Winning Organisations

This is a complete list of all organisations which have successfully bid for OJEU notices since 16 Oct 2008.

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Organisation NameContracts AwardedCompany Type
F Blair5
F C Y Plc1
F E Peacock Construction Ltd1
F P Hurley & Sons Ltd1
F Parkinson37Contractor
F Parkinson Ltd1
F Parkinson Ltd (york) Yo19 6fd, Gelder Group Ltd (sturton By Stow) Ln1 2ds, G S Kelsey Ltd (scunthorpe) Dn17 2ay, K E S Building Group (grimsby) Dn36 5tz, Lindum Group (hykeham) Ln6 3qx, S Voase Builders Ltd (hull) Hu7 0yn, Topcon Construction Ltd (grimsby) Dn33 2hp1
F T Davidson5
F. P. Mccann Ltd.1
F. T Allen1
F1 Modular8
Faber Roofing1
Fabrique Specialist Systems1
Facelift GB2
Facilitators International4
Facit Testing1
Factorydesign Ltd1
Facultatieve Technologies2
Facultatieve Technologies Limited4
Faenol Linford1
Fairhurst Ward Abbotts3
Fairhursts Design Group3Architect
Fairtree Homes Limited1
Fairview Estates (housing) Ltd1
Fairways Sportsgrounds Ltd2
Faithdean plc1
Faithful + Gould3
Faithful Gould1
Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP20Consultant
FAL Plant & Tool Hire1Plant hire
Falconer Chester Hall2Architect
Falconer Electricals Ltd2
Family Mosaic3Housing association
Farebrother & Partners Ltd1
Fareham Borough Council1
Farnrise Construction1
Farrans Construction34Contractor
Farrans Environmental Techniques JV1
Farrell & Clark5Architect
Farrells London Llp3
Farrer Consulting Limited1
Farrer Huxley Associates3Architect
FaulknerBrowns Architects6Architect
Fawley Construction Limited10
Fawley Construction Ltd3
Fawns Recreational Services1
Fbn Architects Llp1Architect
FCC Buckinghamshire1
FCM Partnership3
Fda Chartered Architects1Architect
FE Peacock Construction1
Featherstone Architects1
Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios LLP27Architect
Felix O'hare & Co Ltd1
Felix O'Hare & Co7
Fellows Construction Consultants Limited1
Feltfab Facilities3
Feltham Construction10Contractor
Felton Communication1
Fenna Haakma Wagenaar1
Fereday Pollard Architects1
Ferguson Mann Architects5Architect
Ferrier Holdings1
Fes FM3
Fes Ltd8
Fes Renewables Ltd1
Fes Support Services Ltd2
Fews Marquees3
FG Whitley & Sons1
Fid Ama1
Fidelity Plant Hire (scotland) Ltd6
Field Electrical Services Ltd.1
Fieldview Contracts3
Fieldway Supplies6
Fife Council Building Services1
Figure Ground Architects2
Finco Contracts2
Findlay Ecological Services1
Finning UK2
Finningley Scaffolding Ltd1
Fion Construction5Contractor
Fion Construction Ltd1
Fiona Marshall10
Fira Landscape3
Fire And Risk Management Support Services Limited3
Fire Safe Services1
Fire Support1Specialist trade
First Class Joinery1
First Order Red1
First Wessex1
Firth Plumbing, Heating And Roofing Limited1
Fisher Construction Consultants Ltd1
Fisher Hargreaves Proctor Ltd1
Fisher Wrathall Architectural1Architect
Fisherking 20003Consultant
Fitzgerald & Burke2
Fitzgerald Contractors6Contractor
Fitzgerald Contractors Limited1
Five Directions1
FJ Goodwin & Sons1
Flair Electrical Engineering Ltd1
Flanagan Building & Maintenance Services Limited2
Flanagan Lawrence1
Fleming Buildings13
Fleming Muir Architects1Architect
Fletchamoore Ltd1
Fletcher Electricals1
Fletcher Priest Architects6Architect
Fletchrose Limited1
Fleurets Ltd2
Flint & Neill Ltd Bridge House1
Flir Systems Ltd1
FLN Consulting Engineers6Consultant
Flowplant Group Ltd1
Floyd Slaski Partnership1
Fluid Design3
FM Conway7Consultant
FM Suckling1
Fmcg Brand Building1
Fme Property Solutions Limited1
Fmp Construction Farrans, Martin And Patton Jv1
Fmp Construction Joint Venture1
Focus Consultants 2010 LLP24Consultant
FOG Leisure1
Forbes And Whiteford1
Forbes Leslie Network Ltd T/a Fln Consulting Engineers1
Forbes Solicitors1Consultant
Ford & Sons5
Fords of Blythe Bridge2
Fords Of Blythe Bridge Ltd2
Foreign Office Architects1Architect
Foreman Roberts Ltd2Consultant
Forepoint Ltd1
Forest Environmental4
Forest Traffic Services2
Forkers Ltd2
Form 4 Ltd1
Formation Architects4Architect
Forster Roofing Services Ltd10
Fortem Energy Services1
Fortem Solutions1
Forward Industrial Products Group Ltd1
Foster + Partners1
Foster Property Maintenance10
Four Cornwall LLP1
Four Housing Group2Housing association
Fournier Vi1
Fowler Building Contractors2Contractor
Fowler Martin1
Fox (Owmby)1
Fox Building & Engineering3
Fox Building Engineering1
Foyle View Builders1
Foz Electrical Limited1
FP McCann6
FP Newhaven Two1
Fp Newhaven Two Ltd1
FR Townsend & Co3
Fraikin Limited2
Francis Construction4Contractor
Frank Davey Ltd1
Frank Haslam Milan (Keepmoat)23Contractor
Frank Key Builders Centre1
Frank Knight1
Frank Phillips Builders1
Frank Rogers Building Contractor1Contractor
Frank Shaw Associates Ltd1
Frank Timothy Associates1
Frank Whittle Partnership2
Frankham Consultancy Group57Consultant
Franklin & Andrews4Consultant
Franklin Ellis Architects LLP2
Frankly, Green + Webb Ltd1
Fraser Brown Mackenna Architects21Architect
Fraser C Robb3
Fraser Randall6
Fraser Tool Hire Ltd3
Frazer-Nash Consultancy5Consultant
Frederick J French Ltd1
Freedom Group Of Companies1
Freemont R&R3
Friary Building Services Ltd2
Front Line Construction Ltd.2
Fry Binks Partnership3
FSG Property Services5
FSH Maintenance1
Fsquared Ltd1
FT Finley & Co43
FT Gordon Building Services1
Fugro Osae Gmbh Fahrenheitstrasse 7 Bremen Germany1
Fugro OSAE GmbH1
Fulcro Engineering Services2
Fulcrum Consulting1
Fulker Consultancy3Consultant
Fulkers Counsultancy Limited2
Fulwood Roofing Services (northern) Ltd1
Furlong & Higgs Ltd3
Fuse Studios Ltd1
Fusion Health LLP3Consultant
Fusion Lifestyle1
Fusion PM1
Future Communications3
Future Communications (scotland) Limited2
FW Hendry1
Fwj Limited1
Fwj Ltd3