Halton Borough Council

Halton Borough Council is a Local Authority in the North West of England.
In 2009 it had a total population of 118,185 people.

Pub. DateNoticeDescriptionType
05/12/2018533977-2018Project Violet - Commercial Office Accommodation Build and related WorksContract notice (Works)
29/06/2018279616-2018Professional Services for a Complete Design ServiceContract notice (Services)
21/04/2018173156-2018Highway Capital Improvement Projects Term ContractContract notice (Works)
01/10/2014332626-2014Norton Priory Monastery to Museum 900Voluntary ex ante transparency notice (Service contract)
10/05/2014157599-2014Consultancy Services for a Complete Design ServiceContract notice (Service contract)
03/04/2014112016-2014Sci-tech Daresbury Techspace Build and Site Connectivity ProjectContract notice (Works)
05/02/201438816-2014Langtree Techspace Facility Build Works1Prior Information Notice (Works)
23/10/2013357162-2013Mersey Gateway Bridge Project - Independent Certifier.Contract notice (Service contract)
05/05/2012143202-2012Halton and Warrington Highways Improvement and Maintenance Term Service Contract 2013 -2019Contract notice (Service contract)
22/10/2011332052-2011Mersey Gateway Bridge ProjectContract notice (Works)
03/02/201136949-2011Mersey Gateway ProjectPrior Information Notice (Works)


Award Notice AvailableProcurement AbandonedNo Award Notice Issued

Winning Organisations

Arcus Consulting LLPConsultant
Buttress ArchitectsArchitect
Cassidy & Ashton Group
EC Harris LLPConsultant
Galliford Try plcContractor
Helena Partnerships
Lambros Paving Contractors
Mather & Co
Paul Chambers ConsultancyConsultant
Silcock LeedhamConsultant