Winning Organisations

This is a complete list of all organisations which have successfully bid for OJEU notices since 16 Oct 2008.

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Organisation NameContracts AwardedCompany Type
W A J Hoddy & Sons4
W B Griffiths & Son1
W Clifford Watts1
W Craven & Son1
W D R R T Taggart1
W D Ritchie1
W E Architects1
W F Clayton & Co8
W H Buckingham1
W H Good1
W H Malcolm Ltd (quick Quote)3
W H Stephens1
W J Neil (Joiners)4
W J Roadmarkings1
W Kelman5
W L Collin2
W Monks2
W Napier Plant Hire1
W Stirland6
W Swindells & Son (Roofing)1
W Swindells & Son Roofing2
W Walker Garden Services5
W Wright Electrical & Mechanical3Specialist trade
W&M Given Architects1Architect
W&D Ross5
W&H Roads1
W&W MacDougall5
W.d. Stant Ltd2
W.h. Stephens1
WA Fairhurst & Partners15Engineer
Wa Fairhurst & Partners1
WA Macdonald5
WA MacRae Painters & Decorators5
WA Smith5
Waco UK1
Wagg Consultants Ltd1
Wagstaf Design Limited1
Wagstaff Office Interiors1
Wainhomes (South West) Holdings1
Wainwright Landscape Architecture1
WAJ Hoddy & Sons1
Wakefield & District Housing1
Waldeck Associates9
Waldeck Associates (Region 2, 3, 4)1
Waldeck Associates Limited1
Walker Associates Consulting1
Walker Construction12Contractor
Walker Construction (UK)1
Walker Consultants (Bristol)1
Walker Cotter3
Walker Fire (UK)1
Walker Fire UK3
Walker Management9Consultant
Walker Morris LLP1
Walker Mower Partnership1
Walker Pritchard Limited2
Walker Profiles1
Walker Sime4
Walker Simpson Architects1
Walker Singleton1
Walker Support Services (walker Construction)1
Walker Timber & Fencing Centre1
Walker Troup Architects9Architect
Walkers Construction7
Wall Lag (Wales)2
Wallace Dick & Sons1
Wallace Whittle2
Walsh Associates2
Walsh Construction1Contractor
Walsh Integrated Building Services1
Walshe Associates Limited1
Walshe Associates Llp12
Walter Carefoot & Sons6Contractor
Walter Carefoot & Sons (Construction)5
Walter Lilly & Co3
Walter Lilly & Co1
Walter Marchbank Ltd4
Walter Thompson5
Walter Thompson (Contractors)1
Walter Thompson (contractors) Limited1
Walters & Cohen Architects2Architect
Walters UK19
Walton Build1
WAM Design1
Wandsworth Borough Council6Public body
Ward Plane1
Ward Williams Associates5
Wardell Armstrong7
Wardell Armstrong LLP33Consultant
Wardell Armstrong LLP (Region 1)2
Wardell Armstrong LLP (Region 1, 2, 3, 5, 6)1
Warden Construction22Contractor
Warings Contractors3Contractor
Warm Design1
Warm Zone CIC1
Warmer Energy Services6
Warmer Heating1
Warner Bros Plumbers1
Warren Access3
Warren Access Ltd2
Was Not Awarded - A Seperate Request For Quotation (rfq) Process Was Conducted For This Lot, In 20121
Was Not Awarded - It Is Likely That A Seperate Procurement Process Will Be Conducted For This Requirement, In The Near Future1
Watercare Utilities1
Waterloo Housing Association1Housing association
Waterman Aspen2
Waterman BS1
Waterman Building Services1
Waterman Group47Consultant
Waterman Infrastructure & Environment12
Waterman Structures4
Waters Homes2
Watershed Roofing5Specialist trade
Watertite Heating7
Waterways Drainage Specialists1
Waterwise Utilities3
Wates Construction46
Wates Construction — Core Region 5 — Reserve Region 2, 3, 4, 61
Wates Construction — Reserve Region 2, 3, 4, 5, 61
Wates Construction — Reserve Region 61
Wates Construction Middlesex1
Wates Construction Surrey1
Wates Living Space10
Wates Property Services7
Watkin Jones Group5Contractor
Watkins Gray International LLP1Architect
Watlington Drain Renovations2
Watson & Co2
Watson And Co1
Watson Batty Architects15Architect
Watson Burnett Architects1Architect
Watson Construction1
Watts & Partners1
Watts Group38Consultant
Watts Group (Region 7)1
Waugh Thistleton Architects7Architect
Waveney District Council2
Waverley Engineering1
Waverley Housing10
WB Griffiths & Son14
WBM Groundworks1
Wbt Waste Services Ltd1
Wcr Vehicle Hire4
WD Stant1
Wda Projects Ltd1
WDempster roofing3
Wdm Ltd1
WDR & RT Taggart4
WDS Electrical2
We Made That LLP6
WE Phillips & Sons1
Wearmouth Plant Hire1
weatherwell Roofing2
Webb Yates Engineers1
Webster Power Products10
Weddle Landscape Design1
Weelie Clean Services4
Weightman & Bullen Architects Ltd1Architect
Weightmans LLP1
Welch & Phillips Building Contractors4
Weldeck Associates1
Welding Engineers7
Welding Engineers (Hertford)2
Wellesley Propert Asset Management1
Welling Partnership22Consultant
Welling Partnership Property & Construction Consultants14
Wells Services (Norfolk)7
Wellspring Partnership Ltd1
Wellwood Leslie Architects3Architect
Welmede Housing Association1
Welsh Local Consortium1
Wenham O'brien Ltd1
Wensley Roofing3
Wensum Valley Electrical2Specialist trade
Wernick Buildings4
Wernick Group1
Wernick Hire4
Wernick Refurbished Buildings1
Wesses Lift Company1
Wessex Archeology1
Wessex Building Services Ltd1
Wessex Eagle Ltd1
Wessex Group1
Wessex Window Systems Plc1
West + Machell4Architect
West Coast Electrical Limited4
West Contract Services2
West End Roofing & Construction Ltd2
West Essex Primary Care Trust1
West Lancashire Electrical Contractors Limited1
West Mead Partnership Ltd1
West Mercia Construction1
West Norfolk Surfacing Co Ltd1
Westbury Partnerships1
Westco Trading1
Westcountry Maintenance Services9
Westcourt Real Estate1
Westdale Midlands1
Westdale Services5
Western Building Systems3
Western Property Services2
Westgate Oxford Alliance1
Westhoughton Roofing & Pointing Services26Specialist trade
Westlakes Engineering2
Westleigh Developments10Contractor
Westleigh Developments Limited3
Westleigh Developments Ltd1
Westleigh Partnerships2
Westleigh Partnerships Limited1
Westlinks Services1
Westmoreland Plant Hire Ltd1
Weston Contractors2
Weston Williamson1
Weston Williamson & Partners4
Weston Williamson + Partners2
Weston Williamson + Partners LLP10Architect
Westridge Construction14Contractor
Westridge Construction Ltd2
Westrock Crawley DM1
Westshield Limited1
Wetherby Building Systems1
WF Brown Associates1
WF Pointing2
Wg Wiggington Ltd1
WG Wigginton2
WH Buckingham2
WH Catchpole1
WH Good2
Wh Good Limited1
WH Malcolm5
Wh Snow Ltd1
WH Stephens17
WH Stephens (Region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)3
Wharfedale Decorations1
Wharton Consruction Ltd1
What If: Projects2
Whc Hire Services Ltd1
Wheel Plant5
Wheelplant7Plant hire
Wheldon Contracts & Services1
Whitaker & Leach1
White And Mcginn Architects1Architect
White Arkitekter1
White Building Services2
White Design5
White Design Associates3
White Horse Contractors Ltd1
White Ink Architects Limited1Architect
Whiteheads Solicitors1Consultant
Whitehouse Construction13Contractor
Whitelaw Turkington3Architect
Whiteley Eaves2
Whitemountain Quarries18
Whitescape GBE4
Whitescape Ventures Ltd1
Whitfield & Brown13
Whitfield & Brown (Developments)2
Whitfield & Brown Construction1
Whitfield & Brown Developments5
Whitham Mills Engineering2
Whitman Builders Ltd2
Whittaker & Watt Architects5
Whittle Programmed Maintenance6
Whittle Programmed Maintenance T/A Hankinson Whittle4
WHR Property Consultants LLP1Consultant
WI&A Gilbert2
WI&A Gilbert1
Wick Blast Ltd4
Wickblast Ltd1
Wicksteeds Consultants Ltd1
Wiggett Construction2Contractor
Wiggett Construction Ltd3
Wil-lec Electrical Contractors Ltd1
Wilcox Plumbing2
Wilcox Plumbing & Heating2
Wilde Consultants3
Wilde Consulting2
Wilde Consulting Engineers6Consultant
Wildgoose Construction14Contractor
Wildgoose Construction — Core Region 2 — Reserve Region 31
Wilf Noble Construction6Contractor
Wilkinson And Lowe1
Wilkinson Cowan3
Wilkinson Cowan Partnership29Consultant
Wilkinson Environmental1
Wilkinson Eyre1
Wilkinson Eyre Architects9Architect
Wilkinson Eyre Architects (trading as WilkinsonEyre)1
Wilkinson Facilities Services1
Wilks Head & Eve1
Wilks, Head & Eve LLP2
Will Rudd Davidson11
Will Rudd Davidson (edinburgh) Ltd1
Will Rudd Davidson Ltd1
Willash Construction3
Willdig Lammie Partnership2
Willerby Special Projects1
Willett Construction3
William & Henry Alexander4
William & Henry Alexander (Civil Engineering)4
William Anelay3
William Birch & Sons14
William Coghill Painter & Decorator5
William Cooper1
William Dallas4
William Davis13Contractor
William Davis Limited3
William Davis Ltd2
William Evans & Sons1
William Gough & Sons Ltd1
William Gray Construction Limited1
William Gray Construction Ltd4
William H Young5
William Hamilton & Sons (contractors)2
William Hamilton & Sons (contractors) Ltd1
William Hamilton T/a Hamilton Tarmac1
William Hughes (civil Engineering) Ltd4
William Jones & Partners1
William Macbeath Joinery5
William Mackay (precast) Ltd5
William Martin & Partners Llp5
William Munro Construction8Contractor
William Munro Construction (highland) Limted1
William Pye3
William Saunders7Consultant
William Thompson & Son2
William Thompson & Son1
William Walker2
William Waugh & Sons2Contractor
William Waugh & Sons (Builders)9
Williams Homes2
Williams Homes (BALA)13
Williams Homes (bala) Ltd2
Williams Llandeilo3
Williams Llandeilo ( Civil Engineering ) Limited3
Williams Llandeilo (Civil Engineering)3
Williams Plant Hire1Plant hire
Williams Tarr1
Willie Miller Urban Design1
Willis Construction12
Willmore Plant Hire1
Willmot Dixon Construction1
Willmott Dixon191Contractor
Willmott Dixon Construction26
Willmott Dixon Construction — Core Region 2, 3, 4, 5, 63
Willmott Dixon Construction LTd1
Willmott Dixon Energy Services1
Willmott Dixon Holdings1
Willmott Dixon Interiors4
Willmott Partnership Homes8
Willowcrete Manufacturing Company3
Wills Bros1
Wills Bros Civil Engineering7
Wills Bros Civil Engineering and John Paul Construction JV1
Wills Bros Ltd Ballylahan Bridge1
Willsher Plant1
Willy Albans & Sons1
Willy Dixon Digger Hire1Plant hire
Wilmott Construction3
Wilmott Dixon4Contractor
Wilmott Dixon Construction3
Wilmott Dixon Holdings1
Wilson & Scott (Highways)2
Wilson Bowden Developments2
Wilson Developments (Scotland)1
Wilson James1
Wilson Mason And Partners3
Wilson Mason LLP12Architect
Wiltshire Wildlife Trust2
Windmill Group2
Winfield Plant1
Wingate Electrical Plc Wingate House2
Winning Moves2
Winsulate (uk) Limited2
Winvic Group2Contractor
Wirral Council1
Wise Property Care Ltd1
Wise Property Care Ltd.2
Wiseman Plumbing & Heating2
Wiseman Plumbing & Heating Ltd2
Witherford Watson Mann3Architect
Witherford Watson Mann Architects1
Withheld for Security Reasons1
WJ North7
WJ Roadmarkings3
WJ South2
WJ South West3
WJG Evans & Sons7
Wjm Building Services3
WK Plasterers1Specialist trade
WL Straughan2
WM Cope & Son5
WM Hamilton & Sons2
Wm Munro Construction (Highland)1
WM Saunders Partnership LLP15
Wm Tracey Ltd2
Wm. Goodfellow (contractors) Ltd1
WMD Boon1
Wml Consulting2
Wmq Building Services16
Wolfram Wiedner1
Wolseley UK37
Wolsey UK trading as Burdens2
Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions UK1
Wood Environment & Infrastructure UK1
Wood Environmental1
Wood Environmental Services1
Wood Group Industrial Services4
Wood Group Kenny1
Wood Mitchell Building Group1
Wood Nuclear2
Woodland Property Services25
Woodley Coles Llp1
Woods Bagot1Architect
Woods Building Services1
Woods Building Services Limited T/a Aa Woods (asbestos Abatement)1
Woods Building Services t/a AA Woods1
Woods Building Services trading as AA Woods1
Woodvale Construction Company9Contractor
Woolgar Hunter5
Working Environments London1
Working Parts1
Workspace Technology1
Workspace Technology Ltd1
Worsley Plant Hire1
Wr Dunn & Co Ltd2
WreathWood Group1
Wrekin Housing Trust1Housing association
Wrekin Windows1
Wren & Bell2
Wren Architecture & Design1
Wrenbridge Land1
Wrenco (Contractors)2Contractor
Wright & Partners1
Wright & Wright architects1
Wright & Wright LLP4
Wright & Maclennan Ltd.4
Wright And Maclennan1
Wright Bro's Partnership1
Wright Build13Contractor
Wright Civil Engineering1
Wright Civil Engineering Limited1
Wright Mottershaw Lydon Consulting1Consultant
Wrightway Construction1
WRPatterson - Painter & Decorator1
WRW Construction36Contractor
Wrw Construction Ltd6
WS Atkins International1
WS Controls1
WSP Safety1
WSP UK212Consultant
WSP UK (Region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)14
WSZ Joiners3
Wt Construction ( Poole ) Ltd1
WT Hills6Consultant
WT Parker2
WT Partnership27Consultant
WT Partnership (Region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7)1
Wt Partnership Limited1
WW Bowen1
WW Martin5
Ww Martin Limited1
Wyatt Carruthers Jebb Ltd (wcj Ltd)1
WYG Engineering11
Wykeland Properties1
Wykelands Group1
Wylie Shanks Architects9Architect
Wyn Davies 5201 Consultancy Limited1
Wynne Construction13
Wynne Jones Property Maintenance1
Wynne-Williams Associates4Consultant
Wyvis Roofing Inverness4
Wyvis Roofing Inverness Limited1