Winning Organisations

This is a complete list of all organisations which have successfully bid for OJEU notices since 16 Oct 2008.

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Organisation NameContracts AwardedCompany Type
A & B Engineering (Mechanical Service Division)1
A Ainge & Sons1
A Brown1
A Bruce Building4
A Campbell Electrical Services Ltd1
A Connolly33Contractor
A Copeland1
A Copeland Group1
A Dever Construction1Contractor
A Forsyth & Son1
A Hammond & Sons2
A Hand Services1
A J Balfour Associates1
A J Crews & Co Ltd1
A Longworth & Sons1
A M Dunbar Electrical Contractor1
A MacDonald Joinery1
A Machola1
A McAughtrie & Son5
A Plant Ltd1
A Practice For Everyday Life1
A Purkiss1
A Robertson Electrical5
A Ross Contractors5
A S Homes (Scotland)2
A S Scaffolding Ltd1
A Sellars Decorating Contractors1Specialist trade
A Stevely Electrical Contractors1
A Studio2Architect
A&B Buchan6Contractor
A&D House Furnishers5
A&D Joinery1
A&F Pilbeam2
A&H Construction2Contractor
A&J Keith2
A&V Squires Plant Co3Plant hire
A&W Sinclair8
A-Plant4Plant hire
A.c. Whyte & Co. Ltd.3
A.p.faulkner (heating) Ltd1
A.w. Laing Ltd1
A1 Mini Mix Concrete1
A2Dominion3Housing association
A2Dominion Housing Group1
AA Molyneux1
AA Projects58Consultant
AA Woods3
AA Young5
Aardee Security Shutters Ltd1
Aaron Evans Architects1Architect
Aaron Services2
AB (Electrical) Engineering1
AB 200029
AB Building & Electrical1
AB Mitchell Developments9Specialist trade
Abacus Build (uk) Ltd1
Abacus Design Associates1
Abacus Playgrounds4Specialist trade
Abacus Project Services Ltd1
Abacus Residential Services2
ABB United Kingdom1
Abbott Risk Consulting4Consultant
Abc building & roofing services1
Aber Heating Engineers9
Aberdeen Marine5
Aberdeen Marine Services1
Aberdeen Roads1
Abermon Electrical Contractors Limited3
Aberrant Architecture1Architect
Able Bathing & Building18Contractor
Able Care5
Able Construction4Contractor
Able Construction (Northern)1
Abm Roofing Contractors1
ABN Services3
Abode Partnership Llp1
ABP London (Investment)1
ABP Marine Environmental Research1Consultant
ABS Consulting1
Absolute Electrical & Mechanical Solutions2
Absolute North West Ltd6
ABW Architects1Architect
AC Gold Services1
AC Lloyd1Contractor
AC Whyte & Co14
Academy Consulting Solutions3
Acanthus Clews Architects5Architect
Acanthus Holden Architects1Architect
Acanthus Lawrence & Wrightson2
Acanthus LW Architects6Architect
Acanthus Wsm1
Acanthus WSM Architects8Architect
Access Hire Nationwide Ltd1
Access Independent1
Acclaim Contracts3
ACI Integrated Solutions5
Acies Group2Consultant
Acorn Aluminium1
Acorn Analytical Services4
Acorn Chartered Surveyors1Consultant
Acorn Lighting Services2Specialist trade
Acp: North Hub Limited1
Acre Industrial & Cleaning Services5
Acre Lifts Ltd1
ACS Partnership Chartered Surveyors & Building Engineers1Consultant
ACS Physical Risk Control1
ACS Stainless Steel Fixings1
Actavo Building Solutions3
Actica Consulting Ltd3
Action Hire3
Action Patch Planning2
Active Air Conditioning5Specialist trade
Active Energy Solutions5
Active Maintenance Solutions2
Acton Gardens LLP1Developer
Acts Partnership Ltd1
Actua Chartered Surveyors2
Acuity Management Solutions1
Acumen Solutions2
AD Architects1Architect
AD Construction Group15
ADA Construction Consultants2
Adam Fox Plant Hire & Contractors2Plant hire
Adam Khan Architects5Architect
Adam Mactavish, Cyrill Sweet1
Adams & Sutherland4
Adams Consulting Group3
Adams Hendry1
Adams Johns Kennar1
Adams Kara Taylor1Engineer
Adamsons Laboratory Services Limited1
Adaptus Consulting LLP1
Adcock Refrigeration & Air Conditioning2
Additude Creative Ltd1
Adeiladol Cyf4
Adept Consulting Engineers1
ADG Consultancy Limited3
ADH Construction3
Adlards Roofing2
Adman Civil Projects7
Adman Civils Projects1
Admec Environmental Services Ltd1
Admiral Civil Engineering1
Admiral Scaffolding Group1Specialist trade
ADP Architects6
Adp Architects & Arch-aid Design Ltd1Architect
ADP Architecture3
Adrem Contracts1
Adrian James Acoustics1Consultant
Adrian Phillips1
ADT Fire & Security7Specialist trade
ADT Workplace1
Advance Construction Scotland9Contractor
Advance Safety1
Advanced Energy Management Services1
Advanced Maintenance Uk Ltd1
Advanced Roller Doors1Specialist trade
Advanced Roller Doors (ek) Limited1
Advanced Satellite Solutions1Specialist trade
Advent Project Management Ltd1
AE & AT Lewis1
AE Duffield & Sons1
AE Faulks1
AE Insulation1
AE Thornton Firkin And Partners1
AE Yates18Contractor
AECOM Infrastructure & Environment UK2
AED Practice, The4
Aegis Services4
Aertec Ingenieria y Desarrollos SLU1
AEW Architects3Architect
AEW Architects & Designers2
Afan Electrical Ltd15
Afan Landscapes2
Affinity Sutton3Housing association
AFL Architects8Architect
AFM Gas Services2
AG Crawford & Company2Consultant
AG Crawford / Diamond2
AG Maclean5
Aggregate Industries53
Aggregate Industries UK19
Aggregate Industries UK Lim1
Aggregate Industries Uk Ltd1
Agility Eco Services2
AGR Building & Fencing Contractors1Specialist trade
AH Eastwood1
AH Jones2
AH Macdonald3Specialist trade
AH Plant Hire1
AH Property Services1
AH Retford1
AH Willis & Son1
AH Willis & Sons1
Ahe Refrigeration & Electrical Ltd5
Ahern Ecology Ltd1
AHR (Aedas)58Consultant
AHR Architects21Architect
AHR Building Consultancy10
AI Mackenzie5
Aidan Walsh Consultancy1Consultant
Ailsa Building Contractors1
Ainsley Gommon Architects23Architect
Ainsty Timber Marketing2
Ainsty Timber Marketing (ATM)1
Air Creative1
Airborne Environmental Consultants9Consultant
Aird Geomatics1
Airey Miller4
Airey Miller Partnership LLP36
Airfire Control1
Airsafe UK2
AIS Insulation Supplies1
Aitken Turnbull Architecture2Architect
AJ & AD Macleod5
AJ Beaman Construction1
AJ Building2
AJ Dallas5Specialist trade
AJ Engineering & Construction Services1
AJ Morrison5
AJ Quinn Building Contractors2
AJ Restoration Co1
AJP Partnership3Engineer
Akela Construction Limited3
AKP Scotland1
AKS Building Contractors8Contractor
AKS Ward6Consultant
Aktsiaselts Teede Tehnokeskus1
AKW Medicare Products2
Al-Vac UK1
Alan Baxter1
Alan Baxter & Associates9Consultant
Alan C Cowan1
Alan Camp Architects LLP20Architect
Alan Gow Groundworks5Specialist trade
Alan Irving Ltd1
Alan Johnston Partnership4
Alan Nicholas Associates1
Alan R Cross & Son1
Alan Wood and Partners2
Alarm Company, The1
Alarming UK1
Alastair Coey Architects2Architect
Alba Environmental Services4
Albar Landscapes2
Albert & Flaherty1
Albert Embankment LLP1
Albert Fry Associates2
Albert Holliday & Son Ltd4
Albion Environmental Limited1
ALC Scaffolding1
Alcontrol On-Site Services2
Ald Plant Hire1
Alder King Property Consultants2
Aldiso Highlands Landscaping & paving1
Aldreds Property Consultants1Consultant
Alec French Partnership Limited1
Alex M Sutherland1
Alex Murray (Construction)17Contractor
Alex Scullion Electrical Contractors1Specialist trade
Alex Smiles Ltd1
Alexander Associates (Heritage) T/A JLA Consulting1
Alexander Beaton5
Alexander Fabrications4
Alfred Bagnall & Sons9Contractor
Alfred Bagnall & Sons (North)1
Alfred Flett1
Alger Electrics & Alarms1Specialist trade
Ali Systems1
Align Property Partners16
Alimatic Architectural Aluminium Systems Ltd1
Alison Brooks Architects1Architect
Alison Millward Associates1
Alison Porter1
Alistair Clements1
Alistair Coey Architects Limited1
Alistair Matheson Plumbing1
Alistair Young And Son2
Alix Slater Consultancy & Training4Consultant
All Cleaned Up2Specialist trade
All Property Maintenance5
Allan & Hanel2
Allan Baxter Partnership Llp1
Allan Ingram Industrial Cleaning Services5Specialist trade
Allan Joyce Architects2Architect
Allan Munro Construction Ltd1
Allan Murray Architects2Architect
Allelys Heavy Haulage1
Allen Build1
Allen Construction Consultancy2Consultant
Allen Dadswell Construction Consultants2
Allen Group1
Allen Holmes Limited1
Allen Pyke Associates2
Allen Scott1
Allen Scott Landscape Architecture Limited1Architect
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris6Architect
Alliance Cdm1
Alliance Community Partnerships1
Alliance Construction Solutions1
Alliance Contracting1
Alliance Environment & Planning2Consultant
Alliance Group Solutions2
Alliance Timber Preservation7Specialist trade
Allied Construction Consortium1
Allied Construction Ltd3
Allied Construction Services (Scotland)13Contractor
Allied Drilling & Colas1
Allied Mechanical Services1
Allied Roofing7Specialist trade
Allied Roofing & Construction2
Allied Souter And Jaffery1
Allied Surveyors Scotland1
Allies & Morrison LLP14
Allsop LLP1Consultant
Allsports Construction & Maintenance Ltd2
Alphagen Projects1
Alpine Resourcing6
Alresford Marquee Hire1
ALS Landscape Architecture1Architect
Altair Consultancy & Advisory Services2
Alternative Heat Ltd2
Alumasc Exterior Building Products1
Alun Griffiths82
Alun Griffiths (Contractors)14
Alwyn Jones Architects1Architect
AM Dunbar4Contractor
AM Group3
AM Howie1
AMA Alexi Marmot Associates2Architect
AMA Nuclear1
Amalgamated Construction3
Amalgamated Facilities Management2
Amalgamated Limited1
Amanda Carson1
Amanda Reynolds Urbanism3Consultant
Amber Construction Services17
Amber Infrastructure2
Amber Programmable Design1
Amber roofing1
AMC Electrical Services1
AMD Contract Services1
Amd Contract Services Ltd5
Amec Foster Wheeler38Consultant
AMEC Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure4
Amec Foster Wheeler Nuclear UK1
Amelio Consulting Limited1
Ameo Professional Services3
Ameresco Ltd1
American Bridge International1
Amey Community Ltd1
Amey LG8Contractor
Amey OW5
Amey OWR1
Amey Rail1
Amiri Construction2Contractor
AMJ Construction1
Aml (highland) Ltd1
AMR Electrical Services1
AMS Asbestos Management Services9Consultant
AMT Projects Construction3Contractor
Amwell Construction1Contractor
Anaco Air Conditioning1
Anarchitecture Ltd T/a Conception1
Ancon Building Products1
Anderson & Thomas Roofing1
Anderson Bayne Architects2
Anderson Bell + Christie27Architect
Anderson Building & Construction Ltd4
Anderson Grp Ltd1
Anderson Williamson Limited1
Anderton Gables10
Anderton Gables Chartered Building Surveyors4
Andrew Beard1Architect
Andrew Bradley2
Andrew Bradley Stonemason1
Andrew Grime1
Andrew H Wilson Electrical1Specialist trade
Andrew Hardy Construction1
Andrew Lawford & Sons1
Andrew Lister Electrical Contractors1
Andrew M Davies Building Contractors1
Andrew Munro Plumbing & Heating Services5Specialist trade
Andrew Murray Electrician Ltd2
Andrew P Orr1Specialist trade
Andrew P Orr (decorators) Limited1
Andrew Phillips Limited1
Andrew Reid & Partners Llp1
Andrew Rumfitt, Innovacion1
Andrew Scott15
Andrew Shepherd Construction4
Andy Acton Ecological Consultant & Lichenologist1
Andy Foster Architects1Architect
Andy Gibson Builders8
Andy Godfrey Associates1
Andy Rice Design1
Angela Murphy (The Image Business)2
Anglia Air Conditioning1
Anglia Heating1
Anglia Stairlifts1
Anglian Building Products4
Anglian Building Products a division of Anglian Windows7
Anglian Demolition & Asbestos1
Anglian Environmental Solutions1
Anglian Insulations Frost1
Anglian Water1
Anglian Windows5Supplier
Angus Design Associates1
Angus Macdonald(borve)ltd1
Angus Macleod Electrical Cotractor5Specialist trade
Angus Ross Joiner & Contractor5Specialist trade
Ankur Architects2Architect
Anna French Associates1
Anne Minors Performance Consultants1
Anne Thorne Architects LLP4Architect
Ansell And Bailey Llp1
Anthesis Energy UK1
Anthony A Davies2
Anthony Dever Construction20Contractor
Anthony Hogan1
Anthony Keith Architects Limited2
Anthony Watson Chartered Architect3Architect
Anwyl Construction6Contractor
Anwyl Construction Co1
AOC Architecture3Architect
AOH Ltd1
Aone+ Integrated Highways Services1
AP Carpentry Contractors1
AP Faulkner1Specialist trade
AP Pavers4
Apex Home & Energy Surveyors1
Apex Lifts & Escalator Engineers Limited1
APF Heating & Mechanical Services4Specialist trade
APG Architecture1
APG Domestic Services6
APM Contracts25
Apm Contracts Ltd1
Apollo (Keepmoat)52Contractor
Apollo Group6Contractor
Applebridge Construction5Contractor
Appleyard & Trew LLP12Consultant
Applied Genomics1
Apply Scaffolding Services Ltd1
Apr Services Limited1
Aqua Interiors27Specialist trade
Aqua Leisure6
Aqua Management2
Aqua Mechanical Services1
AR Musson Agricultural Contractor1Specialist trade
Aran Services4
Arb Mechanical Engineering Ltd1
Arbour Tree Surgeons & Landscapers1Specialist trade
Arbourtree Surgeons & Landscapers Ltd4
Arbuckle McLean2
Arca Design LLP1
Arcadis (uk) Limited1
Arcadis Llp17
Arcadis UK11
Arch Communications (UK)1
Arch Henderson Llp2
Arch Henderson, Gauldie Wright And Rda1
Archer Hoblin2Contractor
Archie Nicolson5
Architects Design Group, Lacie Hickey & Caley, Mitchell Architects, Trewin Design1
Architects Design Partnership41Architect
Architects Design Partnership LLP1
Architects Plus6Architect
Architectural Decorators2Specialist trade
Architectural Decorators Limited1
Architecture 003Architect
Architecture PLB15Architect
Architon Llp4
Arcus Consultancy Services1
Arcus Consulting1
Arcus Consulting LLP94Consultant
Arcus Solutions4
Arden Windows7
Ardent Hire Solutions1
Ardmac Performance Contracting1
Ardmore Advertising And Marketing Limited2
Ardmore Construction10
Ardmore First Base Partnership3Developer
Area Urban Design & Architecture Llp1Architect
Arep Ville1
Areva Nc1
Areva Risk Management Consulting Limited2
Argent Consortium1Developer
Argon Engineering1
ARJ Construction3
Ark Build4
Ark Consultancy3
Ark Design And Architecture Ltd1Architect
Arlington Builders54
Arlington Builders LTD4
Armadale Commercials2
Armfield Construction1Contractor
Armitage Associates1
Armitage Construction1
Armitage Groundworks2Specialist trade
Armitage Maintenance1
Armour & Partners1
Armour Construction Consultants12Consultant
Armour Contracts Limited1
Armstrong York Asbestos Environmental8Specialist trade
Arnold Clark Finance1
Arnold Electrical2
Arnold Faulkner5
Arnold Laver1
Arnold Laver & Co1Supplier
Arnold Plant Hire1
Arnold Walker Contracts1
Arpl Architects3Architect
Arrol And Snell Ltd1
Arrow Plant & Tool Hire1
Art Contracts Limited2
Artelia Projects UK3
Artelia Projects Uk Limited2
Artelia UK15
Arthur H Macdonald2
Arthur M Griffiths & Son4
Arthur Mckay & Co9Contractor
Arthur Mckay Building Services1
Artic Building Services1
Artlab Architects1Architect
Arttus Period Interiors2
Arvato Government Services Ltd1
Arvill Plant & Tool Hire2Plant hire
AS Coyle1
AS Homes (Scotland)4
AS Scaffolding1Specialist trade
AS Wellington2
Asbestos Consultants To The Environment Limited1
Asbestos Specialists (uk) Ltd1
Asbestos Specialists Uk Ltd1
Asbestos Surveyors UK1Specialist trade
Ash Sakula Architects2Architect
Ashdale Engineering1Consultant
Ashe Construction10Contractor
Ashe Construction Ltd4
Ashfern Surfacing4
Ashfield Properties1
Ashfield Solutions1
Ashlar Construction (NW)2
Ashleigh (Scotland)17Contractor
Ashleigh (scotland) Limited3
Ashleigh Building12Contractor
Ashley House Plc2
Ashstead Plant Hire1Plant hire
Ashtead Plant Hire30Plant hire
Ashtead Plant Hire Co18
Ashtead Plant Hire Co Ltd1
Ashton Building Services7
Ashwood Scotland1
ASI Environmental1
ASJ Facilities Building Management1
Askam Construction Limited1
Askew Cavanna Consortium1
Aspect Building Solutions4
Aspect Construction Contracts8
Aspect Contracts9
Aspect4 Ltd1
Asphaltic Limited1
Aspin Consulting2
Aspinall Verdi Limited1
Aspire Community Works1
Aspire Design Limited1
Aspire Housing3
Assael Architecture3
Assemble Studio CIC2
Asset & Infrastructure Management Solutions Ltd1
Assist Architects4Architect
Assist Design9
Assist Facilities Management8
Associated Architects LLP19Architect
Assured Partnership1
Assurity Consulting1
Assystem UK4
Astam GBC Consultancy1
Aster Group1
Aster Property1
Aster Property (aster Group)3
Astra Construction1
Astranet Systems1
ASW Property Service2
ASW Property Services1
AT Plumbing Services1
Atelier Ten2
Ati Incinerateurs Muller1
ATK Partnership1
Atkins Consultants24Consultant
Atkins Ltd1
Atkins Walters & Webster2
Atkinson Building Contractors2Contractor
Atkinson Peck Ltd1
Atlas Maintenance (Scotland)6
Atlas Refurbishment Northern Limited2
Atmos Consulting Ltd2
Attain Health Management Services1
Auburn Ainsley2
Augur Bulcher2
Aura Newcastle Limited1
Austin Company Of Uk Ltd1
Austin Watson1
Austin-Smith Lord LLP1
Austin-Smith:Lord LLP1
Autor Architecture1Architect
Autumn UK1
AV Plant1
AV Squires1
AVA Security & Communications1Specialist trade
Avant Homes2
Avantgarde Gesellschaft fur Kommunikation mit beschrӓnkter Haftung1
Avanti Architects8Architect
Avebury Projects4Consultant
Avonline Plc1
Avonside Group Services2
Avonside Roofing21
AW Laing4
AW Sinclair4
AWW Architects3
Axiom Building Services3
Axis Design Architects2Architect
Axis Elevators1Specialist trade
Axis Europe10
Axolve Limited3
Ayer Associates1
Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt2
Az Urban Studio1
Azurite Coaching1