6 Jan 2020
Details of Notice 4015-2020

Burnley College

Notice Type: Contract Notice

Notice Ref.4015-2020
Date Published07/01/2020
DescriptionProcure Partnerships (National Minor Works) Framework
ValueNot provided
ProcedureOpen Procedure
Notice TypeWorks
Award CriteriaThe Most Economic Tender
Procuring Body TypeBody Governed By Public Law
Added to Database7 Jan 2020
CPV Codes
44211100Modular and portable buildings
45000000Construction work
45110000Building demolition and wrecking work and earthmoving work
45111000Demolition, site preparation and clearance work
45111100Demolition work
45200000Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
45210000Building construction work
45211000Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses
45211300Houses construction work
45211350Multi-functional buildings construction work
45212000Construction work for buildings relating to leisure, sports, culture, lodging and restaurants
45212100Construction work of leisure facilities
45212110Leisure centre construction work
45212172Recreation centre construction work
45212200Construction work for sports facilities
45212210Single-purpose sports facilities construction work
45212211Ice rink construction work
45212212Construction work for swimming pool
45212220Multi-purpose sports facilities construction work
45212221Construction work in connection with structures for sports ground
45212222Gymnasium construction work
45212223Winter-sports facilities construction work
45212225Sports hall construction work
45212300Construction work for art and cultural buildings
45212310Construction work for buildings relating to exhibitions
45212311Art gallery construction work
45212312Exhibition centre construction work
45212313Museum construction work
45212320Construction work for buildings relating to artistic performances
45212321Auditorium construction work
45212322Theatre construction work
45212330Library construction work
45212331Multimedia library construction work
45212340Lecture hall construction work
45212350Buildings of particular historical or architectural interest
45212410Construction work for lodging buildings
45212412Hostel construction work
45213100Construction work for commercial buildings
45213110Shop buildings construction work
45213111Shopping centre construction work
45213112Shop units construction work
45213140Market construction work
45213141Covered market construction work
45213142Open-air market construction work
45213150Office block construction work
45213200Construction work for warehouses and industrial buildings
45213210Cold-storage installations
45213220Construction work for warehouses
45213221Warehouse stores construction work
45213230Abattoir construction work
45213240Agricultural buildings construction work
45213241Barn construction work
45213250Construction work for industrial buildings
45213251Industrial units construction work
45213252Workshops construction work
45213300Buildings associated with transport
45213310Construction work for buildings relating to road transport
45213311Bus station construction work
45213312Car park building construction work
45213313Service-area building construction work
45213314Bus garage construction work
45213330Construction work for buildings relating to air transport
45213331Airport buildings construction work
45213332Airport control tower construction work
45213340Construction work for buildings relating to water transport
45213350Construction work for buildings relating to various means of transport
45214000Construction work for buildings relating to education and research
45214100Construction work for kindergarten buildings
45214200Construction work for school buildings
45214210Primary school construction work
45214220Secondary school construction work
45214230Special school construction work
45214300Construction work for college buildings
45214310Vocational college construction work
45214320Technical college construction work
45214400Construction work for university buildings
45214410Polytechnic construction work
45214420Lecture theatre construction work
45214430Language laboratory construction work
45214500Construction work for buildings of further education
45214600Construction work for research buildings
45214610Laboratory building construction work
45214620Research and testing facilities construction work
45214630Scientific installations
45214640Meteorological stations construction work
45214700Construction work for halls of residence
45214800Training facilities building
45215100Construction work for buildings relating to health
45215200Construction work for social services buildings
45215210Construction work for subsidised residential accommodation
45215212Retirement home construction work
45215213Nursing home construction work
45215214Residential homes construction work
45215215Children's home construction work
45215220Construction work for social facilities other than subsidised residential accommodation
45215221Daycare centre construction work
45215222Civic centre construction work
45215300Construction work for crematoriums
45215400Cemetery works
45216100Construction work for buildings relating to law and order or emergency services
71000000Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
71220000Architectural design services
71240000Architectural, engineering and planning services
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