North Tyneside Council

North Tyneside Council is a Local Authority in the North East of England.
In 2009 it had a total population of 191,442 people.

Pub. DateNoticeDescriptionType
15/11/2018502833-2018Contract 10 Retender - Internal Wall Tiling Programmed Works 2019-2021Contract notice (Works)
06/11/2018487690-2018Contract 35 - Housing Investment Fire Door Replacements 2019-2022Contract notice (Works)
30/10/2018476358-2018Contract 33 - Housing Specialist Drainage Works 2019-2022Contract notice (Works)
30/10/2018476345-2018Contract 34 - Housing Specialist Asbestos Works 2019-2022Contract notice (Works)
09/10/2018438507-2018Contract 18 - Timber Supplies 2019-2021Contract notice (Supplies)
09/10/2018438506-2018Contract 17 - Electrical Supplies 2019-2021Contract notice (Supplies)
10/10/2018440866-2018Contract 16 - Plumbing and Heating Supplies 2019-2021Contract notice (Supplies)
10/10/2018440864-2018Contract 15 - Building Supplies 2019-2021Contract notice (Supplies)
18/09/2018404599-2018Contract 5 - Fencing Replacement - Programmed Works 2019-2021Contract notice (Works)
18/09/2018404549-2018Contract 10 - Internal Wall Tiling - Programmed Works 2019-2021Contract notice (Works)
18/09/2018404548-2018Contract 9 Planned Scaffolding Erection and Hire - Programmed Works 2019-2020Contract notice (Works)
18/09/2018404547-2018Contract 3 - Roof Covering Replacements Programmed Works 2019 - 2022Contract notice (Works)
18/09/2018404546-2018Contract 4 - Structural Walling and Brickwork Maintenance 2019-2021Contract notice (Works)
18/09/2018404545-2018Contract 14 - Electrical Upgrades Including Minor Repairs 2019-2021Contract notice (Works)
18/09/2018404544-2018Contract 8 - Floor Covering Installations - Programmed Works 2019-2021Contract notice (Works)
18/09/2018404543-2018Contract 6 - Minor Building Works and Repairs 2019-2021Contract notice (Works)
18/09/2018404542-2018Contract 13 - Internal Painting and Decorating - Programmed Works 2019 -2021Contract notice (Works)
18/09/2018404541-2018Contract 12 Scaffolding Responsive Erection and Hire Responsive Repairs 2019-2020Contract notice (Works)
18/09/2018404540-2018Contract 7 - External Painting and Decorating - Programmed Works 2019-2021Contract notice (Works)
18/09/2018404539-2018Contract 2 - Window and Door Replacements - Programmed works 2019-2021Contract notice (Works)
16/08/2014279678-2014Quay Wall RepairsContract notice (Works)
19/04/2014134531-2014Quay Wall Repairs and DredgingContract notice (Works)
10/10/2013340794-2013Sampling and Testing - Swans QuaysideContract notice (Service contract)
05/01/20122793-2012Design and Build of Longbenton Va Primary SchoolsContract notice (Works)
18/07/2009198773-2009Highway Surfacing and Associated Works Contract April 2010 to March 2013Contract notice (Works)
04/07/2009183892-2009North Tyneside BsfPrior Information Notice (Service contract)


Award Notice AvailableProcurement AbandonedNo Award Notice Issued

Winning Organisations

CC Geotechnical
Solutions 4 North Tyneside
Southbay Civil EngineeringContractor