Winning Organisations

This is a complete list of all organisations which have successfully bid for OJEU notices since 16 Oct 2008.

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Organisation NameContracts AwardedCompany Type
O H Sutherland1
O H Sutherland Contractor4
O Hare & McGovern1
O Hare McGovern1
O Seaman & Son Ltd1
O' Connell Mahon Architects1Architect
O' Hara Bros Surfacing1
O'Brien Construction1
O'brien Construction Ltd1
O'brien Waste Recycling Solutions Ltd1
O'callaghan Ltd1
O'connor Sutton Cronin2
O'dwyer Mccall Iddon Limited1
O'halloran And O'brien Ltd1
O'Hanlon Bros. Construction1
O'Hara Bros Surfacing1
O'Hare & McGovern1
O'Hare and McGovern1
O'hare Mcgovern Ltd2
O'keefe Construction (greenwich) Limited1
O'keefe Construction (greenwich) Ltd1
O'malley Plant Hire Ltd1
O'neill Electrics Ltd1
O'rourke Infrastructure Services Limited1
O'seaman & Son Ltd1
O&P Construction Services1
O'Brien Waste Recycling Solutions1
O'Halloran & O'Brien1
O'Hanlon & Farrell Contracts1
O'Hare & McGovern20
O'Keefe Construction1
O'Mac Construction16Contractor
O'Neil & Partners1
O'Neill & Brennan Construction1
Oakbank Services1
Oakes Energy Services4
Oakleaf Commercial Services2
Oakleaf Surveying1
Oakleaf Surveying Limits1
Oakley Architects2
Oakmere Solutions8
Oakmere Solutions Ltd5
Obam Lift Services1
Oberlanders Architects Llp8Architect
Ocean Contract Cleaning Ltd1
Ocean Housing Group Ltd1
Ocon Construction3
OCS Environmental Services6
Octavia Housing1
October Communications1
Oddy Builders Joint Bid1
Oddy Builders Ltd1
Odour And Dust Solutions Ltd1
Office for Metropolitan Architecture1Architect
Offshore Design Engineering Limited1
Offsite Solutions (RT)1
Ogilvie Construction10Contractor
Ogilvie Homes4
Oglesby & Limb1
OHare & McGovern1
OHare and McGovern1
Ohare McGovern1
Ohes Environmental Consultancy1
Ohs Ltd2
Oil, Gas And Plumbing Services1
Old Mill Chimneys1
Oliver & Robb Architects LLP1
Oliver & Robb1
Oliver And Robb Architects Llp2Architect
Oliveti Construction1
Olsson Fire & Risk UK1
Omega Lift Services Limited1
Omega Red Group Ltd1
Omi Architects2
Omni Instruments Limited1
Omnicom Engineering Limited2
Onaek Building Consultants2Consultant
One Call Hire Ltd1
OneAIM comprising of: Interserve (Facilities Management)1
Onsite Central2
OP Building Maintenance Services2
Openspace (cumbria) Ltd1
Openview Security Solutions3
Openview Security Solutions Limited3
Operator 1: Grove And Millican Limited (co. Reg. 3858544); Operator 2: Wyatt Carruthers Jebb Limited (co. Reg. No. 2541628)1
Operon Design1
Opinion Research Services1
Opinion Research Services Ltd.1
Optima Graphic Design Consultants2
Optimal Cleaning Solutions1
Optimise (Water) LLP1
Optimise Management Solutions1
Optimised Environments1
Optimum BMS2
Opun AEM2
OPUS Building Services2
Opus International Consultants51Consultant
OPUS International Consultants (UK)2
Opus Jones Pyke Ltd1
Opus Joynes Pike Limited1
Orange Plant2
Orbis Protect1
Orbis Protect Ltd (formerly Sitexorbis Ltd)1
Orbit Group1
Orchard Services1
Organic Resource Agency1
Origin Creative Design1
Orkney Builders2Contractor
Orr (fire Protection) Limited1
Orr Fire Protection Ltd1
Orr Fire Protection Ltd.1
Osaühing Reaalprojekt1
Osborne Energy5
Osborne Property Services3
Osco Homes1
Osiris Marine Services1
Osp Architecture1Architect
Ostick And Williams1
OTB Engineering1
Oteac Ltd4
Otis Ltd Trading As Express Lifts Alliance Group1
Otto Simon1
Oulton Design1
Outreach Access1
Outreach Ltd2
Ove Arup & Partners11
Ovenden Allworks2
Ovenden Earthmoving Company1
Overbury plc5
Owen & Palmer1
Owen Ellis Architects1Architect
Owen Powered Access3
Owen Pugh & Co3Plant hire
Owen Pugh And Company Limited1
Owen Pugh Group Holdings Limited.7
Owl Architects1
Oxbury & Co1
Oxbury & Company Limited1
Oxbury And Company1
Oxbury And Company Limited1
Oxford Architects LLP11Architect
O\\\\\\\'Neil & Partners2
O`Brien Properties2
O`Hanlon & Farrell9Contractor
O`Hare & McGovern3
OHare & McGovern1