Building Better Flood Resilience for Southsea’s Frontage and Common

The ‘Portsmouth Elephant Cage’ was an innovative programme that emerged through an experimental open cross disciplinary competitive procedure, based on ‘parallel commissioning’ (Design Contest Guidance. p.39). Briefings, international research and case studies from wide sources informed alternative strategic designs for Portsmouth’s sea defences.

This report provides an evaluation of the proposed sea defences, provides a programme summary and, following the findings, proposes a resilient design alternative delivering more sustainable long-term benefits. The new vision is illustrated and recommendations are made to adopt improvements.

The programme was organised by Project Compass with Dutch partners Architectuur Lokaal in Nov. 2016 and March 2017. The report is by director Walter Menteth and published by Project Compass CIC, it is distributed under ‘The Island City papers’ imprint here.

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