AFL Architects

London (Lots Won: 3 or 8.57%)Region: -- No region given --
101244-201904/03/2019The Supply Of Architect Services
NHS Property Services£122,449 (estimated)
Liverpool (Lots Won: 2 or 1.65%)Region: Uk
134199-201828/03/2018Construction Impact Framework
Safe Regeneration£1,821 (estimated)
BirminghamRegion: -- No region given --
308039-201411/09/2014Team Bid — Professional Construction Consultancy Services Bhh Endoscopy Unit.
Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust-- No value given --
Manchester (Lots Won: 2 or inf%)Region: -- No region given --
270040-201407/08/2014Professional Construction Consultancy Services
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust-- No value given --
Salford (Lots Won: 3 or inf%)Region: North-west
18939-201022/01/2010Professional Construction Services Framework.
NHS North West Collaborative Commercial Agency (NWCCA)-- No value given --