3 Mar 2017
Details of Notice 85237-2017

House of Lords & House of Commons

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Notice Type: Contract Notice

Notice Ref.85237-2017
Date Published07/03/2017
DescriptionFwk1097-multidisciplinary Design Services Framework
Main ActivityI.4)
ValueEstimated value of contract approximately £43,000,000 (estimated total of all framework lots)
ProcedureRestricted Procedure
Notice TypeServices
Award CriteriaThe Most Economic Tender
Procuring Body TypeOther
Added to Database7 Mar 2017
Tender PortalIn Tend
Links Heavyweight practices picked for £43m Parliament framework
Architects' Journal, 1st May 2018
CPV Codes
71000000Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
71200000Architectural and related services
71210000Advisory architectural services
71220000Architectural design services
71221000Architectural services for buildings
71222000Architectural services for outdoor areas
71223000Architectural services for building extensions
71240000Architectural, engineering and planning services
71241000Feasibility study, advisory service, analysis
71242000Project and design preparation, estimation of costs
71243000Draft plans (systems and integration)
71245000Approval plans, working drawings and specifications
71247000Supervision of building work
71248000Supervision of project and documentation
71250000Architectural, engineering and surveying services
71251000Architectural and building-surveying services
71300000Engineering services
71310000Consultative engineering and construction services
71311000Civil engineering consultancy services
71311100Civil engineering support services
71311300Infrastructure works consultancy services
71312000Structural engineering consultancy services
71313000Environmental engineering consultancy services
71313100Noise-control consultancy services
71313200Sound insulation and room acoustics consultancy services
71313410Risk or hazard assessment for construction
71313420Environmental standards for construction
71313430Environmental indicators analysis for construction
71313440Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services for construction
71313450Environmental monitoring for construction
71314000Energy and related services
71314100Electrical services
71314200Energy-management services
71314300Energy-efficiency consultancy services
71314310Heating engineering services for buildings
71315000Building services
71315100Building-fabric consultancy services
71315210Building services consultancy services
71315300Building surveying services
71315400Building-inspection services
71315410Inspection of ventilation system
71316000Telecommunication consultancy services
71317000Hazard protection and control consultancy services
71317100Fire and explosion protection and control consultancy services
71317210Health and safety consultancy services
71318000Advisory and consultative engineering services
71318100Artificial and natural lighting engineering services for buildings
71320000Engineering design services
71321000Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings
71321100Construction economics services
71321200Heating-system design services
71321300Plumbing consultancy services
71321400Ventilation consultancy services
71322000Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works
71322200Pipeline-design services
71323100Electrical power systems design services
71323200Plant engineering design services
71325000Foundation-design services
71326000Ancillary building services
71327000Load-bearing structure design services
71330000Miscellaneous engineering services
71331000Drilling-mud engineering services
71332000Geotechnical engineering services
71334000Mechanical and electrical engineering services
71335000Engineering studies
71337000Corrosion engineering services
71340000Integrated engineering services
71350000Engineering-related scientific and technical services
71351000Geological, geophysical and other scientific prospecting services
71351100Core preparation and analysis services
71351220Geological consultancy services
71351500Ground investigation services
71351600Weather-forecasting services
71351610Meteorology services
71351720Geophysical surveys of archaeological sites
71351800Topographical and water divining services
71351811Topographical surveys of archaeological sites
71351914Archaeological services
71352100Seismic services
71352110Seismographic surveying services
71353200Dimensional surveying services
71354300Cadastral surveying services
71355000Surveying services
71356400Technical planning services
71420000Landscape architectural services
71500000Construction-related services
71510000Site-investigation services
71521000Construction-site supervision services
71530000Construction consultancy services
71800000Consulting services for water-supply and waste consultancy
75251110Fire-prevention services
90490000Sewer survey and sewage treatment consultancy services
90522000Services relating to contaminated soil
90650000Asbestos removal services
90713000Environmental issues consultancy services
90714200Corporate environmental auditing services