Winning Organisations

This is a complete list of all organisations which have successfully bid for OJEU notices since 16 Oct 2008.

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Organisation NameContracts AwardedCompany Type
P & T Contracts Limited (company No. 05256538)1
P & W Maintenance Contracting Ltd2
P + HS Architects1
P And D Ss1
P Bowyer Associates1
P Bowyer Associates (Dyno-Rod)1
P C Builders1
P C Green Building and Electrical Contractors1
P Casey & Co7
P Clarke & Sons5
P Colohan & Co1
P E Jones (contractors) Ltd1
P Elms & Son1
P F Burridge & Sons Ltd1
P G Ingoldby & Sons2
P H Beck Ltd2
P H Jones1
P H Jones Ltd1
P J Plant Hire Limited1
P Mcdermott & Sons Omagh2
P T Williams Building Contractors Ltd1
P Woods Construction2
P&hs Architects Ltd1
P&l Construction Limited1
P&P Building & Roofing Contractors3Specialist trade
P&P Pest Control2Specialist trade
P&r Installation Company Limited1
P&HS Architects2Architect
P&K McKaigue1
P&M Heating & Mechanical Services1
P&P Building & Roofing Contractors8Specialist trade
P&P Building an Roofing Contractors1
P&R Heating4
P&R Installation Company1
P+hs Architects10Architect
P.f.burridge & Sons Ltd1
P1 Contractors Ltd1
P1 Solutions2
PA Consulting Services2
PAC Bufton1
Pace Development Corp1
Pacy & Wheatley1
Pacy And Wheatley1
Paddock Electrical Ltd1
Paddock Johnson Partnership17Consultant
Page/Park Architects1
PagePark Architects1
Page\Park Architects8Architect
Paint Right Group Unit 9b Roydon Road1
Painter Brothers4
Pale Blue Dot2Consultant
Palmer Construction1
Pan Residential1
Pandrol UK3
Panks Engineers1
Panter Hudspith Architects5Architect
Paperjam Design Ltd1
Parade Civil Engineering3Contractor
Paradigm Property Consulting1
Paragon Building Services1
Paragon Construction Group Ltd1
Paragon Interiors Group2
Paragon Interiors Group plc4
Paragon Road Marking1
Paramount Window & Fascia Ltd2
Parity Projects1
Parker Hire Service13
Parker Merchanting1
Parker Torrington Limited2
Parker Wilson1
Parkin Contractors Ltd1
Parkinson Carter Limited (t/aplc Architects)1Architect
Parkwood Consultancy Services1
Parrot Construction1
Parry & Dawkin2
Parry Davies Architects1Architect
Parsons + Whittley Ltd1
Partner Construction Limited1
Partner Construction Ltd1
Partnering Contractors1
Partnering In Property Management8
Partnering Solutions (Yeovil)1
Pasquet Heating Services1
Pat Fraser-electrical Services (nairn)4
Pat Munro17
Pat Munro (Alness)7
Pat Munro (alness) Ltd1
Patel Taylor Architects10Architect
Paterson And Campbell2
Patience & Highmore1
Patience And Highmore Ltd2
Patricia Lankester1
Patrick Bradley3
Patrick Bradley Ltd7
Patrick F Corr3
Patrick Keenan3
Patrick Parsons5
Patrick Shaffrey Associates T/a Shaffrey Associates1
Patterson Plant Hire1Plant hire
Pattinson Scientific Services Ltd1
Patton Group1
Patton Heritage1
Paul Chambers Consultancy1Consultant
Paul Drew, Paul Drew Design1
Paul Jolley Associates2
Paul Kelly Design1
Paul Moy Associates2Consultant
Paul Murphy Architects1Architect
Paul Murten Joinery1
Pave Aways Limited1
Pavement Testing Service3
Paving projects1
Paye Stonework & Restoration Ltd1
Pb Electrical (uk) Ltd1
PB Projects1
Pba Applied Ecology Ltd1
PBS Construction6Contractor
PBS Construction (NE)2
PBS Construction (North East)6
Pc Electrical (uk) Limited1
Pc Plant & Construction1
PC Richardson & Co1
PCH Consulting1
PCKO Architects13Architect
Pcs Consulting Services Ltd1
Pdg Architects1Architect
Pdp Architects2
PDP Architecture3Architect
PDP Architecture LLP1
Pdp Green Consulting Ltd3
PDR Construction2
Pe Jones Contracts (manchester) Ltd2
Peabody Housing Trust1
Peabody Trust1
Peacock Developments1
Peak Ecology Ltd1
Peak Fabrication (bolton) Ltd1
Pearce Bottomley Architects1Architect
Pearce Construction3Contractor
Pearce Construction (barnstaple) Ltd2
Pearce Platford1
Pearn And Procter1
Pearn And Proctor1
Pearson Fraser1
Pearson Surveyors1
Peart Fencing1
Pebblestone Properties1
Pectel Group1
Pegasus Planning Group Limited2
Peill & Company Ltd1
Peirianneg Sifil Gelli Civil Engineering Ltd6
PEL UK Rentals1
Pell Frischmann45Engineer
Pell Frischmann Consultants7
Pellikaan (Construction)1
Pellikaan Construction2
Pellikaan Holding (Belgie) NV1
Pellings LLP70Consultant
Pellow Construction Limited Unit 141
Pellow Construction Limited1
Pemberton Homes2
Pembroke Design2
Pembroke Design Limited5
Pendrich Height Services Ltd5
Pennine Housing 20001Housing association
Pennington Choices27
Penny Anderson Associates Ltd1
Penny Lane Builders12Contractor
Penoyre & Prasad1
Penoyre & Prasad LLP10Architect
Penoyre & Prasad Llp1
Pentaco Construction5Contractor
Pentan Architects1
Pentland Construction Ltd5
Perfect Circle JV1
Perfect Finishing Solution, The4
Perform Green2
Performance Electrical2Specialist trade
Perkins Ogden2Architect
Permarock Products1
Persimmon Homes11Developer
Persimmon Partnerships (Scotland)1
Pert Bruce Construction4
Peter Barber Architects5Architect
Peter Beard Landroom1
Peter Brett Associates6
Peter Brett Associates LLP39Consultant
Peter Byard1
Peter Byard Plant Hire11Plant hire
Peter Campbell T/a Sutherlands4
Peter Cox Limited1
Peter Drummond, Architect3Architect
Peter Duffy1
Peter Etheridge Electrical Contractor5
Peter Graham & Partners5Consultant
Peter Jones Associates1
Peter Lawless Road Planing Ltd2
Peter Morris Land & Property Clearance1
Peter Neal Consulting Ltd1
Peter Newman Flooring1
Peter O’hare Limited1
Peter O'Hare2
Peter O\'Hare2
Peter O\\\'Hare2
Peter Smith6
Peter Taylor Associates3
Peter Watkin Painting & Decorating Contractor1
Peters Hay1
Petrie Painters5
Pettit Singleton Associates1
Pexhurst Services7
PF Burridge & Sons10
PF Cusack2
Pfb Construction Management Services Ltd1
Pfp Contracting1
Pfp Contracting Ltd.1
PFS Builders & Contractors1
Pgcs Partnership Ltd1
PH Jones8
PH Partnership3Architect
PH Warr3
Pharmagraph Acquisition Systems1
Phase 3 Electrical Contractors3
PHC Parts1
PHC Powered1
Phelan Construction1
Phelan Construction Ltd1
Phil Jones Associates Limited1
Phil Squires Building And Maintenance1
Phil Squires Building Maintenance Contractor Ltd1
Philip M Bassett Ltd1
Philip Pank1
Philip Pank Partnership35Consultant
Phillip Arthur Charles Bufton1
Phillip Dadds Architects And Associates Ltd1Architect
Phillips Services (wales) Ltd1
Phoenix Commissioning Services1
phoenix hire & sales1
Photarc Surveys2
Photarc Surveys Ltd, Terralmaging Bv, Blom Aerofilms, Fugro-bks, Astrium, Cowi A/s1
Physical Acoustics1
Pick Everard138Consultant
Pickford Contracting1
Pidgin Perfect1
Pier Contractors Limited1
Pierce Hill Projects Services Ltd1
Piercehill Limited1
Piggott & Whitfield2
Pihl UK2
Pilkington Bros1
Pinder Plant1
Pinefield Glass1
Pinefield Glass Ltd2
Pinkney Building Contractors1
Pinnacle Group1
Pinnegar Hayward Design Llp2
Piperhill Construction2
Pitman Tozer Architects1Architect
PJ Carey4Contractor
PJ Carey (Contractors)1
PJ Lilley1
PJ Martin Groundworks1
PJ Plumbing Heating & Maintenance3
PJ Services7
PK Murphy Construction4
PKS (Construction)11
Place Design & Planning1
Places for People10Public body
Places For People Shrubhill Limited1
Plamping Pratt Gordon1
Plan Art Projects1
Planit IE1
Planit-ie Limited1
Planning Design Development Limited1
Planters (leicester) Ltd2
Plato Training Ltd T/a Websiteni1
Playle & Partners LLP17Consultant
Plb Ltd1
PLD Smiddy1
Please Refer To Section Vi.2 Of This Notice15
Please See Vi.3.2)1
Pleydell Smithyman Ltd1
Plincke Landscape5
Plincke Landscapes1
Plowman Craven1
Plowmans Carpets Ltd5
Plp Architecture International Limited1
PLP Construction5
Plp Construction Limited1
Plumbing & Heating Services1
Plus Dane Group2
Pm Building Contractors1
PMC Civil Engineering3
PMC Construction & Development Services10
Pmc Surveys Ltd1
Pmp Consultants1
Pmp Consultants Ltd1
PNG electrical services1
Pochin Construction4Contractor
Pod LLP1
Polar (NE)1
Politecnico Di Milano3
Pollard Thomas Edwards2
Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects38Architect
Pollard Thomas Edwards LLP4
Pollock Lifts1
Polyteck Building Services6
Polyteck Building Services LONDON1
Polyteck Building Services Ltd1
Poole Dick Associates25Consultant
Poole Dick Associates Ltd1
Pope Consulting2
Portable Space1
Portakabin (Site Accommodation)1
Portal Construction1
Portal Construction Nw1
Portland Consulting Engineers4
Positive Design Consultants Limited1
Potter Raper Partnership57Consultant
Pottie Wilson4
Povall Worthington6
Powell Dobson Charterhouse1
Powell Dobson6
Powell Dobson Architects1
Powell Dobson Partnership1
Power Grid Civils2
Power Minerals1
Powerminster Gleeson1
Powerminster Gleeson Services Limited (lovell Respond)1
Powertec Electrical Contractors1
Powerwasher Services3
Powis Hughes1
Powred Heating Components (trading as PHC Parts)1
Poynton Bradbury Wynter Cole7Architect
Pozzoni Architecture4
Pozzoni LLP12Consultant
PPG Architectural Coatings UK3
Ppg Architectural Coatings Uk Ltd1
Ppiy Limited3
Ppiy Limited Chartered Architects And Cdm Co-ordinators8
PPSL District Energy1
Pr Associates Ltd1
PR Propert Maintenance (UK)1
PR Property Maintenance UK1
PR Wedhen1
Practical Care1
Praxis High Integrity Systems Limited The County House1
Prc Group1
Pre-Construct Archaeology2Consultant
Precision Blinds Ltd5
Precision Installation Maintenance & Services Ltd T/a Pims Ltd2
Precision Lift Services2
Premier Contracting1
Premier Energy Solutions9
Premier Heating Company1
Premier Mobility UK1
Premier Modular1
Premier Modular Excellence1
Premier Plant Tool Hire & Sales18
Premier Property Services1
Premier Road Surfacing6
Premier Road Surfacing Ltd1
Premier Roofing Contractors1
Premier Surveys1
Premiere Property Services1
Press & Starkey2
Preston Barber LLP2Consultant
Price & Myers1
Price & Myers LLP20Engineer
Price & Myers1
Price & Myers Llp4
Price And Myers1
Price Waterhouse Coopers Llp1
Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp4
Primary Asset Limited1
Prime Build Solutions27
Prime Building Consultants2
Prime Life3
Prime Place Developments Limited1
Prime Plc2
Prime Roofing (rochdale) Limited1
Princes Regeneration Trust1
Pringle Building Service Ltd1
Pringle Building Services2
Pringle Richards Sharratt7
Prior & Company (sw) Ltd5
Priority Construction1
Priory Bridge Landscaping8
Prism UK Medical4
Private Public6
Pro Clean Services2
Pro Sealant Solutions1
Pro Vision Planning & Design1
Proact IT UK2
Procare Group1
PROCare Shower & Bathroom Centre1
Procast Building Contractors10
Proctor & Matthews Architects1Architect
Proctor & Matthews Architects3Architect
Proctor Roofing1
Proctor UK1
Professional Cabling Solutions1
Professional Sportsturf Design (nw) Ltd1
Program Planning Professionals1
Progressive Services Design Ltd1
Project Centre14Consultant
Project Centre Ltd3
Project Development Workshop1
Project Heating Co., Ltd2
Project Orange1Architect
Project Solutions Ecosse Properties Ltd5
Project Solver1
Project7 Construction1
Proline Group1
Promec Engineering1
Property Building Maintenance (Wales)4
Property Refurb Ltd2
Property Tectonics24Consultant
Prospect House Consortium1
Protask Property Group1
Protec Fire Detection PLC1
Protech Heating Limited4
Protective Workwear Supplies t/a PWS1
Provelio Limited1
Province Building Services4
PRP Architects2
PRP Architects LLP90Consultant
Prysmian Cables And Systems Ltd1
PSI Consulting (UK)1
PSN Painting Services1
PSTAX (Lavat Consulting)1
PSW Building Consultancy4Consultant
PT Contractors2
PT McWilliams/McLaughlin & Harvey JV1
Pt Williams Building Contractors Ltd1
Ptl Occupational Hygien Consultants Ltd1
Ptl Occupational Hygiene Consultants2
PTS Consulting Partners LLP2
PTS Group3
PTSG Electrical Services1
Public Health England2
Public Health England (PHE)1
Public Works1
Publica Associates3
Pulsar Electrical Services Ltd1
Pulse Associates5
Pulse Associates Ltd1
Pulse Design & Build1
Pulse Regeneration Limited1
Pulse Regeneration Ltd1
Punch Consulting Engineers4Consultant
Purcell LLP2
Purcell LPP1
Purcell Miller Tritton LLP2
Purdy Contracts Limited1
Purdy Contracts Ltd1
Purelake New Homes2
Puretech Environmental2
Purfleet Centre Regeneration2
Purple Circle Design Limited1
PWA Designs1
Pwp Architects1