Winning Organisations

This is a complete list of all organisations which have successfully bid for OJEU notices since 16 Oct 2008.

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Organisation NameContracts AwardedCompany Type
L & D Plumbing & Tiling Services Ltd1
L & R Building Contractors Ltd3
L D A (architects) Limited1Architect
L Garfield (Builders)3
L K Roofing Services2
L M Electric Limited2
L Macintosh Building Services (skye) Ltd2
L Paterson & Son5
L&d Plumbing & Services Ltd3
L&r Consulting Llp1
L&M Keating1
L&R Roadlines1
L&V Construction1
LA Architects Limited1Architect
La Architects Ltd2Architect
La Couronne Cepap1
Lac Limited1
Lacey Hickey Caley Architects4Architect
Lachie Gillies Building & Roofing5
Lacie Hickie Caley1
Lacy Roofing Co3
Lafarge Aggregates11
Lafarge Tarmac18Contractor
Lafarge Tarmac Trading Limited1
Laffran Plant Hire1
Laffran Plant Hire, Building & Civils1
Lagan Construction Group14Contractor
Lagan Ferrovial Costain Rosemount House1
Lagwell Insulation Co. Ltd.1
Laing O'Rourke44Contractor
Laing O'Rourke Construction1
Laing O’Rourke Construction2
Lakehouse Contracts118Contractor
Laker BMS2
Lamas Thermaclad1
Lambert Property Solutions2
Lambert Smith Hampton15Consultant
Lambert Smith Hampton Group3
Lambert Smith Hampton Group Limited5
Lambert Walker Conservation & Restoration Ltd1
Lambros Paving Contractors1
Lamonby Heating Ltd1
Lanarca Limited4
Lancaster Maloney10Consultant
Lancer Scott6
Land & Water Services7
Land Engineering12
Land Engineering (scotland) Limited1
Land Management Services Ltd4
Land Use Consultants31Consultant
Land Use Consultants (LUC)1
Landcare Solutions (scotland) Ltd10
Landers & Associates (building & Design) Ltd1
Landmark Information Group2
Landolt & Brown6
Landscape Engineering5
Landscape Management Services Ltd2
Landscape Partnership, The13Consultant
Landscape Projects2
Landscapes & Contracts4Specialist trade
Landscapes And Contracts Limited3
Landscope Engineering1
Landshape Ltd3
Landshape Ltd.1
Lane Rental Services Limited1
Lanes Group1
Lanes Group plc3
Langan & Smith Joinery5
Langley Civil Engineering Ltd2
Langley Mill Contract Flooring1
Langmuir & Hay3
Langmuir & Hay1
Langtry-Langton Architects7Architect
Langwith Builders1
Laplace Solutions1
Larkfleet Ltd1
Larsen Contracts Ltd1
Laser Special Projects2
Latham Architects1
Latz & Partner1
Laura Hetherington2
Laurie Wood Architects1
Lavendon Access Services (uk) Ltd1
Lavingtons LLP4
Lawray Architects16Architect
Lawrence Kettle1
Lawrence McPherson Associates4
Lawrence Webster Forrest2
Lawson Queay Chartered Surveyors7
Lawton (building Engineering Services) Ltd2
Layden Preservation Ltd.1
Lb Langmuir & Hay1
LBG Waterston2
LBS Builders Mercants1
LBS Builders Merchants2
LC Edwards1
LCB Construction3
LCE Architects1Architect
LDA Design2
LDA Design Consulting1
Lda Design Consulting Limited1
LDA Design Consulting LLP20Consultant
LDN Architects8Architect
LDN Architects LLP2
LEA Building Services4
Leach Inspire1
Leach Rhodes Walker1
Leadbitter (Bouyges)66Contractor
Leader 1 Ltd3
Leap Environmental1
Learning Unlimited1
Leary Brothers2
Leb Construction Limited15
Lee Boyd4
Lee Evans Cdm Ltd1
Lee Evans Partnership LLP3
Lee Glover Roofing Contractor2
Lee R.f.d. Knight, Freshwater Biologist1
Lee Wakemans2
Lee Wakemans LLP2
Leeboyd Ltd1
Leeds D&B One3
Leeds Environmental Design Associates8Consultant
Leeke Associates1
Leeming Associates Limited2
Legal & General Capital1
Legat Owen1
Legato Solutions1
Leigh Building Services2
Leisure Futures1
Leiths (Scotland)10
Leiths (scotland) Ltd1
Leiths Scotland18
Lend Lease36Consultant
Lendlease Europe Holdings1
Lengard Ltd2
Les Martin Plasterers1
Les Mctavish Builder4
Les Young1
Lesley J Smith1
Lesley Walker5
Leslie Hutt Architect2Architect
Leslie Mwh Joint Venture1
Leslie Stannage Design Limited2
Letts Wheeler Architects6Architect
Leven Homes Ltd1
Levitate Architecture And Design Studio Ltd1Architect
Levitt Bernstein31Architect
Levitt Bernstein Associates3
Levitt Partnership7
Lewis & Hickey6Architect
Lewis & Hickey3Architect
Lewis & Hickey Architects1
Lewis & Hunter Contracting Ltd12
Lewis And Hickey Ltd1
Lewis Builders6
Lewis Facilities1
Lewis Partnership3
Leyden Kirby Associates1
LG Futures1
Lga Limited8
Lga Ltd1
Lhc Safety Management Limited1
Lhl Group Ltd2
Liab Flex Homes1
Liberata UK1
Liberty Gas Group8
Liberty Gas Group Ltd2
Liberty Group3
Life Build Solutions2Contractor
Life Environmental Services7Consultant
Life Environmental Services Limited3
Life Space Developments1
Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands7
Lift & Engineering Services Limited1
Lift Maintenance Limited1
Liftec Lifts1
Liftec Lifts Limited1
Lifts And Related Builder's Work1
Light Perceptions1
Lightways (Contractors)5
Lightways Contractors9Contractor
Lightways Contractors Limited1
Limelight Signs1
Linbrook Services1
Linbrook Services Limited Franklin House1
Lincoln Electric (uk) Ltd1
Lincolnshire Home Improvement Agency1
Linden Homes1
Lindum Group38Contractor
Lindway Scaffolding1
Line Markings Ltd1
Linford Group8Contractor
Lingard Styles1
Lingard Styles Ltd6
Link Contracting Services2
Link Contracting Services Limited1
Link Group1
Linn-tech Scotland Ltd2
Linnear Landscape Architects1
Lip Construction6
Liquid Personnel2
Liquid Roofing Ltd1
Little Box Company, The1
Littlethorpe Of Leicester1
Liveco Ltd T/a Vest Construction2
Liverpool Mutual Homes1
Livesey Contracting & Maintenance4
Living Architects10Architect
Living Architects Limited1Architect
Living Potential Consultancy1
Liz Lavery1
Lj Blewitt And Co Ltd1
Llettyshenkin Construction Co Ltd1
Lloret Control Systems1
Lloyd & Gravell2
Lloyd & Gravell1
Lloyd & Gravell Ltd8
Lloyd Bore1
Lloyd Evans Prichard2Architect
Lloyd Evans Prichard Ltd1
Lloyd's Register1
Lloyds British Testing Ltd3
Lloyds Register1
LLS Logistics1
Llyod Bore Ltd1
LMS Highways3
Lns Partnership1
Loates Taylor Shannon Architects & Designers1Architect
Local Consortium Wales1
Local Dialogue1
Local Transport Projects5
Location Strategy Management1Consultant
Lochalsh & Skye Housing1
Lochalsh & Skye Housing Association2
Lochay Homes3
Locheil Logistics1
Lochshell Engineering9
Lochwynd Ltd6
Lockwoods Construction (nw3)2
Locus Consultants Limited1
Lodge & Sons1Contractor
Logan Construction (SE)7
Logan Construction (South East)1
Logic Alarms Ltd5
Logic Electrical Contractors & Consultants1
Logic Homes2
Logic She Solutions2
Logistica Paggiola Srl1
Lomond Homes Ltd1
Lomond Plant Limited4
London & Quadrant Group3Housing association
London & Quadrant Housing Trust2
London Legacy Development Corporation1
London Metropolitan University2
Long & Kentish Architects1Architect
Long O Donnell Associates2
Long O'Donnell Associates2
Long ODonnell Associates1
Longboard Consulting2
Longlife Buildings1
Longwater Construction Supplies3
Loppingdale Plant Limited2
Lord Hire Centres1
Lorne Stewart plc4
Lot Not Awarded1
Lotus Electrical Services1
Louerne Construction1
Louerne Construction Ltd1
Loveld United Kingdom1
Lovell Partnership6
Lovell Partnerships26
Lovell Partnerships Limited5
Lovell Partnerships Ltd10
Lovelock Mitchell & Partners2Architect
Lovelock Mitchell (Chester)1
Low Carbon Europe1
Low Carbon Exchange1
Lowood Construction1Contractor
Lowry Building & Civil Engineering4
Lowry Building And Civil Engineering1
Lowry Building Civil Engineering2
Lowther Forestry Group1
Loy Surveys Ltd1
LSI Architects3
Lsi Architects Llp3Architect
LTC Landscape Architecture1Architect
LTS Architects (Loates-Taylor Shannon)1
Luce Bay Plant Hire7
Lucion Consulting2
Lucion Environmental6
Luddon Construction19Contractor
Luddon Construction Ltd4
Luken Beck MDP1
Lukes & Godwin1
Lumsden & Carroll Construction3Contractor
Lumsdon Wood Partnership1
Lumsdon Wood Partnership Ltd1
Luna Electrical Services1
Lundy Projects1
Lusher Contracts2
Luton Borough Council2Public body
Luxton Engineering4
Lyjon Company Limited2
Lynch Healthcare3
Lyndon Goode Architects3
Lynn Kinnear, Kinnear Landscape Architects1Architect
Lynwood Civil Engineering2
Lyons And Annoot Limited3
Lyons Environmental Services1
Lyreco France1