Wates Construction

Includes Wates Living Space, Wates Group, Wates Construction and all subsidiaries

Manchester (Lots Won: 2 or 8.00%)Region: Uk
18043-201915/01/2019Re-Issued TC621 North West Construction Hub High Value Framework (2018 To 2022)
Manchester City Council-- No value given --
Uxbridge (Lots Won: 2 or 3.51%)Region: -- No region given --
476464-201830/10/2018Housing Construction - South West England
LHC£4,210,526 (estimated)
London (Lots Won: 2 or 5.88%)Region: -- No region given --
8123-201710/01/2017Network Homes - Contractor Framework
Network Homes£1,176,471 (estimated)
LondonRegion: London
308792-201607/09/2016Major Contractors Framework
City University£400,000 (estimated)
Uxbridge (Lots Won: 3 or 6.38%)Region: London
200687-201614/06/2016N7 - WS2 Energy Efficiency And Refurbishment (London)
LHC£1,329,787 (estimated)
Uxbridge (Lots Won: 13 or 8.97%)Region: -- No region given --
202174-201615/06/2016N7 - WS2/3 Energy Efficiency And Refurbishment (England)
LHC£2,988,505 (estimated)
Uxbridge (Lots Won: 2 or 6.90%)Region: Wales
202170-201615/06/2016N7 - WS2 Energy Efficiency And Refurbishment (Wales)
LHC£574,712 (estimated)
Total Value of Work Won£10,680,002