UK Shared Business Services

Other activity: public procurement — medical/research/science

Pub. DateNoticeDescriptionType
03/06/2017212644-2017UK SBS CON17006 Independent Commissioning ConsultantContract notice (Services)
29/06/2016220627-2016Uk Sbs Con15007mc British Antarctic Survey Construction PartnerContract notice (Works)
11/05/2016160640-2016Uk Sbs Con14018 — Advanced Quantum Metrology Laboratory — ContractorContract notice (Works)
29/04/2016148885-2016Uk Sbs Fm16036 Design of Molecular Biology Laboratory in FajaraContract notice (Services)
27/04/2016145308-2016Uk Sbs Con15007mc British Antarctic Survey Construction WorksPrior Information Notice without call for competition (Works)
23/03/201697123-2016Con14018 National Physical Laboratory — Advanced Quantum Metrology LaboratoryPrior Information Notice without call for competition (Works)
11/12/2015435704-2015Uk Sbs Fm150078 Statutory Inspections for Science and Technology Facilities CouncilContract notice (Services)
17/10/2015365301-2015Uk Sbs Con15002 Minor Building, Mechanical and Electrical Works Term Service Contract for Works Up to 50 000 Gbp EachContract notice (Works)
01/09/2015306817-2015Uk Sbs Fm150086 Ems for Building R100, RalContract notice (Service contract)
08/08/2015280755-2015Uk Sbs Con15009 Architectural (principal Designer) ConsultancyContract notice (Service contract)
06/06/2015196679-2015Uk Sbs Fm150050 Ems for Building R100, RalContract notice (Service contract)
06/06/2015195256-2015Uk Sbs Con15004 Inner and Outer Hall Refurbishment, Daresbury LaboratoryContract notice (Works)
03/04/2015114799-2015Uk Sbs Con15007 New Polar Research Vessel Associated ProjectsPrior Information Notice (Works)
14/02/201553255-2015Uk Sbs Con15003 Minor Construction Projects Framework for Projects Valued From Gbp 50 001 to Gbp 300 000Contract notice (Works)
04/02/201539071-2015Uk Sbs Con15005 Social Infrastructure Facility BuildingContract notice (Works)
08/01/20155423-2015Uk Sbs Con15001 Landscape Architect ConsultancyContract notice (Service contract)
17/12/2014428228-2014Uk Sbs Con14032 Structural/civil Engineering ConsultancyContract notice (Service contract)
17/12/2014428186-2014Uk Sbs Con14029 Cost Manager and Cdm Coordinator ConsultancyContract notice (Service contract)
16/12/2014426309-2014Stfc Oxon and Cheshire, Architecture ConsultancyContract notice (Service contract)
13/12/2014424281-2014Stfc Oxon and Cheshire, Project ManagementContract notice (Service contract)
04/12/2014412145-2014Uk Sbs — Technical Adviser for the New Polar Research Vessel (nprv)Contract notice (Service contract)
30/09/2014329282-2014Main Contractor to Include Major Subcontractors for a New Technical Laboratory for UK Atc, EdinburghContract notice (Works)
19/07/2014246068-2014Uk Sbs Fm140058 Provision of Replacement Roofing SystemContract notice (Service contract)
16/07/2014239842-2014Norwich, Centre for Food and HealthContract notice (Works)
19/06/2014203806-2014Norwich, Centre for Food and HealthPrior Information Notice (Works)
18/06/2014201975-2014UK SBS Building B920, Babraham Research CampusContract notice (Works)
11/06/2014194764-2014Advanced Metrology FacilitiesContract notice (Service contract)
21/01/201419968-2014Construction Company for the UK Pavilion At the Milan Expo 2015Contract notice (Works)
21/01/201420997-2014Architectural Design for the UK Pavilion At the Milan Expo 2015Contract notice (Service contract)
10/12/2013415772-2013Professional Services to Support the Refurbishment of Innovation Centre, British Antartic SurveyContract notice (Service contract)
09/11/2013378505-2013London Euston, Fit Out Contractor for Connected Digital Economy CatapultContract notice (Works)
30/10/2013366335-2013Project Management and Full Design Team ServicesContract notice (Service contract)
23/10/2013357090-2013Multi-disciplinary Design Team Consultancy.Contract notice (Service contract)
10/10/2013339761-2013Construction Company for the Brf FacilityContract notice (Works)
28/09/2013326513-2013Project Management & Cost Management Consultancy.Contract notice (Service contract)
12/09/2013305695-2013New Building-Independent Commissioning ConsultantContract notice (Service contract)
12/09/2013304768-2013Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Didcot R1 RefurbishmentContract notice (Works)
07/09/2013300605-2013Oone Stop Shop: Full Range of PM Disciplines Covering UK and International DeliveryPrior Information Notice (Service contract)
05/09/2013296972-2013Construction Company for the Brf FacilityPrior Information Notice (Works)
20/08/2013278724-2013Rothamstead, Hertfordshire - Buildings B66 and B67Contract notice (Works)
20/08/2013278723-2013Oxford, Principal Contractor for the Ral Space Technology CentreContract notice (Works)
12/06/2013191790-2013R100 Ral Space Laser FacilityContract notice (Service contract)
12/06/2013190432-2013Principal Construction Contractor to Include Major Subcontractors and Design Teams for a New Technical Building for Ral SpacePrior Information Notice (Works)
04/05/2013148224-2013Professional Consulting Services Commissioning Verification and Validation Consultant Cvvc for the Advanced Metrology Laboratory At the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, MiddlesexContract notice (Service contract)
03/05/2013145712-2013Construction Company for a Containment Level 2 (cl2) FacilityContract notice (Works)
10/04/2013116616-2013Performance Management ConsultantContract notice (Service contract)
23/02/201361755-2013Building B930 At the Babraham Research Campus CambridgeContract notice (Works)
05/02/201338340-2013Construction Company for a Containment Level 2 (cl2) FacilityPrior Information Notice (Works)
31/01/201334166-2013Advanced Metrology Laboratory.Contract notice (Service contract)
10/01/20137838-2013Professional Consulting Services for CommissioningContract notice (Service contract)
31/10/2012345515-2012Cell Therapy Catapult, Guys Hospital, LondonContract notice (Works)
10/10/2012320533-2012Cell Therapy CatapultPrior Information Notice (Works)
21/09/2012298626-2012London, Refurbishment of the Neptune Building At the Hammersmith CampusPrior Information Notice (Works)
27/07/2012239436-2012Multi-Disciplinary Design Team for a Category 4 High Containment, BRF Research FacilityContract notice (Service contract)
04/07/2012209012-2012Work Package Wp2 - Multi Disciplinary Design Team for a Category 4 High Containment, Brf Research FacilityPrior Information Notice (Service contract)
28/06/2012201870-2012Work Package Wp1 - Multi-disciplinary Design Team for a Low Containment, Cl2 Research FacilityContract notice (Service contract)
09/03/201278622-2012Project 26 Centrum, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, for Colney Innovations LimitedContract notice (Works)
04/11/2011345989-2011Building B910 At the Babraham Research Campus, CambridgeContract notice (Works)
30/08/2011273070-2011Professional Consulting Services for CommissioningContract notice (Service contract)
20/04/2011126174-2011Building B280, Moneta, At the Babraham Institute, CambridgeContract notice (Works)
19/10/2010309428-2010Cambridge Building B570 At the Babraham InstituteContract notice (Works)
30/07/2010225564-2010Didcot, Oxon. Construction of a Multi Storey Extension to An Existing Tradional Building to Accommodate An Enhanced Laser Research Installation At the Rutherford Appleton LaboratoryContract notice (Works)
11/06/2010170622-2010Pr100014: Construction Consultants Appointment for Boscorf Facility - National Oceanography Centre SouthamptonContract notice (Service contract)
19/05/2010145605-2010Surrey. Project Dp2 for the Institute for Animal Health. Construction Cost Management & Quantity Surveying ServiceContract notice (Service contract)
04/05/2010129272-2010Surrey. Project Dp2 for the Institute for Animal Health. Construction Design Consultancy ServiceContract notice (Service contract)
27/04/2010121664-2010Project DP2 for the Institute for Animal Health: Construction Design Consultancy ServicesContract notice (Service contract)
16/12/2009346862-2009Chartered Surveying and Other Services for Properties Owned Or Managed By the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (bbsrc) At Various Locations in England and ScotlandContract notice (Service contract)
29/10/2008279697-2008Production of Connect and Pioneer PeriodicalsContract notice (Service contract)


Award Notice AvailableProcurement AbandonedNo Award Notice Issued

Complaint(s) from Mystery Shopper Scheme regarding this authority

A mystery shopper raised concerns about the clarity of an advertisement in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) for construction consultancy services. The mystery shopper has three concerns. The works to be carried out are in Norfolk but the location of the contract was specified as Newport; the value of the contract was related to the value of the works rather than the associated consultancy services; and concerns that the coding in the advertisement would mean that the services could be provided by those professionally qualified to do it.UK SBS Ltd explained that the “NUTS” coding in the advertisement should be used to ascertain the location of the contract. This was accurately displayed as Norfolk and it is possible to search by NUTS code to find contracts by location. They have reviewed their approach to contract values and they will not be using the value of the works going forward for consultancy service advertisements. UK SBS said they were aware that their coding of the advertisement allowed for non-professional firms to bid. They wanted to engage a wide range of suppliers but wouldexpect non-specialist forms to demonstrate how they would engage appropriate professional services.

Winning Organisations

Architects Design PartnershipArchitect
BAM Nuttall
Design Engine Architects
DH Building Services
Edmond Shipway LLPConsultant
Graham ConstructionContractor
IBI Group
IBI NightingaleArchitect
Kendall Kingscott ArchitectsArchitect
Lloyds British Testing Ltd
MD Building ServicesContractor
Morgan Sindall plcConsultant
Mott MacDonaldContractor
Opus International ConsultantsConsultant
Oxford Architects LLPArchitect
Pick EverardConsultant
Price & Myers Llp
Scott Tallon Walker ArchitectsArchitect
SDC Builders
Shepherd ConstructionContractor
Smith CarterConsultant
Stage One
The Austin Company of UK
Turner & TownsendConsultant
Willmott DixonContractor