Winning Organisations

This is a complete list of all organisations which have successfully bid for OJEU notices since 16 Oct 2008.

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Organisation NameContracts AwardedCompany Type
Q-park Ltd2
QDL Contractors2
QED Sustainable Developments1
QI Consulting3
Qinetiq Cody Technology Park1
Qmac Construction3
QODA Consulting1
Qtc Projects Ltd1
Qts Group Limited Rench Farm Ml10 6qj Drumclog United Kingdom Tel. +44 1357440222 E-mail: Fax +44 1357440364 Internet: Www.qtsgroup.com1
Quadrant Security Solutions Limited1
Quadrant Surverying1
Quadrant Surveying8Consultant
Quadrat Scotland Ltd1
Quale Homes2
Qualitas Inspection Services4Consultant
Quality Business Management Limited3
Quality Eradication Services Today1
Quality Marking Services2
Quality Marking Systems1
Qualsurv Consulting1Consultant
Quantec Consultants1
Quantem Consulting LLP1
Quantum Geotechnical1
Quantum Geotechnical Limited1
Quantum Management (UK)1
Quarmby Construction Co. Ltd 2 Grove Promenade Ls29 8af Ilkley United Kingdom1
Quarmby Construction Company Ltd 2 Grove Promenade Ls29 8af Ilkley United Kingdom Fax +44 19438161151
Quattro Design Architects7Architect
Quattro Design Architects Ltd1
Quattro Plant2Plant hire
Queens University Belfast1
Queensborough Project Management Ltd1
Queensbury Shelters1
Queensbury Shelters Ltd1
Queniborough Aluminium Services1
Quibell & Son (Hull)1
Quincey Mason Practices1
Quincey Mason Practices Ltd1
Quinn (London)8
Quinn Automatic4
Quinn London2
Quintain Projects1
Quintessa Limited1
Quo Imus Limited (trading As Qi Consulting)3