Wolseley UK

Beverley (Lots Won: 3 or 6.67%)Region: Yorkshire
260656-202004/06/2020April 2020 Contract Under 2348-20 Merchant Stores DPS
East Riding of Yorkshire£992 (estimated)
Rochdale (Lots Won: 2 or 9.09%)Region: North-west
354528-201929/07/2019ITT For A Framework Agreement For The Supply Of Repairs Materials For Stores
Rochdale Boroughwide Housing£8,409 (estimated)
Huddersfield (Lots Won: 2 or 9.52%)Region: Yorkshire
348844-201925/07/2019KMCBS-048 - Supply And Delivery Of Stocked Building Materials
Borough of Kirklees Council£2,918 (estimated)
North Tyneside (Lots Won: 3 or 16.67%)Region: North-east
194778-201926/04/2019Contract 16 - Plumbing And Heating Supplies 2019-2021
North Tyneside Council£179,367 (estimated)
Birmingham (Lots Won: 2 or 6.67%)Region: -- No region given --
154124-201903/04/2019Plumbing, Electrical And General Building Goods And Materials Suppliers (i.e Merchants, Including Distribution And An Option To Provide Bespoke Managed Stores Services)
Central Housing Investment Consortium£1,750,000 (estimated)
Durham (Lots Won: 6 or 35.29%)Region: North-east
74092-201915/02/2019Framework Agreement For The Supply And Delivery Of Heating And Plumbing Components
Durham County Council£78,822 (estimated)
BeverleyRegion: Yorkshire
103056-201808/03/2018750-18 Gas Appliances And Spare Parts
East Riding of Yorkshire Council£227,000 (verified)
PortsmouthRegion: South
67548-201814/02/2018VIVID - Materials Supply
VIVID Housing-- No value given --
Sheffield (Lots Won: 3 or 15.00%)Region: Yorkshire
262415-201707/07/2017Supply Of Repairs, Maintenance & Building Materials
Sheffield City Council-- No value given --
Manchester (Lots Won: 5 or inf%)Region: North-west
79482-201702/03/2017Framework Agreement For Merchants And Distribution
Re:allies Works-- No value given --
Gateshead (Lots Won: 2 or 5.56%)Region: North-east
4751-201706/01/2017Contract For The Supply Of Construction And Building Materials
Gateshead Council£2,604 (estimated)
WorcesterRegion: -- No region given --
177397-201625/05/2016Building Materials, Plumbing Supplies And Related Services
Sanctuary Housing Group-- No value given --
BedfordRegion: Uk
156192-201607/05/2016Cirrus Consortium Materials Framework
Grand Union Housing£17,500,000 (estimated)
Jarrow (Lots Won: 3 or inf%)Region: North-east
84844-201612/03/2016Building And Civil Materials Framework
South Tyneside Council-- No value given --
PrestonRegion: Uk
51655-201616/02/2016Building Materials And Associated Services Framework
Places for People-- No value given --
ChristchurchRegion: -- No region given --
8014-201612/01/2016Spectrum National Materials Framework.
Spectrum Housing Group£1,239,669 (estimated)