Scape Group

Pub. DateNoticeDescriptionType
18/11/2019544765-2019Scape National Consultancy Framework - ScotlandContract notice (Services)
18/11/2019544746-2019Scape National Consultancy FrameworkContract notice (Services)
27/08/2019402769-2019Professional Services Framework - ScotlandPrior information notice without call for competition (Services)
27/08/2019402768-2019Professional Services Framework - England, Northern Ireland and WalesPrior information notice without call for competition (Services)
17/02/201874908-2018Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Framework — England, Northern Ireland and WalesContract notice (Works)
17/02/201873302-2018National Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Framework - ScotlandContract notice (Works)
17/02/2018073302-2018National Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Framework - ScotlandContract notice (Works)
17/02/2018074908-2018New Manufacturing PlantContract notice (Works)
11/11/2017452287-2017Lot No: 1 Lot Title: England, Northern Ireland and Wales1)short Description: Civil Engineering and Infrastructure WorksPrior information notice without call for competition (Works)
28/04/2017161867-2017Scape Regional Construction FrameworkContract notice (Works)
18/02/201764001-2017Lot No: 1 Lot Title: Midlands North — Lower1)short Description: Building Construction WorksPrior information notice without call for competition (Works)
21/07/2016251663-2016Scape National Construction FrameworkContract notice (Works)
01/04/2016109705-2016Lot No: 1 Lot Title: England and Northern Ireland1)short Description: Building Construction WorksPrior Information Notice without call for competition (Works)
19/12/2015447498-2015Built Environment Consultancy Services (becs)Contract notice (Services)
22/08/2015296802-2015Scape Built Environment Consultancy Services Framework (becs)Prior Information Notice (Service contract)
04/03/2015075419-2015Scape National Minor Works FrameworkContract notice (Works)
12/12/2014421567-2014Scape National Minor Works FrameworkPrior Information Notice (Works)
17/06/2014199896-2014Scape National Civil Engineering and Infrastructure FrameworkContract notice (Works)
02/05/2014146991-2014Scape National Civil Engineering & Infrastructure FrameworkPrior Information Notice (Works)
16/05/2013160016-2013Scape/empa Provincial Construction FrameworkContract notice (Works)
16/05/2013159978-2013Scape/empa Intermediate Construction FrameworkContract notice (Works)
16/05/2013159954-2013Scape/empa Minor Works Construction FrameworkContract notice (Works)
16/03/201388366-2013Scape/empa Provincial Construction FrameworkPrior Information Notice (Works)
15/03/201386755-2013Lot No: 1 Lot Title: Intermediate North Lower Band1)short Description: Framework Agreement Principally to Cover the Geographical Areas of Derbyshire, Staffordshire Moorlands, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, North and North East LincolnshirePrior Information Notice (Works)
15/03/201386740-2013Lot No: 1 Lot Title: Minor Works 1 Lower Band1)short Description: Framework Agreement Principally to Cover the Geographical Areas of Derbyshire and Staffordshire MoorlandsPrior Information Notice (Works)
23/10/2012335457-2012Scape National Major Works FrameworkContract notice (Works)
02/03/201270595-2012Scape Asset Management, Surveying and Design Services FrameworkContract notice (Service contract)
24/12/2010383488-2010Scape National Minor Works FrameworkContract notice (Works)
15/09/2010273326-2010Scape National Project Management and Quantity Surveying FrameworkContract notice (Service contract)
17/08/2010244607-2010Scape Design and Technical Services FrameworkContract notice (Service contract)
12/09/2009253640-2009Scape National Contractors FrameworkContract notice (Works)


Award Notice AvailableProcurement AbandonedNo Award Notice Issued

Complaint(s) from Mystery Shopper Scheme regarding this authority

Mystery Shopper results October to December 2015
Two Mystery Shoppers raised concerns about Scape's Built Environment Lotting strategy which envisioned that a single strategic supplier would likely be appointed. Scape provided their rationale for the lotting strategy and agreed to include a paragraph in the Contract Notice providing the headline reasons for their decision not to subdivide the opportunity into lots in accordance with Regulation 46 (2) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Scape have confirmed that a copy of their report justifying the lotting strategy would be available upon request. The team also queried their proposed minimum turnover cap of £125m. This was found to be in accordance with Regulation 58 (9) which confirms that an authority may introduce a minimum yearly turnover cap that should not exceed "twice the estimated contract value" (in this case based on the lower value of £250m over 4 years) and Scape confirmed that it is not the only financial criteria that will be assessed.
Mystery Shopper results August to November 2013
A mystery shopper raised concerns about the structure of a Scape framework, including lotting, assessment of experience, pre-procurement engagement and the geographical spread of suppliers. We discussed a range of issues with Scape. They explained that they split the framework into lots, covering different areas, bounded by counties, in order to encourage SMEs to bid for them. A further 5 lots were region-wide because of their specialist nature. Some suppliers were successful in more than one lot. We had no concerns with the approach to lotting. They also explained that they considered all relevant experience, be it from the public or private sector, when assessing tenders. This is in line with our recommended approach. We recommended they focus more on early market engagement and Scape have undertaken to be more proactive in future with regards to pre-procurement engagement activities. In respect of the location of suppliers, they told us that most of the suppliers on the framework have regional offices through which they are servicing Scape’s requirements. They pointed out that the Public Contracts Regulations requires that any suitable supplier from across the European Union should be considered equally.

Winning Organisations

Ashe ConstructionContractor
Ashe Construction Ltd
Balfour BeattyContractor
Bruton Knowles
Clegg Construction Ltd
Clegg GroupContractor
Conamar Building Services Ltd
Derbyshire County CouncilPublic Body
EC Harris LLPConsultant
Environmental Scientifics GroupConsultant
Focus Consultants 2010 LLPConsultant
Fortem Solutions Limited
Frankham Consultancy GroupConsultant
GF Tomlinson Building
GF Tomlinson GroupContractor
GSS ArchitectureConsultant
Halcrow GroupConsultant
Herbert Baggaley ConstructionContractor
Hydro-x Water Treatment
Innes England Ltd
Integrated Water ServicesConsultant
J TomlinsonContractor
Jeakins Weir
John Graham Holdings Ltd
Lambert Smith HamptonConsultant
Langwith Builders
Lindum GroupContractor
MDA ConsultingConsultant
Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd
Morgan Sindall plcConsultant
Perfect Circle JV
Pick EverardConsultant
RG CarterContractor
Robert Woodhead
Robertson ConstructionContractor
Safewater Management Systems Ltd
Seddon Construction Ltd
Summers InmanConsultant
Tad ArchitectsArchitect
Taylor Young
The High Court Of England And Wales
Turner & TownsendConsultant
Willmott DixonContractor
WT PartnershipConsultant