House of Lords & House of Commons

Pub. DateNoticeDescriptionType
31/03/2020154323-2020FWK1128 - Mechanical Electrical Public Health (MEP), Conservation and Minor Works Framework AgreementPrior information notice without call for competition (Works)
02/12/2019569218-2019GSV2019 - Clerk of WorksContract notice (Services)
15/10/2019483921-2019FWK1121-Programme, Project and Cost Management ServicesContract notice (Services)
10/09/2019424205-2019Programme, Project and Cost Management ServicesPrior information notice without call for competition (Services)
09/08/2019377306-2019GSV1814-Provision of Peer Review Lift Consultancy Services to the Parliamentary EstateContract notice (Services)
30/07/2019357661-2019GSV1946 - Professional Property Estate ServicesContract notice (Services)
31/07/2019359737-2019GSV1946 - Professional Property Estate ServicesContract notice (Services)
15/05/2018206810-2018Building Surveying FrameworkContract notice (Services)
16/03/2018117369-2018PIN - FWK1098 - Building Surveying FrameworkPrior information notice without call for competition (Services)
18/05/2017186978-2017GSV1604 - Independent Assessor for HS2 ConsultationContract notice (Services)
07/03/201785237-2017Fwk1097-multidisciplinary Design Services FrameworkContract notice (Services)
07/03/2017085237-2017Fwk1097-multidisciplinary Design Services FrameworkContract notice (Services)
02/02/201738929-2017Northern Estate Programme: Main Works Contracting PartnerContract notice (Works)
10/11/2016395733-2016Gsv1503-framework AgreementsPrior information notice without call for competition (Services)
08/07/2016233154-2016Com1281 — Northern Estate Programme Main Works and Palace of Westminster Decant Buildings Contracting PartnerPrior information notice without call for competition (Works)
24/06/2016213311-2016Lsc2203-refurbishment of Elizabeth TowerContract notice (Works)
06/04/2016117343-2016Fwk1093 — Project Management and Cost Management Services FrameworkContract notice (Services)
08/03/2016077481-2016Lsc2221-conservation of Westminster Hall Phase 3 (internal Roof, Lantern, Lighting Installation and Fire Safety)Contract notice (Works)
06/02/201642109-2016Framework Agreements for Construction Consultant ServicesPrior Information Notice without call for competition (Services)
18/12/2015445542-2015Com1273-house of Commons Northern Estate Programme: Programme, Project and Cost Management ServicesContract notice (Services)
22/08/2015297064-2015Com1262-client Advisory Services for the Palace of Westminster Restoration and Renewal Programme for (com1262/l1 Lot 1 — Architectural and Building Design Services) (com1262/l2 Lot 2 — Programme, Project and Cost Management Services)Contract notice (Service contract)
23/05/2015180131-2015Com1266 — Northern Estate Architectural and Lead Design ServicesContract notice (Services)
23/05/2015180133-2015Com1265 — Northern Estate Engineering ServicesContract notice (Services)
25/04/2015143689-2015Com1262-client Advisory Services for the Restoration and Renewal Programme for the Palace of WestminsterPrior Information Notice (Service contract)
11/04/2015125505-2015Fwk1085-courtyards Conservation ProjectContract notice (Works)
21/03/2015100168-2015Multidisciplinary Design Team - Building RefurbishmentContract notice (Service contract)
09/12/2014417320-2014Com1246 — Measured Surveys Term CommissionContract notice (Service contract)
29/07/2014257373-2014Com1223-northern Estate-lead (architect) Design ServicesContract notice (Service contract)
29/07/2014257358-2014Com1232 - Northern Estate - Civil and Structural EngineeringContract notice (Service contract)
09/08/2013268874-2013Fwk1071-architectural and Related ServicesContract notice (Service contract)
05/07/2013222265-2013Fwk1069-conservation Architect ServicesContract notice (Service contract)
31/05/2013178486-2013Fwk1066-project Management ServicesContract notice (Service contract)
18/05/2013163527-2013Lsc2129-education Centre Main ContractorContract notice (Works)
10/01/20137911-2013Me1006 - Contract for Design Authority Lift ConsultantContract notice (Service contract)
03/12/2011377550-2011Pm1032 - Project Management Services to Assist with the Development of a Long Term M&e Plan for the Palace of WestminsterContract notice (Service contract)
10/08/2010237073-2010Uk-london: Estate Accomodation Design Services.Contract notice (Service contract)
16/12/2009346863-2009M&E Lead Design Consultancy ServicesContract notice (Service contract)
21/08/2009233107-2009Uk-london: Fwk1018 - Building Services.Contract notice (Service contract)
21/08/2009233104-2009Uk-london: Fwk1015 - Architectural Services.Contract notice (Service contract)
21/08/2009233110-2009Uk-london: Fwk1021 - Conservation Architecture Services.Contract notice (Service contract)
10/06/2009157748-2009Uk-london: Provision of Consultancy Architectural ServicesContract notice (Service contract)
05/03/200964406-2009Uk-london: Office Refurbishment - Lords Hansard, West Front.Contract notice (Service contract)
10/12/2008319596-2008Uk-london: Building Engineering Design Services.Contract notice (Service contract)
25/11/2008304913-2008Uk-london: Provision of Quantity Surveyor ServicesContract notice (Service contract)
11/11/2008292220-2008Framework Agreement for Palace of Westminster EstateContract notice (Service contract)


Award Notice AvailableProcurement AbandonedNo Award Notice Issued

Complaint(s) from Mystery Shopper Scheme regarding this authority

Mystery Shopper Results - April to June 2018
A supplier contacted us regarding a current opportunity published by The Corporate Officer of the House of Lords and The Corporate Officer of the House of Commons, for a Framework Agreement for Building Surveying Services. The Selection Questionnaire (SQ) includes guidance for Economic and Financial Standing, including a minimal required annual financial of £1.7m. Suppliers not reaching this level will fail the assessment. The supplier was concerned that this is not in line with PPN 8/16 Point 47, which states "you should not deselect potential suppliers on the basis of turnover or a credit check alone".The Authority wanted to promote SME involvement but was also required to balance the risk associated with performance of the services. The minimum turnover was proposed to protect the Authority and any potential Supplier who may be required to subcontract for specialist service provision (which is an important feature of the framework). They confirmed that the rationale behind the establishment of a minimum turnover cap is in line with the CCS document "Guidance on provisions that support market access for small businesses" (updated October 2016). There also was opportunity potential Suppliers to compete as a group or consortia. The Authority intends to proceed with the selection process to the time noted within the Contract Notice.

Winning Organisations

Acanthus Clews ArchitectsArchitect
Allies & Morrison LLP
Balfour BeattyContractor
Cluttons LLP
Donald Insall Associates
Golder Associates
Hickton Consultants
Pick Everard
Plowman Craven
Shepheard Epstein HunterArchitect
SVM Associates
Walter Lilly & Co
WSP UKConsultant