London Borough of Enfield

London Borough of Enfield is a Local Authority in London.
In 2009 it had a total population of 273,507 people.

Pub. DateNoticeDescriptionType
05/11/2019521503-2019Meridian Water Strategic Infrastructure WorksContract notice (Works)
09/04/2019163889-2019Meridian Water Strategic Infrastructure WorksPrior information notice without call for competition (Works)
26/12/2018572548-2018Contracts relating to the lease of a site at Genotin Road, EnfieldVoluntary ex ante transparency notice (Works)
03/01/2017105-2017Durants School Southgate Upper Secondary Autism Provision (USAP) at the former Michenden School siteContract notice (Works)
16/04/2016131191-2016Flexible Residential AccommodationContract notice (Supplies)
08/09/2015314177-2015Secondary Tuition Centre, Bullsmoor Lane, Enfield, En1 4rlContract notice (Works)
06/06/2015195249-2015Meridian Water Regeneration Project: Master DeveloperContract notice (Works)
04/04/2015117316-2015Meridian Water Master DeveloperPrior Information Notice (Works)
11/02/201549152-2015Provision of Architect and Urban Design-led Multi-disciplinary Services to Support Delivery of the Meridian Water Housing Zone, London N18Contract notice (Service contract)
13/12/2014423252-2014Lee Valley Heat Network — Contract 1 — Design, Build, Operate (dbo) and MaintainContract notice (Works)
13/12/2014423176-2014Lee Valley Heat Network — Contract 2 — Operate & Maintain (o&m)Contract notice (Works)
06/09/2014302457-2014Refurbishment and Remodelling of Block a to the Civic CentreContract notice (Works)
01/03/201368347-2013Academy Street DevelopmentContract notice (Works)
06/11/2012351957-2012Alma Estate Housing Regeneration ProjectContract notice (Works)
01/11/2012347674-2012Miscellaneous Construction Related Professional and Specialist Services (below Eu Threshold Services)Prior Information Notice (Service contract)
01/11/2012347328-2012Various Works (below Eu Threshold for Works)Prior Information Notice (Works)
29/08/2012273638-2012Alma Estate Housing Regeneration ProjectPrior Information Notice (Works)
18/07/2012226725-2012Joint Service CentreContract notice (Works)
08/09/2011282683-2011Various Works (below Eu Threshold for Works)Prior Information Notice (Works)
22/02/2011058681-2011Highmead DevelopmentContract notice (Works)
06/01/2011004300-2011Uk-enfield Highways and Engineering Contract 2011Contract notice (Works)
21/12/2010377220-2010Capel Manor Primary School ExpansionContract notice (Works)
17/11/2010341382-2010Uk-enfield: Firs Farm & Eversley Primary SchoolsContract notice (Works)
11/09/2010269997-2010Uk-enfield: Highmead Development Opportunity Partner PresentationPrior Information Notice (Works)
11/08/2010237844-2010Uk-enfield: Various Works (below Eu Threshold for Works)Prior Information Notice (Works)
15/01/2010011797-2010Uk-enfield: Ladderswood Place Shaping ProgrammeContract notice (Works)
07/08/2009219457-2009Uk-enfield: Various Works (below Eu Threshold for Works)Prior Information Notice (Works)


Award Notice AvailableProcurement AbandonedNo Award Notice Issued

Complaint(s) from Mystery Shopper Scheme regarding this authority

Mystery Shopper results July to September 2016
A supplier contacted the Mystery Shopper team in relation to a procurement run by the London Borough of Enfield. The supplier’s tender for the refurbishment of Edmonton library had been unsuccessful, they believed, as a result of the interpretation of one word in a highly-weighted quality requirement. The supplier contended that the successful supplier’s score for this requirement indicated that an incorrect interpretation of the relevant word had resulted in an unrealistically high score and that the award decision was unsound. The Council said that, while one could debate the precise definition of the word at issue, it was open to bidders to seek clarification before submission of tenders, and in any event the Council’s fundamental requirement was clear. The Council did not therefore accept that the award decision was flawed. It did however accept a recommendation that in future it should take special care to ensure that the text for high-weighted requirements was clear, and that the meaning of any industry/sector-specific terms used was generally accepted.

Winning Organisations

Countryside PropertiesContractor
Iridium Assets
ITC ConceptsContractor
Joint Venture: Mulalley, One Housing
Karakusevic Carson Architects LLPArchitect
Liab Flex Homes
Little Box Company, The
Mac Container Company
Metaswitch Networks
Premier Modular Excellence
QED Sustainable Developments
RG CarterContractor
Stoford Enfield
T&B Contractors