Winning Organisations

This is a complete list of all organisations which have successfully bid for OJEU notices since 16 Oct 2008.

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Organisation NameContracts AwardedCompany Type
D & G Builders & Joiners1
D & G Reid2
D A MacDonald (Contractors)1
D Brown Building Contractors5
D Hammond Builders1
D Henderson Chimney Specialist & Roofer4
D Hollinger5
D Hunt Electrical1
D J Dickson Ltd1
D J Haill1
D Jones Plant Hire & Sales1
D M Stewart1
D M Sutherland4
D MacDonald & Co4
D Macdonald & Co6
D Macrae Joinery5
D Martin Building3
D Mclaughlin & Sons Ltd1
D Morgan1
D Pickford & M H Pickford T/a D & M H Pickford1
D R Jones Yeovil10
D Rennie Ltd5
D Renton & Sons1
D Tolson & Sons1
D V Mccoll Ltd1
D V Mccoll Ltd.2
D W Surfacing Ltd1
D Y Fraser5
D&B Mechanical3
D&G Builders & Joiners1
D&K Machinery & Plant1Plant hire
D&M Landscaping2
D&S Kitching1
D. Brown Building Contractors Limited2
D. Henderson Chimney Specialist & Roofer Ltd1
D. M. Habens (the Builder)1
D. Russell Electrical Services1
D. Shawcross1
D.b.smith Joinery4
D.I.T.T. Construction1
D.m. Habens (the Builder) Ltd1
D.m. Sutherland1
D2 Architects1Architect
D3 Associates1
D5 Architects Llp2Architect
D8 Ltd1
DA Boyd Groundworks1
DA Contracts1
DA Gilmour3
DA Johnstone Plant Hire1Plant hire
DA Nicolson5
Da Vinci Communications Ltd1
Dac Architects1Architect
Dacs Care & Repair1
Dalcon Limited1
Dalcour Maclaren1
Dallas Decorators1
Dallas Pierce Quintero1
Dalmore Furnishers5
Dalrod UK1
Dalton Warner Davis LLP1
Daltons Demolitions Limited1
Damada Group1
Damm Environmental7
Danaher & Walsh9Contractor
Danaher & Walsh (Civil Engineering)1
Daniel Connal LLP5Consultant
Daniel Connal Partnership2
Daniel Contractors3Contractor
Daniels Plumbers4
Dannatt Johnson Architects LLP4Architect
Dannatt, Johnson Architects1
Dantec Dynamics Ltd1
Darnton B32
Darnton EGS5Consultant
Darntonb3 Architecture18
Darragh Neely Ltd1
Darroch & Allan4Contractor
Darroch & Allan (Joiners & Builders)3
Darwell Associates Ltd1
Daryl Price Plumbing And Heating5
Data-Path Office Network Services1
Datum Construction Ltd1
Datum Contracts International Ltd Datum House1
Dave Mcnally1
Dave Smith (newtown) Ltd2
David Adamson & Partners21Consultant
David Anderson Electrical Ltd1
David Bolger1
David Chipperfield Architects2
David H Allan Joiners & Building Contractors2Contractor
David H Allan Ltd1
David Hardie Engineering3
David Hares Landscape Architecture3
David Hughes Hallett5
David Inglis & Son2
David Kohn Architects3Architect
David Lewis - Painter & Decorator5
David Lock Associates2
David Lowes Plant Hire1Plant hire
David Marlow, Building Contractor1
David Miller1
David Miller Architects3Architect
David Narro Associates7
David Neve Building Contractors1
David Nicol2
David Patton & Sons1
David Pearson And Nicholas Charles Elliott Trading As Elliott Associates1
David Potts Associates1
David R Murray & Associates6
David R Murray & Associates LLP3
David R White Building Services4
David Ritchie & Sons1
David Robotham Limited T/a Robothams Architects1Architect
David Simmonds Consultancy3Consultant
David Stewart Joiner2
David Stewart Joiner Ltd3
David Trowler2
David Trowler Associates8
David Turnock Architects1Architect
David Webb1
David Webster Ltd1
David Williams Slating2
David Williams Slating Limited2
David Wilson Associates2
David Yeadon Ltd1
Davidson Baxter Partnership Limited1
Davidson Design Partnership Ltd2
Davie & McCulloch3
Davies Burton Sweetlove1Consultant
Davies M & E Partnership2
Davies M&E Partnership12
Davies Partnership3Consultant
Davies Roofing Ltd1
Davies Sutton Architects5Architect
Davies Sutton Architecture1
Davis Groundworks2
Davis Huskisson Associates Ltd1
Davison Electrical3
Davison Fencing1
DAVRIC Construction Projects1
Davro Site Services1
Dawe Roofing Contractors1
Dawkes & Co1
Dawkes & Co. Ltd1
Dawn Construction Eldo House1
Dawn Construction5Contractor
Dawn Group Limited And Dawn Developments Limited 220 West George Street1
Dawn Homes3
Dawns Construction1
Dawnus Construction9
Dawnus Construction Holdings17
Dawnus Construction Holdings Ltd1
Dawsonrentals Sweepers Division Of Dawsonrentals Materials Handling Equipment1
DAY Architectural5Architect
Day Cummins6Architect
DB Smith1
Dba Consulting Ltd1
DBA Projects & Cost Consultancy2Consultant
Dbk Goyne Adams1
DBK Group2
Dbk Partners Ltd1
Dc Community Partnerships1
DC Labbate1
DC Leisure Projects (Gosport)1
DC Moyes3
Dc Moyes Electrical Contractor2
DCB (Kent)6
DCD (Kent)2
DCT Civil Engineering7
DD Joinery4
DDC Building & Joinery6
DDG Development1
De Matos Ryan1
De Novo Architecture1
Dean & Dyball4
Dean Millott1
Deane & Son3
Deane & Son1
DeAngelo Brothers UK5
Dearle & Henderson1
Debenham Leung Limited1
Debenham Tie Leung2
Deboer Structures (UK)1
Debut Services1
Decision Pending1
Decorators, The1
Dee Park Partnership1
Deejak Builders1
Deeley Construction1
Deerness Fencing & Landscaping1
Deerness Fencing And Landscaping Ltd1
Deloitte LLP49Consultant
Delta Building Solutions3
Delta Electrical & Mechanical Services Ltd1
Delta Simons1
Dempsey Architects1
Den Jackson Solutions1
Denbigh Building Plastics1
Denne Construction9Contractor
Denny Plant Hire1Plant hire
Denny Tipper Transport Ltd3
Denton & Nickels1
Denton Corker Marshall1
Denton Nickels Ltd1
Department Of Finance And Personnel, Central Procurement Directorate1
Derbyshire County Council17Public body
Derek Evans & Partners11Consultant
Derek Evans Partnership LLP1
Derek Harris Tree Services Ltd4
Derek Ireland Painting Contractor5
Derek Lewis Ltd1
Derek Mitchell Electrical1
Derrick Kershaw Partnership1
Derry Building Services1
Derry Building Services Limited1
Dersingham Building & Contracting Co1
Derwen Lighting2
Derwent Hydroelectric Power1
Derwentside Homes Limited3
Desco (Design & Consultancy)3
Desco Design & Consultancy2Consultant
Design & Projects1
Design ACB1Architect
Design Connect1
Design Engine Architects2Architect
Design Ethos Ltd1
design grid1
Design Group1
Design Partnership,The1
Design South-East1
Design Space Architecture1
Design Studio - North LLP1
Devar Premier Flooring1
Developing Projects1
Development Planning Partnership Llp2
Dever Anthony Construction1
Devereux Architects6Architect
Deveron Construction Ltd Deveron Group House1
Devon Building Control Partnership1
Devon Building Services5
Devon Tarmasters (SW)6
Devonshire Homes2
Devonshires Solicitors1Consultant
Dewhurst Macfarlane And Partners1
Dexter Moren Associates1Architect
DF Mackenzie5
DF Macrae & Sons5
DG Walton Drainage & Plant Hire2
DGB Joinery1
DGL Quality Management2Consultant
DH Building Services1
DH Manufacturing Consultants2
DH Wilson1
DH Windows & Doors2
DHA Planning3Consultant
Diack & Macaulay3
Diamond Architects1
Diamond Belfast4
Diamond Build2Contractor
Diamond Build PLC1
Diana Gilbert Consulting1
Dickie & Moore Limited3
Dickie And Moore Ltd1
Dickinson Dees Llp2
Dickson Joiners Ltd1
Different By Design (dbd)ltd1
Digital Direct5
Diller Scofidio + Renfro LLC1
Dillon Project Management1
Dillon Project Management Ltd1
Dilwyn Roderick & Co4
Dina Proj-X1
Direct Ecology Ltd1
Direct Scaffold Services Ltd1
Direct Surveillance Solutions Group Ltd1
Direct Window Tinting1
Director Resource1
Disability Adaptation Consultancy Limited1
Distinct Designs Uk Ltd1
District Heating Services1
District Valuer Services4
Ditt Construction2
Diva Creative1
Dixon Contractors1
Dixon Jones1
Dixon Mechanical Services2
Dixon Webb Llp1
Dixons Contractors14Contractor
DJ Decorators3Specialist trade
DJ Dickson1
DJ Godwin1
Dj Hoyland Electrical3
DJ Munro5
DJ Purvis Custon Plant1Plant hire
DJ Webb1
DJD Builders2
Djd Group Limited1
DJD Group trading as DJD Architects2
DJJH Consulting1
Djm Communications (uk) Ltd5
DK Architects1
DK — Architects1
Dk Plumbing4
Dk Plumbing Services1
DKP Consulting1
Dkp Consulting Ltd2
DKS Architects1
DLA Architecture2Architect
DLA Design6Architect
DLA Piper2Consultant
DLG Architects LLP3Architect
DLP Services38
DLP Services (Northern)2
DM Habens1
DM Habens (The Builder)1
Dmd Construction3
Dmd Construction Ltd1
DMD Installations1
Dmw Environmental Safety Ltd3
DN Edwards Building Services1
DNA Heating1
Do Architecture3
Dobson Owen Architects1Architect
Docte Consulting Limited9
Dodd Group21
Dodd Group (Midlands)1
Dodd Group (midlands) Ltd3
Dog Star Ltd; Red Stone Design; Yellobelly Brand Design1
Dog Star Ltd; Redweb Limited; Yellobelly Brand Design1
Doig & Smith8Consultant
Dolphin (sheffield) Limited1
Dolphin Lifts (S Wales)6
Dolphin Stairlifts2
Domestic Drains Services Limited1
Dominic Frampton3Consultant
Dominion Developments (2005) Limited2
Don Jeffs & Sons1
Don Young1
Donaghmore Construction5Contractor
Donald Campbell Joiner And Builder4
Donald Insall Associates13
Donald Macdonald Landscaping5
Donald McLennan Fencing Contractor5
Donaldson Associates3Consultant
Donleys Limited1
Donnie Bruce Plumbing&heating5
Donyal Engineering1
Doocey North East1
Dooley Associates1
Doorcare South West Ltd1
Doors Plus1
Doran Consulting3
Doran Hmk Jv1
Dorelbury Limited1
Dormanside Road Ltd T/a Allen & Joy1
Dorset Build & Maintenance Company2
Dorset Electrical & Fire Alarms1
Dorset Property1
Doug Elliot Joinery Contractors5
Dougall Baillie Associates1
Douglas Kynoch Drainage Contractor1
Douglas Wheeler Associates Ltd1
Dovedale Damp Company2
Dow Waste Management1
Dowhigh Limited2
Dowhigh Ltd1
Dowlas U.K.1
Dowling & Cosh1
Down Developments1
Downie Consulting Engineers1
Downies [north Wales] Ltd1
Downs Brothers1
DP Burridge (Developments)4
DP Dennehy & Son Electrical Contractors1
Dpe Builders Ltd1
Dr Colin Wells1
DR Electrical Highland4
DR Jones8
Dr Jones Yeovil Ltd6
Dr Katherine Louise Hann4
Dr Plant Hire (ratho) Ltd1
Dr Tim Caulton2
Drac Consulting Ltd2
Drain Devils ( Grampian ) Ltd3
Drain Doctor Plumbing2
Drain Services1
Draintech Surveys1
Drake And Reynolds1
Draper & Nichols3
Drdh Architects1
Dresco (Design & Consultancy)1
Drew Construction5Contractor
Drew Smith19Contractor
Drewlec Electrical Services1
Drewlec T/A Drewlec Electrical Services1
Drews Construction Group1
Drimsynie Construction1
Driver Project Services2
Drmm Limited1
Drumclog Plant Ltd1
Drury Mcpherson Partnership8
Dryburgh Associates Limited1
Ds Electrical Ltd1
Ds Technical Services (uk) Ltd1
Dsa Electrical1
DSSR Consulting Engineers2Engineer
DT Contracting (South West)5
Dta Consulting Engineers1
DTA Consulting Engineers LLP1
Dts Solutions Ltd1
DTW Advertising & Marketing1
DTZ Debenham Tie Leung1
DTZ Debenham Tie Leung (trading as Cushman & Wakefield)1
DU Construction5Contractor
Ductclean (uk) Ltd4
Ductform Ventilation (uk) Limited1
Duddingston House Properties1
Dudleys Consulting Engineers1
Dufell Roofing Co1Specialist trade
Duffy Construction1
Duggan Morris Architects3Architect
Duggan Morris Architects Limited1
Duke Contrcators1
Dumbreck Decorators4
Dumfries & Galloway Council Building Services1Public body
Dunbar & Boardman Partnership Ltd1
Duncan Gillies Decor Ltd4
Duncan Mackay & Sons1
Duncan Mackay & Sons Ltd1
Duncan Macmillan Joinery1
Duncan Muir & Son5
Duncan Ross1
Duncan Wemyss Ltd4
Dunedin Canmore Group1
Dunn Marino Associates1
Dunne Building & Civil Engineering5Contractor
Dunwoody Llp2
Duoguard CCTV & Alarms1Specialist trade
Durbin Electrical Limited1
Durham County Council — Direct Services1
Durham County Council, Direct Services1
Durham Wildlife Services1
Durkan Limited1
Durkins & Sons1
Durrand Electrical Services5
Dutton Communications1
Dvc Roofing & Building Ltd1
DW Contractors4
DW Contractors (Oxford)1
DWA Landscape Architects7Consultant
Dyer & Butler31Contractor
Dyerand Butler1
Dyfrig Dalziel2
Dylan Jones5
Dyna Rod — Bj & Ea Fisher Services Ltd1
Dyna Rod - Bj & Ea Fisher Services Ltd3
Dynamic Improvements1
Dynniq UK1
Dyson Energy Services1