Axis Europe Plc

Swindon (Lots Won: 2 or 1.37%)Region: -- No region given --
410577-201622/11/2016Internal And External Works — Intextwor2016 Framework
Westworks Procurement£79,752 (estimated)
NottinghamRegion: East-midlands
153520-201604/05/2016Minor Works Framework.
Nottingham City Council-- No value given --
LondonRegion: London
377029-201527/10/2015Planned And Responsive Maintenance For Specialist And General Building Works
London Borough of Hackney-- No value given --
UxbridgeRegion: -- No region given --
312043-201505/09/2015Kb3 — Kitchen And Bathroom Replacement Framework Lot 2 Area B (south-east England)
LHC-- No value given --
Leeds (Lots Won: 2 or 2.60%)Region: Uk
4980-201508/01/2015Planned Improvement Works Framework Agreement.
Procurement for All-- No value given --
West BromptonRegion: London
352683-201319/10/2013Framework For The Supply Of Intermediate Construction Works
Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC)-- No value given --
Total Value of Work Won£79,752