Metro Rod

North TynesideRegion: North-east
177158-201916/04/2019Contract 33 - Housing Specialist Drainage Works 2019-2022
North Tyneside Council£66,667 (estimated)
Norwich (Lots Won: 2 or 0.83%)Region: -- No region given --
155201-201903/04/2019Low Value Building Maintenance And Associated Works
Norfolk County Council£212 (estimated)
Poole (Lots Won: 2 or 1.04%)Region: Wessex
40092-201928/01/2019Approved Contractor Framework List For Works
Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust£2,083 (estimated)
BradfordRegion: Yorkshire
207641-201618/06/2016Bradford Council, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust And Airedale NHS Foundation Trust Construction Contractors Framework
City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council£64,103 (estimated)
Exeter (Lots Won: 2 or 0.00%)Region: South-west
103003-201626/03/2016Cp1172-15 The Devon Maintenance Panel Agreement
Devon County Council-- No value given --
FromeRegion: South-west
365411-201517/10/2015Sub Contractor Framework: Responsive Works And Planned Works
Spectrum Housing Group£9,375 (estimated)
NorwichRegion: -- No region given --
62470-201521/02/2015Maintenance And Works
Norfolk County Council-- No value given --
Total Value of Work Won£142,440