Fry Binks Partnership

Liverpool (Lots Won: 2 or 2.35%)Region: North-west
488796-201806/11/2018Provision Of Consultancy Services - Construction
Liverpool Mutual Homes-- No value given --
Manchester (Lots Won: 4 or 1.63%)Region: -- No region given --
482868-201802/11/2018Framework Agreement For Consultancy Services
Reallies£552 (estimated)
Newbury (Lots Won: 4 or 13.33%)Region: -- No region given --
153540-201810/04/2018Employers Agent And Principal Designers Consultant Framework
Sovereign Housing Association£18,133 (estimated)
Newbury (Lots Won: 2 or inf%)Region: Uk
200397-201227/06/2012Employer's Agent & Cdm Co-ordinator Services.
Sovereign Housing Association-- No value given --
NewburyRegion: South-west
85828-200927/03/2009Appointment Of Employers Agents For The Sovereign Development Consortium's Framework 2008
Sovereign Housing Association£125,000 (estimated)