Tate Gallery

Recreation, culture and religion

Pub. DateNoticeDescriptionType
22/02/201359770-2013Tate Modern Project - Joinery Tp 4450Contract notice
12/01/201310738-2013Tate Modern Project - Hard Landscaping - Tp 8100Contract notice
01/08/2012243651-2012Tate Modern Project - General Joinery - Tp 4445Contract notice
01/08/2012243649-2012Tate Modern Project - Bespoke Joinery - Tp 4450Contract notice
28/07/2012240617-2012Tate Modern Project - Catering and Kitchen - Tp 5355Contract notice
24/07/2012233639-2012Tate Modern Project - Timber Floor Finishes - Tp 4300Contract notice
24/07/2012233637-2012Tate Modern Project - Toilet Fit Out - Tp4250Contract notice
14/06/2012185498-2012Tate Modern Project - Internal Screens - Tp 3550Contract notice
05/06/2012175088-2012Tate Modern Project - Tp 4600 - Ceilings and Wall LiningsContract notice
18/10/2011326185-2011Tsi2: Structural Engineering Services in Relation to the Extension of Tate St IvesContract notice
12/10/2011319828-2011Architectural Services in relation to the Extension of Tate St IvesContract notice
18/02/2011056079-2011Tate Modern Project - Brickwork Cladding - Tp3700Contract notice
27/01/2011028400-2011Transforming Tate Modern - Av Installation - Tp7600Contract notice
27/01/201128401-2011Transforming Tate Modern - Security & Cctv Installation - Tp7500Contract notice
29/12/2010387921-2010Transforming Tate Britain - A3800 StoneworkPrior Information Notice
29/12/2010387920-2010Transforming Tate Britain - A5300 Catering EquipmentPrior Information Notice
29/12/2010387919-2010Transforming Tate Britain - A2000 Enabling Strip OutPrior Information Notice
05/11/2010330002-2010Transforming Tate Modern - Lifts - Tp7400Contract notice
26/10/2010317525-2010Transforming Tate Modern - Catering Equipment - Tp5350Contract notice
21/10/2010312634-2010Transforming Tate Modern - It, Voice & Data Installations - Tp7200Contract notice
30/09/2010290304-2010Transforming Tate Britain Phase 1 - A6000 Mechanical InstallationContract notice
21/09/2010279361-2010Transforming Tate Modern - Pcc External Cladding Panels and Perimeter Structure - Tp 3200Contract notice
21/09/2010279360-2010Transforming Tate Modern - External Glazing - Tp 3500Contract notice
16/09/2010274484-2010Transforming Tate Modern- Mechanical Services - Tp 6300Contract notice
16/09/2010274483-2010Transforming Tate Modern - Sprinkler Installations - Tp 6200Contract notice
16/09/2010274482-2010Transforming Tate Modern - Ventilation Services - Tp 6500Contract notice
16/09/2010274481-2010Transforming Tate Modern - Bms & Controls - Tp 6700Contract notice
16/09/2010274480-2010Transforming Tate Modern - Fire Alarms - Tp 7050Contract notice
04/09/2010263261-2010Transforming Tate Modern - Electrical Services - Tp 7000Contract notice
21/07/2010213708-2010Transforming Tate Britain Phase 1- A6000 Mechanical InstallationPrior Information Notice
02/03/2010061363-2010Transforming Tate Modern - Scaffolding - Tp 1340Contract notice
08/01/20104983-2010Transforming Tate Modern - Glazed Cladding - Tp 3210Contract notice
08/01/20104982-2010Transforming Tate Modern - Windows - Tp 3500Contract notice
29/12/2009360022-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Brickwork Cladding Supply - Tp 3701Prior Information Notice
26/12/2009358271-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Precast Concrete External Cladding Panels - Tp 3200Contract notice
26/12/2009358069-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Brickwork Cladding Installation - Tp3700Prior Information Notice
26/12/2009358067-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Scaffolding - Tp 1340Prior Information Notice
11/12/2009342029-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Lifts Ttm - Tp 7400Contract notice
09/12/2009339615-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Superstructure Concrete Works - Ttm Tp 2400Contract notice
08/12/2009338037-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Structural Steelwork - Ttm Tp 2800Contract notice
25/11/2009325778-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Windows - Tp 3500Prior Information Notice
25/11/2009325777-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Glazed Cladding - Tp 3210Prior Information Notice
24/11/2009324161-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Windows - Tp 3500Prior Information Notice
10/11/2009311208-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Precast Concrete External Cladding PanelsPrior Information Notice
10/11/2009311202-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Superstructure Concrete Works - Ttm 2400Prior Information Notice
16/10/2009287543-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Structural Steelwork - Ttm Tp 2800Prior Information Notice
15/10/2009286072-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Lifts Ttm Tp 7400Prior Information Notice
19/08/2009230443-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Substructure Tp 2300Contract notice
23/07/2009203289-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Piling Tp 2120Contract notice
01/07/2009179341-2009Transforming Tate Modern - Demolition Ttm Tp 2000Contract notice


Award Notice AvailableProcurement AbandonedNo Award Notice Issued

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