University Of Edinburgh

Pub. DateNoticeDescriptionType
23/11/2018516232-2018EC0834 Main Contractor Engineering Module 1Contract notice (Works)
24/08/2018369536-2018EC0787 Building Maintenance and Small Works (up to 50 000 GBP)Contract notice (Works)
10/03/2018107081-2018EC0814 Main Contractor for Wellbeing CentreContract notice (Works)
16/12/2017502032-2017Main contractor – Refurbishment and extension of Old Kirk on Holyrood RoadContract notice (Works)
08/09/2017351661-2017EC0788 Main Contractor Kings Buildings Infrastructure (Contract 1)Contract notice (Works)
11/08/2017316418-2017EC0789 Main Contractor EFI QuartermileContract notice (Works)
04/08/2017306503-2017Design Team for Student Accommodation at PeffermillContract notice (Services)
20/07/2017281270-2017Design Team for Main Library RedevelopmentContract notice (Services)
28/04/2017159924-2017EC0778 Main Contractor Murchison HouseContract notice (Works)
13/04/2017139413-2017Commissioning ManagerContract notice (Services)
16/03/201798018-2017Design Team for Peffermill Playing FieldsContract notice (Services)
16/03/2017098018-2017Design Team for Peffermill Playing FieldsContract notice (Services)
18/02/201763453-2017Master Planners for PPiP and Land DisposalContract notice (Services)
01/06/2016185180-2016Main Contractor Holland HouseContract notice (Works)
20/04/2016135565-2016Ec0739 Building a New Biology — the Darwin ProjectContract notice (Works)
19/04/2016133101-2016Ec0735 Main Contractor Institution for Regeneration and RepairContract notice (Works)
19/04/2016133067-2016Ec0736 Quartermile Main Enabling WorksContract notice (Works)
28/07/2015263308-2015Ec0681 Pqq Main Contractor Eca BuildingContract notice (Works)
21/07/2015253897-2015Ec0710 Energy Centre for the Appointment of a Main ContractorContract notice (Works)
02/07/2015228667-2015Ec0701 Pqq Energy Centre Main ContractorContract notice (Works)
14/03/2015089636-2015Ec/0669/pqq Main Contractor for Our Dti BuildingContract notice (Works)
07/03/2015080136-2015Development of Student Accommodation At Buccleuch Place and Meadow LaneContract notice (Works)
21/02/2015062444-2015Ec/0663/pqq Main Contractor Darwin Building Refurbishment Enabling WorksContract notice (Works)
17/02/2015055427-2015Ec/0664/pqq Main Contractor Refurbishment of Law School Old CollegeContract notice (Works)
17/09/2014313811-2014Ec/0562/st Cecilia's Main ContractorContract notice (Works)
13/09/2014309911-2014Ec_0650_energy Centre Main ContractorContract notice (Works)
13/09/2014309812-2014Ec/0651/mcewan Hall Main ContractorContract notice (Works)
25/06/2014211318-2014Centre Building Easter Bush CampusContract notice (Works)
27/09/2013324561-2013Ec/0617/design Team School of GeosciencesContract notice (Service contract)
27/09/2013324515-2013Ec/0616/design Team for Ebvc FacilitiesContract notice (Service contract)
20/08/2013279565-2013Ec/0605/design Team Appointment Redevelopment of the Pleasance ComplexContract notice (Service contract)
10/08/2013270702-2013Ec/0606/pqq Design Team Appointment Darwin Building Refurbishment.Contract notice (Service contract)
01/06/2013180342-2013Ec/0609/pqq Design Team Edinburgh Bio-quarter Plots 12 & 13.Contract notice (Service contract)
14/05/2013156880-2013Ec/0603/design Team for the Institute of Anatomical & Surgical Sciences Relocation ProjectContract notice (Service contract)
07/05/2013149819-2013Ec/0602/pqq Design Team Refurbishment of Labs On Floors 1,2 and 3 of Ashworth 2Contract notice (Service contract)
02/02/201337440-2013Appointment of a Design Team- Centre Building for Easter Bush CampusContract notice (Service contract)
22/12/2012406886-2012Ec/0593/pqq Main Contractor for the Roslin Institute Phase 2bContract notice (Works)
24/11/2012373790-2012Ec/0554/framework Appointment for Mtc for Mechanical Small Works and Associated Services - Two LotsContract notice (Service contract)
22/11/2012370811-2012Ec/0587/design Team Ashworth Learning and Research HubContract notice (Service contract)
17/11/2012366216-2012Ec/0586/design Team for the Refurbishment of Old College for the School of LawContract notice (Service contract)
13/07/2012221194-2012Ec/0567/appointment of a Design Team for Student Accommodation At Buccleuch Place and Meadow LaneContract notice (Works)
13/07/2012221195-2012Ec/0561/pqq Appointment of a Main Contractor for Systems Medicine, Western General HospitalContract notice (Works)
13/06/2012184122-2012Ec/0560/pqq Appointment of a Main Contractor for the Roslin Institute Phase 2aContract notice (Works)
14/02/201248604-2012Ec/0547/pqq Appointment of a Design Team, St Cecilia's HallContract notice (Service contract)
21/12/2011398160-2011Ec/0541/roger Land Building Refurbishment Work and Remodelling Work Within Our JmcbContract notice (Service contract)
20/12/2011394979-2011Ec/0326/advanced Computing Facility.Voluntary ex ante transparency notice (Works)
06/10/2011313265-2011Ec/0532/pqq Design Team Appointment for Roslin Building Phase 2bContract notice (Service contract)
30/09/2011307543-2011Ec/0434/cdm. Co-ordinator Services Framework - 3 Lots.Contract notice (Service contract)
28/04/2011135009-2011Ec/0514/pqq Design Team Roslin Building Phase 2aContract notice (Works)
27/04/2011133213-2011Ec/0508/pqq Main Contractor for Flowave Test TankContract notice (Works)
12/04/2011115524-2011Ec/0503/university of Edinburgh Student Accommodation and Outreach Centre ProposalContract notice (Works)
25/03/2011095557-2011Ec/0502/pqq Main Contractor for Edinburgh Centre On Climate ChangeContract notice (Works)
29/06/2010187886-2010Ec/0467/main Contractor Framework Appointment for Works Up to 1 000 000 GbpContract notice (Works)
04/05/2010128831-2010Ec/0480/main Contractor for LlrcContract notice (Works)
17/02/201047840-2010Ec/0459/holyrood South - Appointment of a Design TeamContract notice (Service contract)
13/02/201044925-2010Ec/0469/systems Medicine Project - Appointment of a Design TeamContract notice (Service contract)
17/04/2009107112-2009Ec/0432/appointment of a Design Team for High School Yards, School of GeosciencesContract notice (Works)
16/04/2009105879-2009Appointment of a Design Team for DHT and WRBContract notice (Works)


Award Notice AvailableProcurement AbandonedNo Award Notice Issued

Winning Organisations

Adams Consulting Group
Alliance Cdm
Arthur Mckay & CoContractor
Atalian Servest AMK
Balfour BeattyContractor
Barr ConstructionContractor
Bell Decorating Group t/a Bell Group
CDM ScotlandConsultant
Chc Group Limited
Clark Contracts
FES Support Services
Galliford Try
Ghi Contracts
Graham ConstructionContractor
Holyrood Student Accommodation SPV
JM ArchitectsArchitect
John McAslan + PartnersArchitect
Kier Construction
LDN ArchitectsArchitect
Lewis & Hickey
Malcolm Fraser ArchitectsArchitect
Miller Construction
Morris & Spottiswood
Oberlanders Architects LlpArchitect
Page\Park ArchitectsArchitect
Reiach & HallArchitect
Richard Murphy ArchitectsArchitect
Robertson GroupContractor
Rp&p Management Ltd
Sir Robert Mcalpine
Stantec LimitedConsultant
T&A KernoghanContractor
Vital Energi
Zenith Property Conservation