Winning Organisations

This is a complete list of all organisations which have successfully bid for OJEU notices since 16 Oct 2008.

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Organisation NameContracts AwardedCompany Type
M & J Group (Construction & Roofing)3
M & S Fire Protection Ltd.1
M And M Road Surfacing Limited1
M Anderson Construction1
M Coates & Partners1
M Connor Joinery & Building Contractor1
M D Property Maintenance Services1
M Davies Plumbing & Heating8
M Delacey & Sons6
M H Macleod Ltd5
M Hoskin1
M J & K Speck T/a J K & C Wright1
M J K Painters & Decorators1
M J Mackintosh2
M J Mackintosh Ltd3
M Logan & Sons Ltd1
M M Contractors Europe2
M Manners4
M Parkin Tree Specialists61
M Ryder Roofing & Building1
M S Oakes1
M&A McManus1
M&e Alarms (barnstaple) Ltd1
M&j (water) Jetting Services1
M&j Flat Roofing Limited1
M&j Group (construction & Roofing) Limited2
M&R Heating Services Northwest2Specialist trade
M&W Group1
M&J Ballantyne3
M&J Construction Group4
M&j Constructional And Roofing1
M&J Cosgrove1
M&J Group (Construction & Roofing)4
M&J Group Construction & Roofing8
M&KM Golding1
M&N Contracts1
M&Y Maintenance & Construction1
M+W High Tech Projects1
M. Delacey And Sons (holdings) Ltd1
M. L. Hart Builders Ltd1
M. Mackinnon Joinery4
M.b. Langmuir & Hay Llp1
M.b. Roche & Sons Limited1
M.delacey And Sons (holdings) Ltd2
M.s.i.s. Group Ltd4
M3 (Management Cubed)5
M3 Consulting5
MA Cost Consulting3
Maap Architects Ltd1Architect
MAB Locksmiths1
Mabbett & Associates Limited1
Maber Architects2
Maber Associates Limited1
Mac (roofing & Contracting) Ltd1
Mac Asphalt17
Mac Asphalt Ltd6
Mac Container Company1
Mac Electrical And Welding2
Mac Roofing & Contracting3Specialist trade
Mac Services Ltd1
Mac Surfacing5
Mac Surfacing Ltd1
MacAdam Asphalt Co1
Macai Projects1
Macarthy Hughes International Limited1
Macasphalt Ltd.1
Maccoll (Appin)1
Maccoll Brothers Contracts5
Maccreanor Lavington12Architect
Maccreanor Lavington Limited4
Macdonald & Macnamara1
MacDonald Contracting4
MacDonald Joinery & Construction1
Macdonald Scaffolding Services Ltd (inc Ian Dingwall Painting)4
Macdougall And Webster4
Macduff Shipyards1
Macegreen Consulting1
Macemain & Amstad1
Macgregor Industrial Supplies1
Machenair Building Services1
Macinnes Bros2
Maciver Construction (highland) Ltd5
Mack 4 Limited1
Mackay Decorators (perth) Limited1
Mackellar Schwerdt2
Mackellar Schwerdt Architects2Architect
Mackenzie Construction31Contractor
Mackenzie Electrical Ltd1
Mackie Ramsay Taylor Architects5Architect
Mackley Davies Associates Limited2
Mackley Davies Associates Ltd1
Maclay Civil Engineering21Contractor
Maclean & Speirs1
Maclean — Ardgay Ltd1
Maclean - Ardgay Ltd3
Maclean Ardgay Limited1
Macleod & Mitchell5
Macleod Construction4
Macleod Construction Ltd1
Macleod Roofing1
Macleod Roofing Ltd5
Macpherson Electrical5
Macphersons Welding And Engineering Services Ltd5
MacPlant Construction4
Macplant Construction Ltd.1
Macraild And Smith Fort William Limited5
Mactaggart & Mickel Ltd1
Mactaggart & Mickel Homes Ltd 1 Atlantic Quay1
Madlins LLP9Consultant
MAE Architects3
Mae Architects Ltd1
Mae LLP Architects8Architect
Magdalen Associates5
Magnus Electrical Services1
Magnus Electrical Services Limited2
Magnus Electrical Services Ltd.6
Maguire Brothers2
Main-pro Ltd2
Mainline Roadmarking10
Maintain Drains1
Maintain UK Drains1
Mak Projects Ltd5
Make Architects3Architect
Make Consulting6
Make Ltd1
Malcolm Fraser Architects4Architect
Malcolm Hoskin1
Malcolm Hughes Land Surveyors1Consultant
Malcolm Payne Group Limited2
Malcolm Reading Consultants1
Malcolm Whittaker1
Malcolm Whittaker Electrical Contractor1
Malden Roofing1
Malvern Instruments Ltd1
Mam Contracting10
Man Camion Et Bus1
Management Cubed3
Management Cubed Limited1
Manchester & Cheshire Construction5Contractor
Manchester & Cheshire Constructioncouk2
Manchester & Cheshire Construction1
Manchester & Cheshire Construction Co Ltd1
Manchester City Council1
Manchester Working2
Mangrove (NE)1
Manlec Electrical (M/C)1
Manley Construction Limited2
Manley Construction Ltd1
Manleys Limited3
Mann Williams7
Manning Construction1
Mannpower Electrical Services1
Manor House Developments UK1
Manpower UK1
Mansell Homes1
Mantra Services Limited1
Maple Grove Developments2
Maplethorpe & Mooney1
Maplin Mechanical Services Ltd1
Mar City Developments1
Mar Mycology1
Marco Glass & Glazing1
Marcon Fit Out1
Margrange Electrical Limited1
Marick Real Estates1
Marina Projects Limited1
Marine & Civil Solutions1
Marine & Risk Consultants1
Marion Blockley Heritage Management1
Marisco South3
Marishal Thompson (environmental) Ltd1
Mark Bennett Building & Joinery2
Mark Bufton Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd1
Mark Copper4
Mark Farwell Plant Hire Ltd2
Mark Group2
Mark Group Ltd.1
Mark Nicholson Carpenter Joiner5
Mark Paynter Contracts1
Mark Siddall1
Mark Walker (Grounds Maintenance)1
Markden City Homes1
Market Place (Europe)1
Markey Builders (Gloucester)1
Markey Builders (gloucester) Limited T/a Markey Construction2
Markey Construction3
Markhams Ltd1
Markline Construction3
Marks Barfield Architects3Architect
Marks Building Services Ltd T/a Mbs Building & Maintenance1
Marlborough Surfacing2
Marley Contract Services3
Marriott Construction1
Marshall Brown Ltd.1
Marshall Construction7
Marshall Construction Ltd4
Marshall Quarry Products t/a Wattsmix1
Marshall Survey Associates Ltd1
Marshalls Mono Limited1
Marshdale Construction1
Marstan Bdb1
Marstan Bdb Llp1
Martec Engineering Ltd7
Martec Engineering Ltd.4
Martin Aiken Associates1
Martin Aitken Associates7
Martin Arnold4
Martin Arnold Associates LLP17Consultant
Martin Associates5Consultant
Martin Bazley & Associates13
Martin Brooks1
Martin Brooks (roofing Specialist) Limited5
Martin Critchell Architects1Architect
Martin Dales Architects Limited1Architect
Martin Elson1
Martin Fischer1
Martin Greaves — Building Contractor2
Martin J Clayton1
Martin J Clayton Ltd1
Martin Jewitt Plant Hire1
Martin Plant Hire2
Martin Sanderson Joinery Ltd5
Martin Skidmore Ltd4
Martin Stockley Associates2
Martin Thomas1
Martin Wright Associates1
Martindales Architects7Architect
Martindales Architects Limited1
Marvin Technical Services Ltd2
Masco Equipment & Tool Hire1
Mascot Management45
Mascott Construction1
Mason Clark Associates29Engineer
Mason Land Surveys Ltd1
Maspero Elevatori1
Masson Seeley & Co1
Mast Architects7Architect
Mastarch Ltd Trading As Mast Architects1
Mastarch t/a Mast Architects3
Masters Pipeline Services3
Mather & Co1
Mather & Co1
Matilda`s Planet1
Matrix Control Solutions Ltd1
Matt Durbin Associates2
Matt Lally, Matrix Partnerships1
Matt Mcinally Plant Hire Ltd1
Matt Quayle, Turley Associates1
Matter Architecture1
Mattest Site Services Limited1
Matthew Lloyd Architects1Architect
Matthew Luke Plumbing & Heating2
Matthew Mackenzie5
Matthews & Tannert4
Matthews & Tannert1
Mauld Environmental1
Maurice Flynn & Sons7
Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd1
Mawson Fry1
MAX Associates (Holdings)1
Max Fordham LLP7Consultant
Maxi Construction Limited4
Maxigiene Limited1
May Gurney15Contractor
Maycrest Property Services5
Mayes Builders & Contractors1
Mayfield Construction1
Maylarch Environmental2
Mayne Gas Heating Ltd (grimsby) Dn31 3at, Mears Ltd (stallingborough) Dn41 8dy, F R Townsend & Co Ltd (grimsby) Dn31 3lb, Woodlands Property Services Ltd (derby) De24 8uj, Ygi Ltd (barnsley) S71 2lh, Pg Ingoldby And Sons Ltd (grimsby) Dn36 5nn1
Mayson Bros22Contractor
Mb Hunt Limited1
MB Langmuir & Hay (UK)2
MB Langmuir & Hay LLP4
Mb Langmuir & Hay Llp1
Mb Wilkes Ltd1
Mbc Building Contractor Nw Ltd1
Mbc Building Contractor Nw Ltd.1
MBE Construction1
Mbe Consultants Ltd1
Mbla Architects & Urbanists1Architect
MC Building Services1
MC Property Services4
Mc Taggart Construction Ltd. Tod House1
Mc Vickers1
Mc1 Limited1
McAdam Design30Consultant
McAleer & Teague1
Mcaleer & Teague 22 Camderry Road Bt78 3au Dromore United Kingdom E-mail: Tel. +44 2882898535 Fax +44 28828982441
McAleer and Teague1
Mcallan & Co Painters Ltd5
McAllister Bros1
McArdle Sport Tec1
McAvoy Construction LLP1
McAvoy Group, The2
McBains Cooper7Consultant
Mcc Joinery4
McCallan Bros3
McCann & Partners3Consultant
McCartan Muldoon Architects1Architect
Mccarthy Contractors (bridgend) Ltd1
McCartney (Dumfries)1
McCaul Group1
Mcclusky Contract Services1
McComb Partnership3
McConnell Roofing1
McCue & Porter LLP2
Mcdermid Decorators2
Mcdermott Contract Services Ltd1
McDonald & Munro3
Mcdonald And Munro Ltd8
Mcdonald Highway Services Limited1
Mcdonald Scaffolding (services) Ltd1
McFadyens Contractors (Campbeltown)3
Mcfadyens Contractors Ltd1
McGee Group3Contractor
Mcginley Support Services Ltd1
McGirr Architects8Architect
Mcgivney Construction6Contractor
McGoff & Byrne1
Mcgoff & Byrne Ltd2
Mcgoff & Byrne Ltd Mayfield House1
McGowan Environmental Engineering7
McGowan Miller1
Mcgowan Miller Construction Consultants1
McGowan Miller Partnership4
McGregor Construction5
Mcgregor Mcmahon & Associates3
McGregor McMahon (Scotland)1
McGurran Construction3
McGurran Properties1
McHale Contract & Plant Environmental LLP1
Mchale Contracts & Plant Environmental Llp1
McIntyre Electrical1
Mckay And Partners1
Mckay Flooring Ltd.1
Mckay Roofing Ltd.3
McKenna Electrical1
Mckinven & Colville Ltd1
McLaren Construction6Contractor
McLaughlin & Harvey33Contractor
Mclaughlin & Harvey1
McLaughlin Construction6
Mclean Architects3Architect
McLeman QS Network1
Mcmahon Associates1
Mcn Limited1
McNeil Beechey O'Neil Architects2Architect
Mcnicol Insulation Limited1
McNulty Offshore Construction1
MCP Environmental LLP2
MCP Property Services2
McPhillips (Wellington)7
Mcphillips Wellington Limited1
McTaggart Construction48Contractor
Mctaggart Construction Ltd5
McTear Contracts2
Mctear Contracts Limited1
Mctear Contracts Ltd.1
MCW architects1
McWilliam Associates2Consultant
MD Building Services35Contractor
Md Building Services Ltd7
Md Electrical Company Limited1
MD Fencing1
MDA Consulting40Consultant
MDelacey & Sons (Holdings)1
Mdm Specialist Trades Ltd.3
MDR Associates1Architect
Mdt Electrical1
Meachen & Bevan1
Mead Building Services Ltd1
Mear Limited1
Mears Gloucestershire1
Mears Group38Contractor
Mears Limited13
Mears Limited Trading As Mears New Homes1
Mears Ltd8
Mecanoo International6Architect
Mechanical Services (wessex) Llp1
Meddo (CN)3
Meddo (cn) Limited1
Medical Architects1
Medical Architecture3
Medical Architecture & Art Projects1
Medical Gas Pipelines1
Medway Mechanical Services Ltd1
Meldrum Construction (Perth)1
Meldrum Construction (perth) Ltd1
Meldrum Construction Services Limited1
Melin Energy Consultants3
Melin Homes1
Mell Projects1
Mellor Bromley Air Conditioning Services1
Mellwood Construction2Contractor
Mellwood Construction Ltd1
Mem Aberystwyth Ltd6
Menzies Contracts5
Menzies Contracts Ltd6
Menzies Electrical4
MEPK Architects4Architect
Mercer Brothers1
Merchant Homes Partnerships Ltd1
Mercury Construction Sw Ltd1
Mercury Consulting Engineers2Consultant
Mercury Engineering1
Merebrook Consulting Ltd2
Meridian Productivity4
Merit Holdings1
Merkko Builders Merchants (Oxford)1
Merriman Limited1
Merritt — Harrison Catering Consultancy1
Merrow Scientific1
Merrow Scientific Ltd1
Merryhill Envirotec1
Mersey Design Group5
Merseyrail Electrics 20021
Mervyn Rose Engineering Ltd1
Met Consultancy Group1
Met Geo Enviromental1
Metalpoint t/a Arndale1
Metaphor Communications1
Metaphor Communications Limited1
Metaswitch Networks2
Metcalfe Brothers Ltd1
Metcalfe Plant Hire6
Metcalfe Stanley Hicks1
Method Consulting1
Method Consulting Llp1
Metrics Consultants1
Metro Rod10
Metropolitan Workshop LLP10Architect
Metz Architects1Architect
MF Freeman1
MFM Group2
MG Partnership1
MGL Contractors1
Mgm Limited3
Mgm Ltd2
MH Architects10Architect
MH Davies Contractors1
Mh Electrical Ltd5
MHA Architects3
MHDavies Contractors2
MHS Commercial Services1
Mi Space (uk) Ltd9
Mi-space (UK)9
Mi-Space UK30
Mi-space Uk Ltd1
Michael Barclay Partnership LLP2
Michael Bonner Builders5
Michael Campbell, Joiners5
Michael Cook Associates Limited2
Michael Cox & Co Ltd2
Michael D Joyce Associates LLP1
Michael Diamond4
Michael Donaghy (Painting & Decorating)1
Michael Dyson1
Michael Dyson Associates65Consultant
Michael Edwards & Associates Llp3
Michael Edwards Associates1
Michael Eyres Partnership LLP1
Michael Herron Architects2
Michael Hyde & Associates4
Michael Hyde Associates1
Michael J. Broome And Associates1
Michael Laird Architects1
Michael Self Partnership Ltd2
Michael Whitley Architects1Architect
Michele Wheeler Associates1
Mick Ward Heating & Plumbing1
Micron H & V Ltd1
Midad Construction1
Midas Construction4
Midas Group3
Middleton Maintenance Services3
Midgibyte Creations1
Midgley & Palmer Civil Engineering1
Midland Forestry28
Midland Heart3
Midland Landscape Engineers1
Midland Quarry Products7
Midland Quarry Products Ltd1
Midland Roofing Services (derby) Ltd1
Midland Surveying & Engineering Ltd1
Midwest Plant8
Midwest Plant Limited5
Mike Cowbury Safety Services Limited1
Mike Guest Electrical Installations & Repairs1
Mike Hyatt Landscape Architects3
Mike Prior Electrical1
Mike Sutherland Painter & Decorator5
Mike Wakefield Tippers1
Mikhail Riches Limited1
Mildren Construction6
Miles Macadam Limited1
Miletree Construction5Contractor
Mill Green Electrical Limited1
Mill Lane Estates1
Millane Contract Services Ltd1
Millennium Marine Contractors2
Miller Bourne Llp1
Miller Bros1
Miller Construction34
Miller Construction (uk) Ltd1
Miller Fabrications Ltd1
Miller Freeman & Sons (Nottingham)2
Miller Group Ltd1
Miller Homes Limited1
Miller Homes Ltd1
Miller Wholesale1
Milligan Bros1
Milligan Reside Larkin2
Mills Contracts2
Milnerbuild Limited2
Milnerbuild Ltd1
Mineral Star Construction Limited1
Mineral Star Construction Ltd1
Mini Muckshift1
Mis Environmental Limited1
Mitchell Architects1Architect
Mitchellson Formwork & Civil Engineering Ltd1
Mitie Property Services6
MITIE Property Services (UK)12
Mitie Property Services (uk) Ltd3
Mitre Construction71
Mitre Construction Company19
MJ Church1
Mj Mcbride2
MJ Phoenix1
MJB Associates3
Mjk Painters&decorators4
MJP Architects4Architect
MJS Projects (March)1
MKA Projects1
Mka Projects Ltd1
ML Hart Builders5Contractor
Mlg Electrical Contractor5
MLM Consulting1
MLM Consulting Engineers1
Mlm Consulting Engineers Ltd1
Mlm Environmental (a Division Of Mlm Consulting Ltd)1
MM Miller16
MM Miller (wick)1
Mmps (scotland) Ltd11
Mmps (scotland) Ltd.10
Mnb Partnership Ltd1
Mnm Property Services Limited1
Mo Team Ltd1
Moat Housing Limited Mariner House Galleon Boulevard Crossways Da2 6qe Dartford Kent United Kingdom1
Mobile Mini1
Mobile Mini UK1
Mobile Studio Architects1
Mode Transport Planning1
Modebest Builders1
Modis International (Trading as Ajilon)1
Modular Direct Limited1
Modulo Beton1
Modus Construction4
Molyneux Kerr Archtects1
Monaghans Ltd1
Monmouthshire County Council1
Monmouthshire Housing Association2
Monson Engineering1
Montagu Evans LLP3Consultant
Moore Environment Ltd1
Moore MacDonald & Partners5
Moore Macdonald Partners1
Moore Stephens Llp1
Moores Furniture Group1
Moorgate Forklifts1
Moorlands Housing3
Moray Biohazard Services3
Moray Catering Equipment T/A Mce Serviceline2
Moray Fire Protection8
Moray Metals Ltd1
Moray Roofing & Building Services3
Moreton Hayward Ltd2
Morgan Carn Partnership1
Morgan Construction Wales Ltd1
Morgan Est Grontmij1
Morgan Lambert3
Morgan Professional Services Ltd1
Morgan Sindall10
Morgan Sindall Consortium1
Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure5
Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure (JV)1
Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure1
Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd1
Morgan Sindall Investments Limited1
Morgan Sindall plc182Consultant
Morgan Tucker10
Morgan Tucker Limited1
Morganstone Limited1
Morganstone Ltd8
Morham And Brotchie Chartered Quantity Surveyors2
Moricom Fire Safety Services1
Morley Building Services2
Morris & Spottiswood46
Morris & Spottiswood5
Morris & Spottiswood Limited1
Morris And Blunt1
Morris And Blunt Ltd1
Morris Homes Ltd2
Morris Leslie Plant Hire1
Morris Plant Hire1
Morris Property Ltd1
Morrison Brothers1
Morrison Construction32Contractor
Morrison Facilities Services44
Morrison Plumbing And Heating Engineers4
Morrison Utility Connections1
Morrison Utility Services1
Morrow Contracts3
Mortimer Isaacs Consultancy LLP1
Mosaic Consultants1
Mosedale Gillatt2
Moses Cameron Williams Ltd1
Moss Architecture Interiors Ltd1Architect
Moss Architecture Ltd1
Moss Construction3Contractor
Mossom & Sydney Builders Ltd3
Mott MacDonald256Contractor
Mottram Associates2
Mount Anvil1
Mount Green Housing Association1
Mount Oswald Colleges LLP1
Movawall systems1
Moxon Architects2Architect
MP & KM Golding1
Mp & Km Golding Limited2
MP Coleman1
Mp Rendering3
Mp Rendering Ltd1
MPMH Construction47Contractor
Mpmh Construction Ltd4
Mr. Brights1
MRD Design Floors3
Ms Industrial Services1
MS Oakes1
Msafe Risk Management Ltd1
Msc Consultants1
Mse Electrics Ltd1
MSH Building2
MSM Contracts2
MSM Environmental Services1
Mts Bobcat1
MTS Nationwide1
Mts Nationwide Ltd1
Muf Architecture / Art LLP7
Muir Construction Limited1
Muir Construction Ltd1
Muir Group Plc Muir House1
Muir Homes3
Muir Smith Evans1
Muirfield (Contracts)1
Muirfield (contracts) Ltd1
Muirgroup Interiors Ltd2
Muirgroup Interiors Ltd.2
Mulalley & Co2
Mulalley & Company15
Mulbery Homes Limited Unit 21
Mulholland Plant Services Ltd1
Mullaley And Company Limited1
Mullalley & Co. Limited2
Multi — 4 Bidders Appointed1
Multi — 9 Bidders Appointed1
Multi Services Kent1
Multi-supplier Framework Established - Details On Request1
Multihog UK1
Multihog Uk Limited1
Multiple Operators Across The 11 Lots1
Multiple Providers: Access Automation, Jlc Automation Ltd And County Security Services Ltd3
Multiple Providers: Norse Commercial Services Ltd, Double L Ltd And Gaswise Services Ltd3
Multiple Providers: Prism Medical Uk And Stannah Lift Services Ltd3
Multiplex Construction Europe1
Multitask operative’s t/a Multitask Scaffolding1
Multitask Scaffolding1
MUMA LLP1Architect
Munihire Operated1
Munnelly Support Services1
Munnings Construction6
Munro Associates1
Murchie Sand & Gravel2
Murchie Sand & Gravel1
Murdo Macdonald Joiners & Contractors Ltd5
Murdo Macrae Building Contractors Ltd5
Murdoch MacKenzie Construction2
Murdoch Mackenzie Construction Ltd1
Murdoch MacKenzie Group5
Murdock Builders Merchants2
Murno Building Services (south) Ltd (previously - Mid Essex Electrical And Mechanical Ltd)2
Murphy Philipps1
Murphy Pipelines2
Murphy Surveys UK2
Murray Building Services1
Murray Gibson1
Murray Mackay Ltd5
Murray Maclean Builder4
Murrill Construction2
Muse Developments5
Museum Intelligence11
Mussion Joinery Limited1
MVA Consultancy10Consultant
Mvb Joint Venture Grove House 551 London Road Isleworth Tw7 4ds Middlesex United Kingdom1
MW Brickwork1
MW Cripwell2
MW High Tech Projects UK1
Mw Surfacing2
MW&RS Brewster & Sons1
Mwa Eco Systems Limited1
MWA Partnership2
Mwc Group3
MWH Constructors4Contractor
Mwh Uk Limited1
Mwh Uk Ltd1
MWT Civil Engineering3
Myles Gaskell & Sons Ltd1
Myriad Ceg Ltd1