory Project
Manchester City Council£210,000 (verified)
Total Value of Work Won£2,765,308