Winning Organisations

This is a complete list of all organisations which have successfully bid for OJEU notices since 16 Oct 2008.

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Organisation NameContracts AwardedCompany Type
H Clarke & Sons1
H Malone & Sons2
H Timmins2
H&B Specialist Supplies1
H&J Martin4
H&M Contractor5
H2O Chemicals1
Hackland + Dore Architects3Architect
Hadden Construction11Contractor
Hadfield & Britain1
Hadi Mozaffari, Price Myers1
Hadland Manning Bullock & Partners1
Hadley Mace1
Haines Phillips Architects1Architect
Halcrow Group93Consultant
Halef Partnership1
Haley Sharpe Design4
Hall & Partners7
Hall Black Douglas5
Hall Construction Group12Contractor
Hall Construction Services7
Hall McKnight Architects2Architect
Hall Plant Hire Limited1
Halliday Clark Limited1
Halliday Fraser Munro9
Halliday Meecham Architects8Architect
Halls Construction Services1
Halls Decorating & Painting Contractors2Specialist trade
Halsall Construction3
Halsall Lloyd LLP26Architect
Hamer Associates1
Hamilton & Preston1
Hamilton Architects1
Hamilton Architects LLP18Architect
Hamilton Bros Eng Ltd2
Hamilton Industrial Services Ltd.4
Hamilton Tarmac3
Hamiltons Architects1
Hamish L Hubbard5
Hammerson (Watermark)1
Hammond (esc) Limited1
Hammond Architectural2
Hammond Ecs Ltd1
Hampshire Commercial Aluminium Systems1
Hampshire Environmental Services1
Hampshire Homes Group1
Hampshire Partitioning Contracts1
Hamson Partnership Ltd1
Handicare Accessibility Ltd2
Handicare Ltd1
Hanover Housing Association1
Hanson Asphalt & Contracting1
Hanson Contracting31Contractor
Hansons Resource Management1
HAP Chartered Architects2Architect
Harborough District Council1
Harbur Construction1
Hardcore Crushing1Specialist trade
Hardscape Products1
Hardy Tree Surgeons Ltd1
Harley Haddow12
Harold Graham Building Contractor & Plant Hire1
Harrabin Construction2
Harriet Carty8
Harrington Design & Bloomfield Architects4Architect
Harris & Associate Surveyors Ltd1
Harris & Porter1
Harrison Design Development3
Harrison Group2
Harrison Jorge1
Harry Fairclough Construction33Contractor
Harry Rolston Architect10Architect
Hart Builders6Contractor
Hart Builders (edinburgh) Ltd6
Hartington Fleming & Worsley1
Hartwell Architects3Architect
Harty Design3
Harvestock Associates Llp1
Harvey & Clark3Contractor
Haskings Fencing1
Hastings Borough Council1
Hat Projects1Architect
Hather Plant Hire1
Hatrick Bruce5
Havelock Europa Plc1
Haven Fire Security Consultants Limited1
Haverstock Associates5Architect
Havills Exhibitions Ltd1
Hawk Plant Hire1
Haworth Tompkins10Architect
Hawthorne Boyle2
Haycock And Jay Associates Ltd1
Hayes Electrical & Building Services1
Hayes Plant Hire5Plant hire
Hayhurst & Co1
Haystoun Construction Ltd1
Hazle McCormack Young LLP2
HB Projects1
HBE Risk Management3
HBL Building & Roofing5
HBR Limited1
HC Munton Painting Contractors1Specialist trade
HCD Building Control2Consultant
HCD Management1
HD Decorating Services1
Headcrown Group Plc2
Health & Safety Laboratory1
Health Care Projects Ltd1
Healthcare Partnership Solutions Limited1
Healthcare Technologies International1
Heantun Housing Association4Housing association
Heat Radiation Ltd2
Heath Avery Astam1
Heathcote Heritage Limited1
Heather Lomas Consulting2
Heathland Management Services1
Heating Company8
Heatshine Ltd, T/a Martyn O'connor & Co4
Heery International1Consultant
Height For Hire Ltd2
Helen Farrar2
Helen Maclagan1
Helena Partnerships8
Help-Link UK3
Hemingway Design1Consultant
Hemsley Orrell Partnership1
Henderson & Taylor1
Henderson Decorators4
Henderson Grass Machinery1
Henderson Green1
Henderson Warnock2
Heneghan Peng Architects1Architect
Henley Halebrown Rorrison1Architect
Henry Boot33Contractor
Henry Boot Construction1
Henry Brothers11Contractor
Henry Construction Projects Ltd2
Henry Riley6Consultant
Henry Riley Llp3
Henry W Pollard & Sons Ltd1
Henry Williams & Son (roads) Ltd1
Henstaff Construction1
Hepher Grincell1
Hera Regeneration Limited13
Herbert Baggaley Construction20Contractor
Herbert H Drew & Son2
Herbert T Forrest Ltd1
Heritage & Regeneration Uk Ltd1
Heritage Building & Conservation1
Heritage Environmental1
Heritage Environmental Limited1
Heritage Initiatives Limited1
Heritage Surveys2Consultant
Heron Brothers17Contractor
Hescott Engineering3
Hesketh Steel Ltd1
Hester Architects3Architect
Hewden Stuart1
Hewden Stuart Limited1
Hewer Facilities Management4
Hewer Fm Ltd2
Hewitt Freeborn Associates1
Hewlett Civil Engineering3
Heyford Contracting1
HG Construction1
HGA (uk)1
HGP Architects3Architect
HH Hanson3
Hi Devon (i A Sturt T/a)1
Hica Group3
Hickman Associates Limited1
Hicks Flooring1
Hickton Construction1Contractor
Hickton Consultants28Consultant
Higgins Construction plc60Contractor
High Wood Health (Project Co)1
Highfield Plumbing & Heating (division Of Tulloch Homes)1
Highland Decorating Services Ltd1
Highland Fencing & Barrier Contractors1
Highland Heating Management Ltd5
Highland Home Revival1
Highland Housing Alliance3
Highland Insulation Services Ltd2
Highland Joinery Services5
Highland Locksmiths & Security Systems5
Highland Painting & Decorating5
Highland Roller Doors1
Highland Roller Shutter Doors4
Highland Wood Energy4
Highpoint Development Limited1
Highwater (scotland) Ltd1
Highway Barrier Solutions11
Highway Construction Services3
Highways England Company1
Hilary Taylor Landscape Associates Ltd1
Hilife Construction Co Limited1
Hilife Construction Company Limited1
Hill Builders (humberside) Ltd1
Hill Builders Ltd1
Hill Dickinson LLP1
Hill Partnerships20Contractor
Hill Residential2
Hillcrest Housing Association Ltd/teague Homes (uk) Limited1
Hillhouse Quarry Group Ltd2
Hills Contractors1
Hilson Moran2
Hire Station3
Hire Station Limited2
Historic Property Restoration1
Historic Scotland1
Hj Haywood & Son Ltd2
HKR Architects2Architect
HKS Architects1
HL Design Consultancy2Architect
HLM Architects1
Hlmad Limited1
HLN Architects2Architect
Hm Building Services4
Hmbs Group Ltd.4
HMH Architects3Consultant
HNW Architects10Architect
Hoare Lea36Consultant
Hobson & Porter22
Hockley Project Management Ltd1
Hodgson & Allon2
Hodgson Sayers3
Hogan Construction19Contractor
Hoist & Shower Chair Company1
HOK International3
Holbrook Homes2
Holbrow Brookes Construction Consultants3
Holbrow Brookes Llp1
holder Mathias Architects1Architect
Holemasters Scotland Ltd.1
Hollidays Ltd4
Holloway Partnership1
Holls Electrical Ltd2
Hollywell Building Services1
Holmes Building Contractors1
Holmes Miller5Architect
Holmes Partnership6Architect
Holt And Wotton Ltd1
Holt Drainage5
Holyrood Student Accommodation SPV1
Home Group5
Honeybun Plant Hire2Plant hire
Honeyman Jack And Robertson1
Honeywell Control Systems Limited3
Hooke Highways Ltd1
HOP Consulting1
Hope & Clay Construction2Contractor
Hopkins & Conroy1
Hopkins Architects7Architect
Hopkinson Construction2
Horan Construction Ltd.8
Horizon Specialist Contracting Ltd3
Horsely Huber Architects1Architect
Hotchkiss Limited1
Househam Henderson Architects1Architect
Househill Floors Ltd5
Houseman & Falshaw Ltd1
Houseman & Falshaw Ltd.4
Housing & Care211
Housing 217
Housing Maintenance Solutions2
Howarth Goodman1
Howarth Litchfield Partnership16
Howl Associates1
Hp Architecture1Architect
Hph Ltd1
HR Wallingford1
Hrai Group2
HSL Compliance1
Hsp Consulting Engineers Limited3
HSS Hire Service Group3
HT Forrest15
HTA Design LLP47Architect
Hub East Central Scotland1
Hub South East Scotland1
Huber Car Park Systems International GmbH1
Huddersfield Plant Hire Company1
Hugh Broughton Architects3Architect
Hugh J O'Boyle4
Hugh L. S. Mcconnell Ltd.2
Hugh Mackenzie Painters5
Hugh Macleod5
Hugh Pearl7Contractor
Hugh Smith T/a Glenmavis Kerbing1
Hughes Architects1Architect
Hughes Brothers34Contractor
Hughes Jones Farrell1Architect
Hulley & Kirkwood18Consultant
Hulme Upright Ltd1
Hulme Upright Manning1
Humber Learning Consortium1
Humber Utc Ltd1
Hunter & Partners75
Hunter Demolition1
Hunterclark Ltd1
Huntley Cartwright3Consultant
Hurd Rolland Partnership1
Hurley Palmer Flatt4
Hutton Construction13Contractor
Hutton Mechanical & Electrical Services1
Huw Griffiths Architects1
Huws Gray2
Huyton Plumbing & Heating19
HW Martin (Traffic Management)3
HW Martin Safety Fencing2
HW Martin Waste1
HW Moore2
Hydro-x Water Treatment2
Hydrock Consultants15Consultant
Hyndford Plant Ltd30
Hypostyle Architects10Architect
Hyspec Services Limited1
Hytech Water1