Call to Project Compass website users

Project Compass CIC are moving towards the publication of an extensive body of new and unique UK procurement research, and various other outputs. We are also gearing up to address the Post Brexit Government Green Paper on Public Procurement (BEIS) which is anticipated within the next few months (on top of everything…).

As someone who uses the Project Compass website, we would very much appreciate your help with both our research and our bids for future research funding by providing a short testimonial about our services.

Testimonials covering any of the following would be of great value from individual micro & SME architectural practices and agencies who do/have used our service and resources:

  1. Reviewing, linking to and pursuing contract notices that have highlighted opportunities that you may have gone on to bid for, rejected and/or won on our Feed.
  2. Researching the client, winning practices, contract and awards data base to appraise and inform your bidding processes from the services on Sesame.
  3. Further reference/into architectural/built environment procurement, its context and environment by using the guidance, reports and research available on the site publications page; or having cause to refer others eg policy makers or commissioners to any of these.
  4. News and/or other services such as direct/advisory/consultancy or project outputs

Testimonials from individual practices would validate, substantiate and support our ongoing research work, its utility and reach. We know from our analytics that the site is being well used, but we don’t have much evidence on an individual basis.

We hope you can therefore take a couple of minutes to help us by responding to

By way of assurance, testimonials will only be used anonymously except in a non-public context. If we would like to use you name in any form of publication (across any media) we will ask for your prior agreement.

We very much hope you will join with us on ensuring that the best interests of architecture, practices, industry and society can be given a clear strong voice in response to the forthcoming Government Procurement Green Paper (BEIS).

We look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes from us all,

The Project Compass Team

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