Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

UxbridgeRegion: London
245136-202026/05/2020Architect Design Services (ADS) Framework
LHC-- No value given --
London (Lots Won: 3 or 2.13%)Region: Uk
190761-201802/05/2018Gla 80868 - Architecture, Design & Urbanism Panel 2 (adup2)
Transport for London-- No value given --
LondonRegion: -- No region given --
120859-201608/04/2016Dr5001 Lbth Civic Centre — Architect Led Design Team Services.
London Borough of Tower Hamlets-- No value given --
LondonRegion: London
290915-201426/08/2014Curtis Green — Metropolitan Police Service New Hq Building.
Mayor's Office for Policing & Crime-- No value given --
LondonRegion: Uk
267459-200926/09/2009Architectural, Engineering And Planning Services
Royal Mail Group-- No value given --