RPS Consulting Services

Winchester (Lots Won: 2 or 3.64%)Region: South
137565-202020/03/2020Generation 4 Technical Resources Framework (Gen 4 TRF) 2020-2024
Hampshire County Council£545,455 (estimated)
LondonRegion: London
125005-202013/03/2020London And Quadrant Housing Trust - Environmental Impact Assessor Framework 2020-2024
London & Quadrant Housing Group£2,770 (estimated)
LondonRegion: London
6841-202008/01/2020London And Quadrant Housing Trust - Planning Consultancy Services Framework 2020-2024
London & Quadrant Housing Group£148 (estimated)
LondonRegion: London
518058-201931/10/2019London And Quadrant Housing Trust - Consultants Framework 2019-2023
London & Quadrant Housing Group£57,870 (estimated)
Manchester (Lots Won: 2 or 3.64%)Region: North-west
494633-201921/10/2019Construction Consultancy Services Framework
University of Manchester£436,364 (estimated)
North TynesideRegion: North-east
211481-201907/05/2019Contract 46 Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Consultancy Services For The Construction Service
North Tyneside Council£37,500 (estimated)
Uxbridge (Lots Won: 4 or 3.10%)Region: -- No region given --
197622-201929/04/2019Construction Consultancy Service - Southwest England
LHC£67,829 (estimated)
LondonRegion: -- No region given --
155336-201903/04/2019One Housing Group Consultants Framework
One Housing Group£2,361 (estimated)
Sheffield (Lots Won: 2 or 2.13%)Region: -- No region given --
541948-201808/12/2018YORconsult2 South And West Area Consultants Framework Agreement
Sheffield City Council£53,191 (estimated)
BeverleyRegion: -- No region given --
542036-201808/12/2018YORconsult2 North And East Area Consultants Framework Agreement
East Riding of Yorkshire Council£43,403 (estimated)
Manchester (Lots Won: 7 or 2.85%)Region: -- No region given --
482868-201802/11/2018Framework Agreement For Consultancy Services
Reallies£1,634 (estimated)
Birmingham (Lots Won: 2 or 5.41%)Region: West-midlands
108768-201810/03/20182017 - 521 Development Consultancy Services Framework
WM Housing Group£8,784 (estimated)
Prescot (Lots Won: 4 or 2.68%)Region: Uk
373182-201722/09/2017Fusion21 Consultants Framework
Fusion21£42,709 (estimated)
LondonRegion: London
261782-201707/07/2017Consultant Framework - Package 2
Notting Hill Housing Trust£7,407 (estimated)
LondonRegion: London
259310-201706/07/2017Consultant Framework - Package 3
Notting Hill Housing Trust-- No value given --