Tolent Construction

SunderlandRegion: North-east
86304-202020/02/2020DPS For Construction And Development Works Ref DN387749: Notice Of Award Of Contract
Gentoo Group£5,096,473 (verified)
Newcastle Upon Tyne (Lots Won: 5 or inf%)Region: -- No region given --
150309-201807/04/2018NEPO207 Building Construction Works
North East Procurement Organisation-- No value given --
SunderlandRegion: North-east
16441-201619/01/2016The Beacon Of Light
Foundation of Light-- No value given --
StamfordRegion: -- No region given --
398633-201422/11/2014The Sands Water Park, Scarborough.
Benchmark Leisure Limited£7,863,358 (verified)
Newcastle Upon TyneRegion: North-east
339138-201016/11/2010Northern Design Centre - Construction Contract.
Terrace Hill Baltic-- No value given --
MiddlesbroughRegion: North-east
86962-201025/03/2010Custom House My Place.
Middlesbrough Borough Council£3,784,046 (verified)
RotherhamRegion: Yorkshire
43590-201013/02/2010Yorbuild South Area Contractors Framework.
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council£42,545,455 (estimated)