Ian Williams

Prescot (Lots Won: 3 or 1.58%)Region: Uk
565572-201929/11/2019Fusion21 Building And Asset Improvement Works Framework
Fusion21£17,270 (estimated)
BathRegion: Wessex
546108-201919/11/2019Cyclical Decorations, Maintenance And Repairs To Georgian And Victorian Properties
Curo Places£9,000,000 (verified)
SheffieldRegion: -- No region given --
501196-201924/10/2019Framework Agreement For Installation And Repair Works
EN:Procure£6,173 (estimated)
Cardiff (Lots Won: 4 or 4.71%)Region: -- No region given --
257924-201904/06/2019South East And Mid Wales Collaborative Construction Framework (SEWSCAP)
Cardiff Council£8,824 (estimated)
Prescot (Lots Won: 4 or 2.19%)Region: -- No region given --
145652-201929/03/2019Fusion21 Construction Works And Improvements Framework
Fusion21£153,005 (estimated)
Llandrindod WellsRegion: Wales
78044-201919/02/2019DPS Estate Works And External Decoration Across Powys
Powys County Council£42,053 (estimated)
Llandrindod WellsRegion: Wales
256444-201815/06/2018DPS Estate Works And External Decoration Across Powys
Powys County Council£85,457 (estimated)
Caerphilly (Lots Won: 2 or 8.33%)Region: Wales
35100-201531/01/2015Supply And Delivery Of Labour And Materials For The Whqs External Works Programme To Ccbc
Caerphilly County Borough Council£1,750,000 (estimated)
BathRegion: Uk
187481-201308/06/2013Internal Works Framework Intwor2012.
Westworks Procurement-- No value given --
GloucesterRegion: Wessex
353078-201111/11/2011Major Medical Adaptations To Domestic Dwellings
Gloucester City Homes-- No value given --
NewportRegion: Uk
85925-201117/03/2011Ministry Of Justice Minor Works Framework Agreement
Ministry of Justice-- No value given --
WorcesterRegion: -- No region given --
58019-201026/02/2010Framework Agreement For Residential Kitchen, Bathroom And High Level Improvement Works Excluding Windows And External Doors
Sanctuary Housing Group-- No value given --
Leamington Spa (Lots Won: 2 or 33.33%)Region: -- No region given --
56477-201025/02/2010Housing Repairs And Maintenance Service
Jephson Housing Association Repairs£1,282,023 (estimated)
ChesterfieldRegion: East-midlands
251723-200911/09/2009Rykneld Homes - Procurement Of Capital Works Contractors
Rykneld Homes£52,500,000 (estimated)