Winning Organisations

This is a complete list of all organisations which have successfully bid for OJEU notices since 16 Oct 2008.

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Organisation NameContracts AwardedCompany Type
C Black Slating Contracters4
C D Read Building Services1
C Davidson1
C Elder Contracting4
C Field Construction1
C G Fry & Son5
C G Fry & Son Limited, Eg Carter & Co Ltd, Kier Living, Mi-space (uk) Ltd,1
C Hanlon32
C J Associates1
C J Day & Sons 31 Balfour Crescent Wash Common1
C Mills Plant Hire & Groundwork1
C O'kane Design1
C Owens (builders And Contractors) Limited1
C P Berry Groundwork's Ltd.1
C R Reynolds6
C Smith & Son Plumbing & Heating2
C Smithies1
C Spencer3Contractor
C W Christopher & Son2
C&S Plastering1Specialist trade
C&B Systems1
C&D Industrial Services2
C&G Safety & Environmental1
C&I Electrical Services1
C&J Heating & Plumbing1
C&L Construction1
C&M Roofing1
C&P Building Contractors1
C&R Contractors2
C&R Decorating & Maintenance1
C&S Group1
C&W Berry1
C4 Consulting5
CA Barr Limited2
CA Blackwell (Contracts)5Contractor
Caberfeidh Electrics Ltd5
Cablesheer Construction12
Cactus Creative Consultants1
Cad Architects Ltd1Architect
Cad-capture Software Solution Limited1
Cadarn Consulting Engineers1
Cade Roofing & Building Services4
Cag Consultants1
Calder Electrical Contractors Ltd2
Calder Engineering Ltd1
Caldwell Motor Factors1
Caledonia Fire & Security1
Caledonian Conservation Ltd1
Caledonian Modular38
Caledonian Sheet Metal5
Calford Seaden LLP2
Calfordseaden LLP85Consultant
Calibre Contracting11Contractor
Callidus Health & Safety1
Calton Floors1
Camargue Group1Consultant
Cambridge Construction Northern1
Cambridge Flat Roofing Co3
Cambridge Policy Consultants2
Camco Advisory Services Ltd1
Camden Consultancy Service1
Camelot Electrical1Specialist trade
Cameron + Ross4
Cameron Builders Ltd1
Cameron Chisholm Dawson Partnership1
Cameron P&D2
Camerons Architects5Architect
Camlen Fabrications2
Camlin Lonsdale6
Cammell Laird Ship Repairers & Ship Builders2
Campbell & Kennedy12
Campbell & Kennedy Dunbartonshire1
Campbell & McHardy1
Campbell & Arnott Limited1
Campbell & Kennedy6
Campbell & Mchardy Limited2
Campbell Control Services Ltd5
Campbell Driver Partnership1
Campbell Electrics2
Campbell Engineering & Design Ltd2
Campbell Martin Associates2
Campbell Reith15Engineer
Campbell Reith Hill2
Campbell Reith Hill LLP1
Campbell Tickell2
Campion Homes12
Campus Living Villages1
Campus Living Villages UK1
CAMS Construction (Scotland)3
Canary Wharf Management2
Candy Contracts UK3
Canham Consulting Ltd1
Cannon Conservation Studios1
Capita Business Services8
Capita Property & infrastructure9
Capita Property And Infrastructure Ltd1
Capita Treasury Solutions1
Capital Property And Construction Consultants Ltd1
Capital UK Electrics2
Cappers Group3
Capri Mechanical Services Ltd2
Caradon Tool & Plant Hire1
Carbon Creative1
Carden & Godfrey Architects2
Cardiff Commissioning2
Cardwell Group1
Care & Independence1
Care UK Community Partnerships1
Care Unlimited1
Carefoot Plc1
Carey Electrical Engineering1
Carey Jones3Architect
Carey London1
Carigiet Cowen1
Carl Saunders Fencing Limited1
Carl Turner Architects3
Carley Consult3
Carley Daines & Partners1
Carley Daines & Partners2
Carmody Groarke5
Carnell Support Services9
Carney Green LLP3
Caroe & Partners3Architect
Caroe Architecture2Architect
Carol Robertson1
Caroline Boffey1
Carolyn Cowan Ecology1
Caroway Contractors Ltd1
Carpenter Davies Partnership2
Carr Gomm3
Carr Mclean & Watson3Consultant
Carrock Landscapes7Consultant
Carroll & Williams1
Carroll t/a James Carroll Builders & Contractors2
Carson Powell Construction1
Carter Clack Partnership Ltd1
Carter Construction5Contractor
Carter Homes2
Carter Jonas6
Cartwright Pickard Architects13Architect
Caruso St John2Architect
Carver Haggard1
Casa Environmental Services1
Casbon Building Services1
Casburn Wayman Ltd1
Cascade Consulting1
Cascade Consulting Limited2
Casey Group1
Casey Group, The42Contractor
Cass Associates3
Cass Associates Llp1
Cass Hayward Llp1
Cassell Moore1
Cassidy & Ashton2Consultant
Cassidy & Ashton Group2
Cassidy + Ashton Group1
Casson Mann2
Caste Site Services1
Castle Group Scotland Ltd3
Castle Heating & Gas Services5
Castle Owen1
Castle Owen Construction & Property Consultants2
Castle Point Gas & Heating Company1Specialist trade
Castle Water1
Castlebrae Drainage1
Castleoak Care Partnerships8
Castleoak Construction1
Castleview Plant3
Caswell Environmental Services Ltd1
Catalyst Communities Housing Association1Housing association
Catalyst Environmental2
Catalyst Housing6
Catalyst Housing Association1
Catalyst Lend Lease1
Cathedral (Brighton)1
Catherinefield Windows (CWL)3
Cattel Skinner Design Partnership1
Cavendish Nuclear3
CB Richard Ellis13Consultant
Cb3 Design1
CBC Glasgow1
CBG Consultants8Consultant
CC Geotechnical1
Cc North Ltd1
CC Studio Architects1
CCG (Scotland)16
CCM Partnership1
Cd Mcneill Contractors5
CD Potters & Sons1
CD Robinson Building & Plastering Contractors1Specialist trade
CDL Southwest3
CDM (Scotland)1
CDM Project Safety3Consultant
CDM Scotland13Consultant
CDP Architecture2Architect
CE Pittaway & Son1
Cecil M Yuill3
Cedar (Maple Oak)1
Celtic Developments1
Celtic Rendering Systems1Specialist trade
Celynen Collieries Institute & Memorial Hall Ltd1
Cementation Skanska1
Cemex Operations1
CEMEX Paving Solutions2
Cemex Paving Solutions Ltd1
Cemex Surfacing2
CEMEX UK Materials2
Cemex UK Operations6
Central Borders Housing Group3Housing association
Central Building Contractors (glasgow )5Contractor
Central Building Contractors (Glasgow)1
Central Construction Services2
Central Construction Services Ltd2
Central Demolition Ltd2
Central Environmental Surveys1
Central Heating Services1
Central Roofing & Building Services1Contractor
Central Traffic Management1
Centreline Solutions1
CF Moller Architects4Architect
CF Roberts2
CFA Archaelogy2
CG Fry & Son9
CG Godfrey1
Cg Interiors Limited1
CG Robinson1
Cgc Laboratory Ltd1
CGL Architects6Architect
CGL Services1
CgMs Consulting4Consultant
CH Design Partnership3Architect
Ch Lindsey Co Ltd1
Ch2m Hill6Consultant
Challen Commercial Investigations Limited1
Chamic Industrial Services Limited2
Champion Hire Ltd1
Changeworks Resources For Life Ltd1
Chap Construction3
Chap Group7
CHAP Group (Aberdeen)11
Chaplin Farrant2
Chaplin Farrant Design Group5Consultant
Chaplin Farrant Ltd2
Chapman Bathurst3
Charcoalblue LLP1Consultant
Charles Andrew Limited Consulting Engineers1
Charles Andrews2
Charles Henry & Sons2
Charles Lawrence Surfaces1
Charles Stewart & Sons Ltd5
Charles Sutherland Joinery & Construction5
Charles Watson (Ironmongery)1
Charlett And Robertson Roofing4
Charter Property Repairs4
Chartway Group Ltd1
Chas Berger & Son2
Chase Consulting2
Chase New Homes1
Chc Group Limited3
Cheetham Hill6Contractor
Cheetham Hill Construction1
Chelmsford Consultancy LLP, The1
Chelmsford Electrical Ltd1
Chelverton Deeley Freed Ltd2
Chemcem Scotland Limited1
Chemtech Consultancy Ltd.1
Chequers Contract Services2
Cherry Anderson1
Chesser Developments Ltd1
Chester & District Housing Trust5
Chesworth Brothers (Building Contractors)1
Chetwoods Architects2Architect
Chevin Housing Association (Together Housing Group)1
Chevron Traffic Management4
Chiel Construction Ltd2
Child & Sulzmann1
Child Graddon Lewis6
Chiltern Invadex1
Chippindale Plant4
Chobham Manor LLP1
Chordell Solutions1Consultant
Chris Bailey Plant Hire1
Chris Blandford Associates8Consultant
Chris Bowker2
Chris Brammall1
Chris Burnett Associates1
Chris Topp And Company1
Chris Wise T/a Chris Wise Plant Hire1
Chris Wright Road Planing Limited1
Christal Management2
Christine Chadwick Consulting Ltd1
Christopher Smith Associates Llp3
Chrystal Consulting3
Chubb Fire & Security Limited1
Chunnel Group1
Churchill Contract Services2
Churchill Environmental Services1
Churchill Hui14Consultant
Churchman Landscape Architects2Architect
Ciaran Purdy1
Circle Anglia1Housing association
Circle Creative Communications1
Citizens Design Bureau2
Citrica LLP4
City Build Manchester7
City Build Manchester Limited3
City Build Manchester Ltd1
City Build Manchester Ltd.1
City Building14
City Clean1
City Cleaning Services (Scotland)2
City Cleaning Services(Scotland)1
City Electrical Factors12
City Gate Construction (scotland) Limited2
City Maintenance Bristol Limited1
City Plumbing Supplies2
City Response Ltd16
City Satellite1
City Technical Services Uk Ltd1
City West Works14
City West Works (Trading as Forworks)1
City West Works t/a ForWorks2
Citygate Construction3
Citywest Homes Limited1
Civils and Lintels1
CJ Bayley1
CJ Construction1
Cjm Building & Property Services Ltd1
Cjm Harvey Construction Limited1
Clad (uk) Ltd.1
Clague LLP6Architect
Clair Harper T/a Funeral Direcotors & Joiners1
Clair Harper T/a Funeral Directors & Joiners3
Claire Adler4
Clan Contracting1
Clan Floors (inverness) Limited5
Clancy Building Services3
Clancy Consulting33Consultant
Clancy Consulting Ltd3
Clancy Consulting,1
Clancy Docwra2
Clancy Group1Contractor
Claret Civil Engineering Ltd1
Clark Contracts27
Clark Homes Ltd/ta N B Clark1
Clarke Bond3Consultant
Clarke Cunningham Tree Maintenance Ltd1
Clarke Energy Limited Power House1
Clarke Group Construction Ltd1
Clarke Nicholls Marcel4
Clarkes Environmental1
Clarks Plant Hire & Contractors Ltd1
Clarkson & Woods1
Clarson Goff Management Ltd1
Class One Traffic Management Ltd.2
Classic Builders2
Classic Builders (South West)7
Classical Gas2
Clay & Concrete Sewers1
Clay Architecture6
Clayfield Construction1
Clayfield Construction Ltd3
Claymore Builders (duncanston Ltd)5
Clayton Brothers3
CLC Contractors21Contractor
Clc Contractors Ltd1
CLC Group3
Clean Machine Highlands Limited4
Clean Sweep Maintenance5
Cleanco (highland) Ltd5
Clear Channel1
Clear Channel Uk1
Clear Channel Uk Limited Units 13-14 Petersfield Business Park1
Clear Environmental Consultants Ltd1
Clearfirst Services1
Clearview Surveys1
Clearwater 2010 Ltd1
Clearwater Environmental1
Clearwater Environmental Limited2
Clearwater Technology3
Clearway (midlands) Ltd.1
Clee Hill Plant9
Clee Hill Plant Limited1
Clee Hill Plant Ltd12
Clegg Construction4
Clegg Construction Ltd1
Clegg Group13Contractor
Cleggs Construction2
Clement Dickens & Son1
Clement Walker Electrical & Mechanical Solutions1
Clerk of Works Inspection Services3
Cleshar Contract Services Heather Park House1
Cleshar Contract Services Limited1
Cleveland Land Services Ltd.1
Client Marketing1
Clifford Rickard Associatesltd1
Climate Energy4
Climate Integrated Solutions1
Clipston Construction Control2
Clivnars Limited1
Clixbys Wilmar1Contractor
Clm Limited1
Close Building Services1
Close Circuit Security Services1
Clugston Construction12
Clugston Construction Limited1
Clugston Construction Ltd2
Clugston Group17Contractor
Cluttons LLP6Consultant
Clydach Construction2
Clyde Controls Ltd1
Clyde Design Partnership Ltd1
Clyde Valley Lifts1
Clyde Valley Lifts Ltd.1
Clymac Limited1
CM Oxendale1
CMA Planning2Consultant
Cmb Engineering1
CMC Heating2
CMC Joinery5
Cmcr Limited1
Cmec Demolition1
Cmi Consulting Limited3
CMK Plant Hire1Plant hire
Cml Sustain (commissioning Management) Ltd Hamilton House1
CMS Enviro Systems3
CMS Window Systems2
CMT Bricklaying2
CMT Equipment1
Cn Richards1
Co-communications Ltd T/a Ferris Painting Contractors1
Coal Consultants Ltd1
Coast & Country Housing2
Coast And Country Housing Ltd (in Partnership With Plan B Housing Llp And Gus Robinson Developments Limited)1
Coastal Housing Group1
Coastal Preservation Services Ltd1
Coastline Surveys1
Coating Services Limited1
Cobbetts Llp1
Cocksedge Building Contractors5Contractor
Coe Contracts4
Coe Contracts Ltd1
Cofely District Energy1
Cofely Ltd1
Coffey Construction6
Coffey Construction Ltd1
Cogent Management Consulting Llp1
Colas / Morgan Sindall Jv C/o Colas Rail Limited1
Colas Rail1
Colbre Projects Ltd1
Cole Thompson Anders1
Coleman & Company Limited2
Colin Armstrong Associates1
Colin Briscoe Construction1Contractor
Colin Campbell Painter & Decorator5
colin dempster & sons1
Colin Ewart Painting & Decorating Limited5
Colin Johnstone Electrical Contractor1
Colin L Baker1Consultant
Colin Lawson Builders Ltd5
Colin Richardson Contractors6
Colin Smith Contractor Ltd1
Colin Wah Window Cleaner5
Colins Carpets1
Collections Management Network1
Collective Architecture27Architect
Collective Architecture Limited1
Collen Construction1
Collier Contracts Limited1
Colliers Belfast1
Colliers Cre10
Colliers International2
Colliers International Property Advisers Uk Llp1
Collinson PLC1
Colloide Engineering Systems1
Colour Urban Design1
Colour Urban Design Limited6
Colour Urban Design Ltd1
Colours Decorating Ltd2
Coltart Contracts2
Coltart Earley9Architect
Combi Uk1
Combined Facilities Management4
Comcat Engeneering Ltd5
Commercial & Specialised Diving Ltd1
Commercial Technical Services Ltd1
Commercial Television Systems Uk Ltd1
Community Clean2
Community First Partnership Limited1
Community First Partnership Ltd9
Community Solutions Partnership1
Community Ventures (Management)2
Como Group1
Compact Crushing1
Compass Building & Construction Services1
Compass Building & Construction Services4
Compass Building & Construction Services Ltd1
Compass Developments (NE)1
Compass Gas1
Compendium Group24
Complete Access Scaffolding Ltd1
Complete Demolition Limited2
Complete Electrical19Specialist trade
Complete Paving Requirements (Scotland)2
Complete Weed Control (west Wales)5
Comprehensive Design (glasgow) Limited1
Comserv (UK)2
Conamar Building Services1
Conamar Building Services Ltd2
Concept Construction Wales Ltd1
Concept Elevators1
Concept Environmental Solutions Limited1
Concept Environmental Solutions Ltd2
Concept Heating Systems Ltd9
Concept Interior Contracts1
Concrete Repairs7
Condy & Lofthouse1
Conlon Construction22Contractor
Conlon Construction Limited11
Connaught Compliance Services4
Connaught Partnerships6Consultant
Connect Communications (scotland) Ltd1
Connolly & Fee7
Connon Design Associates1
Connor Limited1
Conor Diver Design1
Conran & Partners13Architect
Consarc Design Group16Architect
Conservation By Design1
Conservation Contractors1
Conservation Landscape1
Conservation Ltd1
Consortium: Carillion, Igloo4
Construction Marine Limited The Coach House1
Construction Partnership Ltd1
Construction Partnership UK2
Construction Repairs1
Construction Specialties (UK) incorporating Conspec Contracts2
Construction Works (services) Ltd1
Constructive Thinking1
Consul Chartered Surveyors1
Consul Limited1
Consult Lift Services1
Continental Landscapes Scotland1
Contiuum Sport & Leisure1
Contour Homes3
Contract Builders Direct1
Contract Building Services3
Contract Fencing Services1
Contract Flooring (Cumbria)1
Contract Services (south Wales) Ltd4
Contract Services DGN2
Contract Trading1
Contract Trading Services5
Contractwyr Camddwr Contractors Cyf5
Conway Aecom4
Cook & Turnbull Painting & Rendering Systems1
Cook Blinds & Shutters1
Cook Electrical2
Cooke & Arkwright1
Cooke & Kettyle1Consultant
Cool Air Aberdeen3
Coombes Forestry1
Coombs (Canterbury)3
Coombs (canterbury) Limited1
Cooper And Brome (contracts) Ltd1
Cooper Cromar4
Cooper Cromar Limited2
Coplan Estates1
Coppard Plant Hire1
Copping Joyce1
Corban Investments1
Corbett Builders Ltd.1
Corderoy Infrastructure Ltd1
Cordis Bright1
Core Assets Expert Services2
Core Five LLP1
Core Group1
Corlett Electrical Engineering Co Limited1
CORMAC Contracting4
CORMAC Solutions1
Cormac Solutions Ltd1
Cormack Painters & Decorators5
Cornerstone (East Anglia)3
Cornerstone Building Contractors Ltd1
Cornerstone Property Assets Limited2
Cornish Glazing Bristol Limited1
Cornwall Environmental Consultants1Consultant
Cornwall Environmental Consultants (cec) Ltd1
Corporate Culture1
Corporate Risk Associates2
Corramore Construction1
Correct Contract Services Ltd2
Corrigenda Ltd. T/a Churches1
Corstophine + Wright1
Corus Rail Technologies1
Cosmopolitan Housing Association1Housing association
Cosmur Construction3
Cosmur Construction Limited1
Cotswold Roller Hire Limited1
Cottrell & Vermeulen2Architect
Couch Consulting Engineers5
Couch Perry & Wilkes LLP17Consultant
Couch Perry Wilkes3
Couh Perry & Wilkes LLP1
Coulson & Son4
Coulson Building Group1
Count On Us Ltd1
Counter Context1
Countryside Properties17Contractor
Countryside Properties (UK)5
Countryside Properties UK2
Countryside Training Partnership1
Countryside Training Partnership Limited1
Countryside Training Partnership Ltd5
Countrywide Environmental4
Countrywide Grounds Maintenance1
Countrywide Grounds Maintenance Limited1
County Contractors1Contractor
County Grass Cutting Services (midlands) Ltd2
County Joiners Ltd5
County Scaffolding Services Ltd1
County Tree Surgeons Ltd 64 The Dingle1
Covanburn Contracts17Contractor
Covell Matthews2
Cowan & Co1
Cowen Building Consultancy1
Cowlin Construction14Contractor
Cowper Griffith Architects LLP1
Cox Drew Neale LLP4
Coyde Construction Ltd2
Coyle Surfacing3
CP Berry2
CP Berry Groundworks1
Cp Plus Limited1
Cpc Electrical Contractors1
CPC Project Services2
CPC Project Services LLP16
CPL Heating & Plumbing1Specialist trade
Cpm Contracts Ltd1
CPMG Architects3Architect
Cpmg Architects Limited2
Cr Civil1
CR Civil Engineering6
CR Parrott Consultants4
CR Reynolds14
CR Smith Glaziers (Dunfermline)1
Cra Limited1
Craddy Pitchers1
Crafty Devil2
Cragg Management Services Limited1
Cragg Management Services Ltd3
Craig And Green Architects Llp1
Craig Hambling2
Craigalan Controls Ltd1
Craigerne Consulting1
Craik & Macrae5
Cranford Builders Ltd4
Cravens Roofing1
Crawford Higgins Associates1
Crawford Integrated Systems Ltd1
Cre8 Management1
Create Construction Ltd Metro House2
Creation 7315
Creative Heritage Consultants Ltd4
Creative Lynx1
Creative Spark1
Creative Triangle1
Creobuild (UK)1
Crescent Lodge Design Ltd1
Crest Nicholson5
Crest Nicholson Operations1
Crestel Partnerships4
Crestmoor Construction2
Crestmoor Construction Services Ltd1
Crh Fencing And Security Group T/a Darfen Durafencing1
Crichton Lang, Willis & Galloway Architects1Architect
Crillion Construction1
Crimewatch Alarms1Specialist trade
Crisdean Macrae1
Crispin & Borst Building & Maintenance2
Croft Building & Conservation3
Croft Goode9
Crofton Design5Consultant
Croftons Solicitors LLP1
Cromer Electrical2
Cromwell Property Services1
Crosby Ferguson & Medcalf1
Crossfield Construction5
Crown Highways2
Crown House Technologies4
Crown Paints2
crs communications1
CRS VAT Consulting1
Cruden Building & Renewals22
Cruden Construction3
Cruden Construction Ltd2
Cruden Group72
Cruden Property Services9
Crumlin Road Gaol1
Crummock (Scotland)6
CS Contractors2
CS Todd & Associates1
CSA Architects1
CSC Construction3
CSDP Architecture1Architect
CSG Usher's180Specialist trade
CSG Usher\'s7
CSG Usher\\\'s10
Ctm Architects Llp1Architect
Cts Shopfitting Ltd1
Cubby Construction1
Cubby Construction Ltd2
Cube Environmental Limited3
Cube Property Surveyors & Consultants1
Cube-design Ltd1
Cuddy Demolition & Dismantling1
Cullinan Studio1
Cullinan Studio Ltd1
Cumbria Waste Management Ltd1
Cumulus Consultants Limited3
Cundall Johnston & Partners LLP8
Cundall Johnston & Partners LLP T/A Cundall5
Cunnane Town Planning1
Cunningham Contracts2
Cuplas Supplies2
Curl La Tourelle + Head1
Curl La Tourelle Architects5Architect
Currall Lewis & Martin1
Currie & Brown46Consultant
Currie & Brown UK9
Curtins Consulting23
Curtis Contracts7
Curtis Moore (Cladding Systems)5
Cushman & Wakefield7Consultant
Cushman & Wakefield Debenham Tie Leung1
Cuttle Construction1Contractor
CW Audit Services (South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust)2
CW Surfacing1
CWE Services1
CWG Roofing2
Cwmbran Electrical Services1Specialist trade
Cymru Glass & Glazing2Specialist trade
Cynergin Projects Ltd1
CZWG Architects1Architect