3 Apr 2018
Details of Notice 146948-2018

London Borough of Hackney

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Notice Type: Contract Notice

Notice Ref.146948-2018
Date Published05/04/2018
DescriptionFramework 2: Construction Based Consultancy, Building Surveying, Architectural, Employer's Agent,Planning, FM, Engineering, Daylight and Sunlight, Creative, Fire and Safety, Photographic
Main ActivityGeneral public services
ValueNot provided (estimated total of all framework lots)
ProcedureRestricted Procedure
Notice TypeServices
Procuring Body TypeRegional Or Local Authority
Contract Length48 months
Added to Database5 Apr 2018
Links Hackney's £20m framework delayed after ‘overwhelming' influx of bids
Architects' Journal, 26th April 2019
Competition: Hackney Council framework
Architects' Journal, 10th April 2018
Associated Files (Notice: 146948-2018)File Size
Architect Bid Back V1 29th March 2018.xlsx65Kb
Bid Back Financial Spreadsheet V6 13th March 2018 LOT 5.xlsx29Kb
Bid Back Financial Spreadsheet V6 13th March 2018 LOT 6.xlsx26Kb
Bid Back Financial Spreadsheet V6 29th March 2018 LOT 4.xlsx28Kb
Bid Back Lot 11 V2 29th March 2018.xlsx65Kb
Daylight Sunlight Financial Bid Back V3 29th March 2018.xlsx65Kb
Financial Bid Back Lot 12 V2 29th March 2018.xlsx65Kb
Fire and Safety Services Lot 15 Financial Bid Back V4 29th March 2018.xlsx65Kb
Hackney Sales Brand Guidelines.pdf2,112Kb
ITT Lot 10 Prototype V3 29th March 2018.doc2,513Kb
ITT Lot 11 V4 29th March 2018.doc2,582Kb
ITT Lot 12 V4 16th March 2018.doc2,552Kb
ITT Lot 13 Prototype V4 29th March 2018.doc2,505Kb
ITT Lot 14 Prototype V5 29th March 2018.doc4,630Kb
ITT Lot 15 Fire and Safety Services V5 29th March 2018.doc2,511Kb
ITT Lot 16 V1 29th March 2018.doc4,615Kb
ITT Lot 17 V1 29th March 2018.doc2,772Kb
ITT Lot 4 Prototype V5 29th March 2018.doc3,447Kb
ITT Lot 5 V4 29th March 2018.doc4,346Kb
ITT Lot 6 V4 29th March 2018.doc2,710Kb
ITT Lot 7 Employer's Agent 29th March 2018 V3.doc4,004Kb
ITT Lot 8 Cost Management Services V3 29th March 2018.doc2,507Kb
ITT Lot 9 V5 29th February 2018.doc2,512Kb
Lot 14 Bid Back V3 29th March 2018.xlsx14Kb
Lot 16 Bid Back V1 29th March 2018.xlsx11Kb
Lot 3 Bid Back V1 29th March 2018.xlsx65Kb
Lot 9 Financial Bid Back V1 20th March 2018.xlsx65Kb
Planning Consultant Financial Bid Back V3 29th March 2018.xlsx65Kb
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CPV Codes
71000000Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
71200000Architectural and related services
71300000Engineering services
71310000Consultative engineering and construction services
71315200Building consultancy services
71400000Urban planning and landscape architectural services
71540000Construction management services
71541000Construction project management services
72210000Programming services of packaged software products
72224000Project management consultancy services
79000000Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security
79340000Advertising and marketing services
79413000Marketing management consultancy services
79961100Advertising photography services
79961200Aerial photography services
79961300Specialised photography services
79961310Downhole photography services
79961350Studio photography services
79962000Photograph processing services
79993000Building and facilities management services
90712100Urban environmental development planning