A synopsis of UK Architectural Competitions Practices and Trends, March 2017

This report is a synopsis by Project Compass CIC about UK architectural competitions. It forms part of a comparative evaluation, stocktaking and exploration of competition culture in Europe, commissioned by Architectuur Lokaal on January 17, 2017. This analysis, which includes some recent summary case studies, is being undertaken with a view to researching the opportunities and potential expansion of alternative innovatory European practices, and for furthering their implementation over the period 2017-2020.

Cover of synopsis of UK Architectural Competitions Practices and Trends, March 2017

Public Construction Procurement Trends 2009-2014

Project Compass reports on the trends in public procurement in the UK construction industry during the period 2009-2014.

Cover of Project Compass CIC Report - Public Procurement Trends 2009-2014

Project Compass CIC (UK) in collaboration with the Steunpunt Architectuuropdrachten & Ontwerpwedstrijden of Architectuur Lokaal (NL) launches a new tool showing all contract notices for architecture in the UK and the Netherlands via one portal in a free, simple and transparent manner. was launched at the Heat in the Delta national conference on 28 November in Amsterdam.

Collaboration UK <>NL is the result of a close collaboration between Project Compass CIC and Architectuur Lokaal. Unlike the Netherlands, the UK does not have a single national public procurement portal but a number of national, regional sites and commercial companies.

Market transparency will raise market transparency for architects in Europe dramatically. will provide access to the digital tool SESAM which interrogates all data in its database, both from UK and Netherlands. This represents a giant leap forward towards a better insight into the European market for architecture.

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