2 Mar 2012
Details of Notice 72829-2012

City Building (Glasgow) LLP

Construction work

Notice Type: Contract Award

Notice Ref.72829-2012
Date Published06/03/2012
DescriptionConstruction and Trades Sub-contractor Framework
Main ActivityOther: City Building (Glasgow) LLP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Glasgow City Council employing on
ValueNot provided (estimated total of all framework lots)
ProcedureAccelerated Restricted Procedure
Notice TypeWorks
Award CriteriaNot Specified
Procuring Body TypeBody Governed By Public Law
Added to Database30 Jun 2014
CPV Codes
45000000Construction work
WinnerOrganisation TypeOffers Received (per lot)Total Lots
AC Whyte & Co12193
AC Whyte & Co22193
AC Whyte & Co20193
AC Whyte & Co16193
AC Whyte & Co22193
AC Whyte & Co13193
ADT Fire & SecuritySpecialist Trade7193
Advance Construction ScotlandContractor29193
Advanced Roller DoorsSpecialist Trade6193
Alger Electrics & AlarmsSpecialist Trade8193
Allied Construction Services (Scotland)Contractor11193
Allied Construction Services (Scotland)Contractor15193
Allied Construction Services (Scotland)Contractor22193
Allied Construction Services (Scotland)Contractor4193
Arbour Tree Surgeons & LandscapersSpecialist Trade13193
Arthur Mckay & CoContractor26193
Arthur Mckay & CoContractor31193
Arthur Mckay & CoContractor19193
AS ScaffoldingSpecialist Trade10193
Baxter & Gillespie Painting Contractors Limited23193
Baxter & Gillespie Painting Contractors Limited26193
Bell Group23193
Bell Group5193
Bell Group26193
Benglass Ltd.10193
BTT Fabrication11193
BTT Fabrication16193
C Hanlon4193
C Hanlon8193
C Hanlon22193
C Hanlon26193
C Hanlon20193
Campbell & Kennedy11193
Clad (uk) Ltd.16193
Clyde Valley Lifts Ltd.5193
Contract Building Services10193
Contract Building Services23193
Covanburn ContractsContractor6193
Crown House Technologies26193
Crown House Technologies31193
Crown House Technologies19193
D V Mccoll Ltd.27193
D V Mccoll Ltd.15193
Devar Premier Flooring18193
Dickie & Moore Limited10193
Dickie & Moore Limited27193
Dickie & Moore Limited34193
Ductform Ventilation (uk) Limited19193
Dunne Building & Civil EngineeringContractor29193
Dunne Building & Civil EngineeringContractor7193
Dunne Building & Civil EngineeringContractor5193
Ecg Building Maintenance Ltd.9193
Ecg Building Maintenance Ltd.31193
Ecg Building Maintenance Ltd.19193
Eds Remediation Ltd.22193
Emtec Group8193
Emtec Group9193
Emtec Group8193
Emtec Group26193
Emtec Group31193
Emtec Group19193
Enviraz (scotland) Ltd.9193
Environmental Reclamation Services Ltd.22193
Environmental Reclamation Services Ltd.16193
Fes Ltd4193
Fes Ltd8193
Fes Ltd9193
Fes Ltd26193
Fes Ltd31193
Fes Ltd19193
Fes Ltd15193
Front Line Construction Ltd.29193
Front Line Construction Ltd.7193
Gas Call Services Limited22193
Gas Call Services Limited31193
GD Chalmers19193
Glasgow Steeplejacks Solutions Ltd.8193
Glendale Electrical Engineers (glasgow) Ltd.26193
Glendale Electrical Engineers (glasgow) Ltd.15193
Gmg Contractors Ltd.22193
Gmg Contractors Ltd.20193
Gp Contracts (scotland) Ltd.13193
HBR Limited22193
Hewlett Civil Engineering22193
Hugh L. S. Mcconnell Ltd.12193
Hugh L. S. Mcconnell Ltd.16193
Jms Construction (scotland) Ltd.22193
Jms Construction (scotland) Ltd.22193
Jms Construction (scotland) Ltd.15193
Jms Construction (scotland) Ltd.23193
Jms Construction (scotland) Ltd.34193
John Wilson & Sons Ltd.8193
Js Harvie & Co26193
Kentallen Fire Protection Ltd.8193
Kentallen Fire Protection Ltd.9193
Kentallen Mechanical Services31193
Kentallen Mechanical Services19193
Kentallen Mechanical Services8193
Lagwell Insulation Co. Ltd.20193
M & S Fire Protection Ltd.9193
Mac Asphalt29193
Mac Asphalt13193
Maclay Civil EngineeringContractor29193
Maclay Civil EngineeringContractor13193
Marshall Brown Ltd.10193
Martec Engineering Ltd.11193
Martec Engineering Ltd.16193
Maxi Construction Limited20193
Mcdermid Decorators23193
Mcdermid Decorators26193
Mckay Flooring Ltd.15193
Mckay Roofing Ltd.12193
Mckay Roofing Ltd.16193
Mckay Roofing Ltd.8193
Mcnicol Insulation Limited20193
Mdm Specialist Trades Ltd.27193
Mdm Specialist Trades Ltd.23193
Mdm Specialist Trades Ltd.26193
Mmps (scotland) Ltd.12193
Mmps (scotland) Ltd.22193
Mmps (scotland) Ltd.16193
Mmps (scotland) Ltd.22193
Mmps (scotland) Ltd.22193
Mmps (scotland) Ltd.15193
Mmps (scotland) Ltd.23193
Mmps (scotland) Ltd.20193
MPMH ConstructionContractor22193
MPMH ConstructionContractor22193
MPMH ConstructionContractor27193
MPMH ConstructionContractor23193
MPMH ConstructionContractor34193
MPMH ConstructionContractor20193
Muirgroup Interiors Ltd.18193
Muirgroup Interiors Ltd.4193
Northern Light Stage & Technical Services11193
Northern Light Stage & Technical Services7193
Ogilvie ConstructionContractor13193
Orr (fire Protection) Limited4193
Orr Fire Protection Ltd.5193
Rainbow Blinds And Interiors4193
Reid Wire Limited16193
Reigart Contracts Ltd.9193
Sennit ConstructionContractor12193
Sennit ConstructionContractor22193
Sennit ConstructionContractor34193
Skyform (scotland) Ltd.15193
Skyform (scotland) Ltd.20193
Skyform (scotland) Ltd.13193
Skyline Installations11193
Soundtex Ltd.15193
Spie Matthew Hall8193
Spie Matthew Hall26193
Spie Matthew Hall31193
SSE ContractingContractor26193
SSE ContractingContractor26193
Sweeney Décor Ltd.27193
Sweeney Décor Ltd.23193
Team Services22193
Team Services22193
Team Services22193
Team Services15193
Team Services23193
Team Services34193
Tedesco Tiling Ltd.15193
The Fairways Group Ltd, Fairways Sportsgrounds6193
Tilecraft Services (paisley) Limited15193
Tough Construction29193
Tough Construction13193
Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions8193
Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions9193
Uk Soft Furnishings Ltd.18193
Veitchi (scotland) Ltd.18193
VHE Construction plc22193
VHE Construction plc13193
Vital Energi26193
Vq Construction Ltd.15193
Vq Construction Ltd.23193
Vq Construction Ltd.34193
Vq Construction Ltd.20193
WH Malcolm29193
Wmq Building Services19193
Wmq Building Services26193
Wmq Building Services22193
Wmq Building Services31193
Wmq Building Services19193
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