Winning Organisations

This is a complete list of all organisations which have successfully bid for OJEU notices since 16 Oct 2008.

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Organisation NameContracts AwardedCompany Type
R & L Miller2
R & S Whiting2
R A Wilby (contracts) Ltd1
R B Hotels1
R Benson Property Maintenance10
R Bland Ltd1
R Borras Construction5Contractor
R Butcher Surfacing3
R C Ayres Building & Roofing Services Limited1
R C Henderson Joiners2
R Campbell Roofing Contractors4
R Clouston3
R D Construction1
R D Lockwood & Co1
R D Young & Son1
R Durtnell & Sons3
R Durtnell & Sons1
R G Carter Construction2
R G Parkins & Partners Ltd1
R G Stones (buildings) Ltd1
R H Fullwood & Co1
R H Fullwood & Co Ltd1
R J Davies Ltd1
R J Edwards Agricultural Contractor1
R J Lawrence Plant Hire2
R J Mackinnon, Painter5
R J Smyth Engineering1
R J Young & Son4
R K Electrical (Bradford)1
R L Davies & Son1
R L Davies Ltd1
R M Builders And Contractors Ltd1
R M Smith Fencing2
R McLester Builders1
R Mosley1
R O Electrical Ltd.1
R P Tyson3
R Parker (Wall & Floor Tiling Contractors)1
R Thornton & Co1
R V Dart & Son (builders) Ltd1
R W Hill (felixstowe) Limited 21 Lodge Lane1
R W Services Contractors Ltd5
R Walker & Sons4
R&i Cruden1
R&k Contractors & Consultants1
R&k Contractors And Consultants1
R&k Electrical & Consultants Ltd.1
R&M Williams4
R&p Services Ltd1
R&s Plant Ltd7
R&W Civil Engineering1
r&b groundworks2
R&C Williams1
R&CH Wilson Builder2
R&D Construction Group1
R&M Civil Engineering2
R&M Greenkeeper3
R&M Williams12
R&P Contracts2
R. C. Henderson2
R.i.g. Construction Elements Ltd8
RA Edwards & Partners1
RA Gardiner Contractors1
RA Laird1
RAce Cottam Associates2
Race Cottam Associates Limited1
Rachel Hunter Consulting1
Racking & Shelving2
Racon Management Services Ltd8
Radiate Plumbing & Heating Service Ltd2
Radley House Partnership2Architect
Radleys Ltd3
Rainbow Blinds And Interiors1
Rainbow International2
Rainton Construction8
RAL Architects1Architect
Ramage Young3
Ramage Young Design1
Ramboll UK11
Ramboll UK Linited1
Ramboll UK,1
Rance Booth Smith Achitects1
Rance Booth Smith Architects3Architect
Rand Associates3
Rand Associates Consultancy Services6
Randall Simmond, Norman Rourke Pryme, Taylor Lewis, WT Hills, Gates1
Randall Simmonds Llp7
Randall Thorp1
Randell & Co Builders24
Rankinfraser Landscape Architecture Llp2
Rapid Fire Services1
Rapid Response Contruction3Contractor
Ravenstone Central1
Raventree (trading as Premiere Kitchens)1
Ravestein Bv1
Rawlings Safety & Training2
Ray Stephens & Son2
Ray Thomas Property Services (domestic Property Refurbishment)1
Raycliff Construction Ltd1
Rayden Engineering Wentworth House De7 5tf Ilkeston United Kingdom1
Rayden Engineering1
Raymond — Fair Landscapes Ltd1
Raymond Brown Building9Contractor
Raymond Brown Construction Ltd3
Raymond G Willox — Painters And Decorators1
Raymond G Willox - Painters & Decorators4
Rayner Davies Architects Ltd1Architect
Rayner Rowen Construction2
Raynes Construction4Contractor
Raynesway Construction2
Raytell Electrical Co Limited1
RB Construction Group4
Rba Moody Bros Contractors Ltd1
Rdc Limited1
RDE Silex1
Rdi Renewables Ltd1
RDR Maintenance2
Re Dew (scotland) Ltd1
Re-gen Uk A Division Of Roseville Projects2
React Engineering Limited1
Reactive Integrated Services1
Reactive Integrated Services Ltd1
Read Consruction Holdings2
Read Construction8Contractor
Read Construction Holdings Limited2
Real Consulting2
Real Estate Solutions1
Realm Project1
RealWorld HR2
Rearo Laminates1
Reavey & Son LLP1
Reay & Co1
Record Uk2
Record Uk Ltd4
Red Empire1
Red Flame Electrical Contracting1
Red Squirrel Tree Surgery1
Red's Builders Ltd1
Redbox Architecture1Architect
Reddish Vale Insulation Limited1
Redec Limited1
Redhill Analysts5Consultant
Redhill Analysts Limited1
Redhill Analysts Ltd3
Redman + Sutherland1
Redman Design Ltd1
Redmond Heating Limited1
Redmond Heating Ltd2
Redrow Homes1
Redrow Homes Limited1
Redrow Homes Ltd5
Redworth Associates Ltd1
Reed Specialist Recruitment1
Reeve Property Restoration3
Reformat Llp1
Refresh Marketing Consultancy Ltd1
Regal One London Construction1
Regal Property Group1
Regeneris Consulting1
Regenter Limited1
Reiach & Hall7Architect
Reiach & Hall Architects1
Reiach And Hall Architects1
Reid Associates11
Reid Associates Llp4
Reid Hydraulic Services4
Reid Jones Partnership Ltd1
Reid Wire Limited1
Reid Wire Ltd1
Reigart Contracts8
Reigart Contracts Ltd.1
Rekan Ltd1
Renewable Energy Consultants (Scotland)1
Renewable Power Systems1
Rent A Pump Services1
Rentokil Initial Uk T/a Initial Facilities Water Services1
Rentokil Pest Control3
Renuvo Ltd1
Renvac Scaffolding Ltd1
Replay Maintenance1
Rescue Rod Group1
Rescue Rod Ltd1
Research Design Architecture Ltd1Architect
Resource Futures3
Resource Management & Construction1
Resource Management & Construction Ltd.2
Resource Projects Partnership Ltd1
Resources For Change Limited1
Resources For Change Ltd2
Rex Bishop & Son2
Rex Procter & Partners1
Rex Proctor & Partners3
Rexel UK7
Rexell UK1
RF Gardiner1
RF Price1
Rfa Design1
RFT Repairs3
rg + p1
RG Carter37Contractor
RG Leverett1
Rg Spiller Ltd3
Rge Services Ltd1
RH Fullwood & Co7
RH Painting1
RH Partnership Architects12Architect
RHC Lifting limited1
Rhead Group3
Rheinegold Contracts3
RHM Architects1Architect
Rhodar Limited5
Rhodes & Sons Construction Ltd1
Rhomco Consulting7
RHWL Architects3Architect
Riach Partnership2Consultant
Ricardo — AEA1
Ricardo Rail1
Richard Amos3
Richard Broun Associates1Consultant
Richard Clarke11
Richard Gibson Architects1Architect
Richard Griffiths Architects2Architect
Richard Irvin8
Richard Irvin FM3
Richard Jackson Ltd1
Richard Julian & Associates4
Richard Morris Associates3Consultant
Richard Murphy Architects3Architect
Richard Murray Plant Hire1
Richard Partington Architects1Architect
Richard Pike Associates5Consultant
Richard Robb Architects1
Richard Street2
Richard Strittmatter, Urban Inspirations1
Richard Thompson & Sons3
Richard Thompson & Sons (Plumbing & Heating)3
Richard Utting Associates2
Richard Utting Associates Llp1
Richardson & Starling2
Richardson & Starling (northern) Ltd1
Richcraft Maintenance Ltd1
Richie Dagen & Allan Llp T/a Rda Architects1
Richmond Cabinet Company1
Richmond Joiners & Builders Limited2
Rick Mather Architects5Architect
Ricky Lockhart Painting & Decorating1
Rider Hunt1
Rider Hunt (Newcastle)1
Rider Hunt Construction Consultants LLP2
Rider Hunt Management Services Limited3
Rider Hunt Management Services Ltd6
Rider Levett Bucknall89Consultant
Rider Levett Bucknall (UK)5
Rider Levett Bucknall UK2
Ridge & Partners2
Ridge & Partners LLP121Consultant
Ridgecolne Construction Personnel Ltd1
Ridgeway Consulting3
Ridgeway Plant Co1
Ridings Construction Company1
Rig Construction Elements Ltd5
Rigby Thorpe1
Rimick Floors1
Ring Stones Maintenance And Construction Llp1
Ringway Infrastructure Services19Contractor
Ringway Jacobs6
Ringway Signs1
Rio Architects Ltd1Architect
Ripple Effect1
Ris (asbestos)1
Rise Management Consulting1Consultant
Risk Environment Ltd1
Risktec Solutions Limited1
Risktec Solutions Ltd1
Rita Mclean13
River Stewardship Company1
Riverside Design Studio1Consultant
Riverside North East Division1
Riverside Truck Rental1Plant hire
Rivington Street Associates (Rivington Street Studio)1
Rivington Street Studio5Architect
Rixonway Kitchens1
RJ Dance1Contractor
RJ Development & Regeneration Consultants1
RJ Leighfield & Sons1
RJ MacLeod1Contractor
RJ McLeod (Contractors)2
RJ Mcleod Ltd14Contractor
Rjr Contractors (north Wales) Ltd4
Rjt Consulting Engineers1
RL Davies & Son2
Rla Group1
RLP Painting Contractors3
RM Plastering Services1
Rmf Health Ltd1
RN Wooler & Co1
RNJ Partnership LLP6
RO Electrical2Specialist trade
Road Maintenace1
Road Maintenance Services4
Road Maintenance Services (Rms)1
Road Maintenance Services Limited1
Road Safety Contracts1
Roadform Civil Engineering3
Roadform Civil Engineering Co2
Roadtechs Holdings Limited1
Roadway Civil Engineering & Surfacing Ltd4
Roan Building Systems1
Rob Sharp Plant Hire1
Rob Thomson1
Robert Briggs & Son1
Robert Bruce Construction1
Robert Chapman + Co2Consultant
Robert D Watson Roofing1
Robert Hutson Architects (lot 1a)1Architect
Robert King T/a R J Carpentry4
Robert Kirkland (Blyth)1
Robert Lombardelli Partnership Ltd3
Robert Low Francis1
Robert Mccarroll Ltd10
Robert Petrow Associates1
Robert Potter & Partners LLP19Consultant
Robert Potter And Partners Llp2
Robert Price (BM)3
Robert Price BM4
Robert Sterling Surveyors1
Robert Taylor, Museums And Heritage Consultant1
Robert West Consulting2Consultant
Robert Woodhead21
Roberts Bayliss Associates1
Roberts Limbrick3
Robertson CE1
Robertson Civil Engineering1
Robertson Construction20Contractor
Robertson Construction Group1
Robertson Group65Contractor
Robertson Partnership Homes1
Robertson-Dawn Health1Consultant
Robert\\\\\\\'s Carpet Supplies1
Robin Lee Architecture3
Robin Partington And Partners1
Robin Payne (self-employed)1
Robin Snell & Partners1
Robinson Design3
Robinson Low Francis3
Robinson Low Francis LLP58Consultant
Robinson McIIwaine Architects4Architect
Robinson Paver1
Robinson Structures2
Robison Low Francis1
Robothams Architects6Architect
Robson Walsh LLP1
Robursafe Uk Ltd1
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council1Public body
Rochford Construction1
Rochford Paving Limited1
Rock Townsend4Architect
Rock Townsend Architects1
Rock Townsend Ltd1
Rocon Contractors3
Rodgers Plant Hire1
Rodney Melville + Partners4Architect
Rodnic (DORSET)2
Roger Budge Electrical Engineering Limited1
Roger Bullivant Ltd.1
Roger Crane5
Roger Eaves Building1
Roger Evans Associates Ltd1
Roger Jones & Sons1
Roger Stirk Harbour & Partners1Architect
Roger Tym & Partners4
Rogers River North Llc1
Rogers Securus Ltd1
Rogers Structural Investigations1
Rogerson Homeserve+1
ROK Building1
Rok Building Ltd1
Roland Hill2
Roland Whatmore2
Rolfe Judd3Consultant
Rolton Group1
Rolton Group Ltd2
Roman Summer Associates1
Ronald Docherty Civil Engineering6Contractor
Ronald J Mcdermid Ltd.1
Ronald Mackay Roofing Ltd4
Roof Edge Fabrications Ltd1
Roof-edge Fabrications Ltd1
Rooff Limted1
Roofing Company2
Rooftec (Scotland)2
Rooms & Views Manufacturing3
Rory Canavan, Arup1
Rose Builders3
Rosgal Ltd1
Ross & Co (painters & Decorators) Ltd5
Ross & Partners1
Ross And Partners Ltd1
Ross Davy Limited1
Ross Qualilty Control1
Ross Quality Control18
Ross-shire Waste Action Network Limited1
Rosse Systems1
Rossi Long Consulting Ltd1
Rosslee Construction6Contractor
Rosslee Construction Limited1
Rothwell Plumbing Services23Specialist trade
Rothwell Plumbing Services NE1
Roughton International Ltd1
Roughton London Ltd1
Route One Highways2
Route One Infrastructure1
Rowe Construction Gb Ltd1
Rowecord Engineering1
Rowecord Engineering Limited1
Rowlinson Constructions8
Roy Beech (Contractors)1
Roy Beech (contractors) Ltd1
Roy Dyke Electrical1
Roy Hankinson3
Roy Prouse2
Roy Steele Associates7
Roy Stroud & Co Ltd1
Royal Commission On The Ancient And Historical Monuments Of Scotland3
Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust1
Royal Haskoning DHV,1
Royal HaskoningDHV9Consultant
RP Tyson Construction4Contractor
Rp&p Management Ltd1
RPP Architects17Architect
Rpp Architects / Devereux Architects / Richard Murphy Architects1Architect
Rpp Ltd2
RPS Consulting1
RPS Consulting Engineers4
RPS Consulting Services19
RPS Group32Consultant
RPS Ireland1
RPS Planning & Development4Consultant
RR Richardson14
Rs Duncan Plant Hire Ltd1
RSD Technology1
RSK Environment11
RSK Group15Consultant
Rsk Group Ltd1
RSK Land & Development Engineering1
RSP Consulting Engineers5
Rt Contractors1
Ruddy Joinery2Specialist trade
Ruggles & Jeffery1
Rund Partnership18
Rune Associates1
Rural Urban Synthesis Society1
Rushcliffe Fencing Ltd1
Rushcliffe Fencing Ltd.1
Ruskins Tree Surgery15
Ruskins Tree Surgery limited4
Russel Cawberry1
Russell Ross4
Russell Trew3
Russell Trew Limited1
Russell-hughes Architects1Architect
Ruth Maier1
RVW Consulting5Consultant
RW Services Contractors3Contractor
Rwdp Limited1
RWH Roofing2
Rybka Limited1
Rybka Ltd1
Rydale Roofing1
Ryden LLP5
Ryder Architecture11Architect
Ryder Landscape Consultants7Consultant
Rydon Construction3
Rydon Construction Ltd1
Rydon Group6
Rydon Maintenance1
Ryhurst Ltd1
Ryp Ltd2