Pub. DateNoticeDescriptionType
22/07/2019342672-2019OffSite Project Integrator WalesContract notice (Services)
16/07/2019332623-2019OffSite Project Integrator England (excluding South West England)Contract notice (Services)
15/07/2019329896-2019OffSite Project Integrator ScotlandContract notice (Services)
15/07/2019329877-2019OffSite Project Integrator South West EnglandContract notice (Services)
02/04/2019151582-2019Off-Site Project IntegratorPrior information notice without call for competition (Services)
02/04/2019151540-2019OffSite Project IntegratorPrior information notice without call for competition (Services)
11/02/201963894-2019Minor WorksPrior information notice without call for competition (Works)
08/02/201961278-2019Minor WorksPrior information notice without call for competition (Works)
06/11/2018488394-2018Construction Consultancy - North, Central and South East EnglandPrior information notice without call for competition (Services)
23/08/2018367714-2018New Home Construction - Offsite (England)Contract notice (Works)
12/06/2018250876-2018Construction Consultancy Service - Southwest EnglandContract notice (Services)
13/06/2018252949-2018Construction Consultancy Services (Wales)Contract notice (Services)
03/05/2018190962-2018Housing Construction - WalesContract notice (Works)
28/04/2018186114-2018Housing Construction - Southwest EnglandContract notice (Works)
12/04/2018156374-2018New Homes Construction - OffsitePrior information notice without call for competition (Works)
07/04/2018150476-2018Windows, Doorsets and Associated ProductsContract notice (Supplies)
23/01/201830070-2018Housing Construction Services (Wales)Prior information notice without call for competition (Works)
09/01/20186242-2018Housing construction services (Wales)Prior information notice without call for competition (Works)
09/11/2017446358-2017Windows, Doorsets and Associated ProductsPrior information notice without call for competition (Supplies)
17/08/2017323247-2017H1 - New Build HousingPrior information notice without call for competition (Works)
26/01/2017029374-2017Communal Entrance Doorsets and Associated Products - EnglandContract notice (Supplies)
26/01/201729375-2017Communal Entrance Doorsets and Associated Products - WalesContract notice (Supplies)
26/01/201729374-2017Communal Entrance Doorsets and Associated Products - EnglandContract notice (Supplies)
21/12/2016449027-2016Schools and Community BuildingsContract notice (Works)
13/12/2016436946-2016Schools and Community Buildings - WalesContract notice (Works)
01/10/2016340034-2016FR2 - Flat Roofing & Associated ProductsContract notice (Works)
01/10/2016340026-2016Flat Roofing and Associated Products - EnglandContract notice (Works)
01/10/2016340025-2016Flat Roofing and Associated Products - WalesContract notice (Works)
14/09/2016318004-2016Fr2 — Flat Roofing and Associated WorksPrior information notice without call for competition (Works)
21/07/2016251661-2016Scb2 Schools, Community Buildings and Refurbishment WorksPrior information notice without call for competition (Works)
14/07/2016241654-2016Lot Title: London1)short Description: The Manufacture, Supply and Installation of a Specialist Secure Communal Entrance Doorset Package Including Installation of Door Entry/access Control Facilities and Including the Provision of a Comprehensive Service/maintenance Package for Multi Occupancy Public Sector Housing and Non-housing Buildings Throughout Greater LondonPrior information notice without call for competition (Supplies)
09/02/201643089-2016Pr3 — Pitched Roofing and Associated Products Framework — Greater LondonContract notice (Works)
10/02/201644647-2016Pr3 — Pitched Roofing and Associated Products Framework — WalesContract notice (Works)
10/02/2016044644-2016Pr3 — Pitched Roofing and Associated Products Framework — EnglandContract notice (Works)
10/02/2016044651-2016Pr3 — Pitched Roofing and Associated Roofing FrameworkContract notice (Works)
14/01/2016010939-2016Pr3 — Pitched Roofing and Associated Products FrameworkContract notice (Works)
28/10/2015379983-2015Workstream 1 — Energy Consultants and Project Management (england)Contract notice (Service contract)
28/10/2015379964-2015Workstream 1 — Energy Consultants and Project Management (wales)Contract notice (Service contract)
28/10/2015379958-2015Workstream 1 — Energy Consultants and Project Management (london)Contract notice (Service contract)
27/10/2015376924-2015N7 — Ws2/3 Energy Efficiency and Refurbishment (london)Contract notice (Works)
27/10/2015376934-2015N7 — Ws2/3 Energy Efficiency and Refurbishment (wales)Contract notice (Works)
27/10/2015376946-2015Installation Services Of Electrical And Mechanical EquipmentContract notice (Works)
17/10/2015366010-2015Entrance Doorsets and Associated Products — Lot 1 LondonContract notice (Supplies)
17/10/2015366012-2015Entrance Doorsets and Associated Products — Lot 2: S.england, Lot 3: Midlands, Lot 4: N.englandContract notice (Supplies)
17/10/2015366004-2015Entrance Dddorsets and Associated Products — Lot 5 WalesContract notice (Supplies)
15/04/2015128409-2015Nh1 Ws3 New Homes Construction (scotland)Contract notice (Works)
14/04/2015126950-2015Nh1 Ws3 New Homes Construction (england)Contract notice (Works)
14/04/2015126948-2015Nh1 Ws3 New Homes Construction (wales)Contract notice (Works)
14/04/2015126946-2015Nh1 Ws3 New Homes Construction (london)Contract notice (Works)
08/01/2015004946-2015Kb3 — Kitchen and Bathroom Replacement Framework Lot 1 (london)Contract notice (Works)
11/10/2014345741-2014Nh1 Ws3 New Homes ConstructionPrior Information Notice (Works)
19/05/2012156442-2012New Build Extensions and General Refurbishment Works for Schools and Other Community BuildingsContract notice (Works)
03/06/2011173561-2011Flat Roofing and WaterproofingContract notice (Works)
24/06/2010181510-2010Flat RoofingContract notice (Works)
10/09/2009250974-2009New Housing (public Sector Uk-wide)Prior Information Notice (Works)


Award Notice AvailableProcurement AbandonedNo Award Notice Issued

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