Choice Housing Ireland

Pub. DateNoticeDescriptionType
12/12/2017493372-2017East Belfast Land Design and Build East BelfastContract notice
29/11/2017476485-2017Nelson Drive, Phase 3, DerryContract notice
22/11/2017465246-2017Nelson Drive, Phase 3, DerryContract notice
26/10/2017424452-2017Main Contractor Appointment at Devenish Drive, MonkstownContract notice
21/10/2017417534-2017Bishops Street, Derry Main ContractorContract notice
21/10/2017417463-2017PF17-029: 40 Killynure Green, CarryduffContract notice
20/10/2017415031-20175 Beechill Grove, Lisburn Main ContractorContract notice
20/10/2017414996-2017Main Contractor Appointment at Moyard Parade, BelfastContract notice
02/09/2017344920-2017Main Contractor Appointment - Mountainhill Road, LigoneilContract notice
23/08/2017330674-2017Competition for the Appointment to a Framework Agreement for the provision of Employer's Agent led Consultancy Team ServicesContract notice
16/08/2017321309-20172-28 Shore Road, Newtownabbey Main ContractorContract notice
12/08/2017318604-2017Main Contractor Appointment at 16-18 Dunluce Street, LarneContract notice
12/08/2017318603-2017Main Contractor at 8 Longlands Avenue, NewtownabbeyContract notice
12/08/2017318602-2017Main Contractor at Altigarron Court, BelfastContract notice
12/08/2017318601-2017Main Contractor Appointment at Waveney RoadContract notice
12/08/2017318600-2017Main Contractor at Sallagh Park SouthContract notice
12/08/2017318599-2017Main Contractor Appointment at Killyfaddy Road, MagherafeltContract notice
10/08/2017314127-2017Competitive design and build contract - Derry / LondonderryContract notice
03/08/2017303577-2017PF16-006 MEI Pound Green Court & 56A-D Newington AvenueContract notice
06/07/2017258407-2017Main Contractor - 142 - 154 Upper Dunmurry Lane, BelfastContract notice
07/07/2017260106-2017Main Contractor - Kilpatrick House, BallymenaContract notice
27/06/2017242000-2017Main Contractor Appointment at 81-85 Channing Street, Belfast - PQQContract notice
27/06/2017241955-2017Main Contractor Appointment at 8-10 Main Street, Kells, Ballymena - PQQContract notice
26/04/2017155525-2017PF15-017 Remodelling Works at 13-17 Claremont Street, BelfastContract notice
04/03/201781853-2017Competitive Design and Build Contract - North BelfastContract notice
02/03/2017078011-2017PF15-016 White-house Phase 2Contract notice
02/03/201778011-2017PF15-016 White-house Phase 2Contract notice
22/02/2017066427-2017PF16-026 MEI Parkville Court, BelfastContract notice
22/02/201766427-2017PF16-026 MEI Parkville Court, BelfastContract notice
22/02/201766422-2017PF16-043 Greater Belfast MEI- Lisburn Area, Ballarat Street, Elmgrove Road/ManorContract notice
22/02/201766418-2017PF16-032 Warden Call / Door Entry System Upgrades, Various LocationsContract notice
22/02/201766416-2017PF16-022 MEI to Must Hostel, 73 Molesworth Street, CookstownContract notice
18/02/201762800-2017PF16-003 Shiels Court (MEI)Contract notice
18/02/201762799-2017PF16-017 - Multi-Element Improvement (MEI) Works to Hazelbank Court, BelfastContract notice
18/02/201762774-2017PF16-037 - Multi-Element Improvement (MEI) Works to Donal Casey Court, L/ DerryContract notice
18/02/201762770-2017PF16-018 - Multi-Element Improvement (MEI) Works to Jack Allen Court and Whitehall House, DerryContract notice
18/02/2017062800-2017PF16-003 Shiels Court (MEI)Contract notice
18/02/2017062799-2017PF16-017 - Multi-Element Improvement (MEI) Works to Hazelbank Court, BelfastContract notice
18/02/2017062770-2017PF16-018 - Multi-Element Improvement (MEI) Works to Jack Allen Court and Whitehall House, DerryContract notice
11/02/201753403-2017PF16-013 Strand CourtContract notice
11/02/201753402-2017PF16-031 Multi Element Improvements Ava / Kimberley Street, BelfastContract notice
11/02/201753395-2017PF16-038 Kitchen Replacement Scheme, Belfast AreaContract notice
11/02/201753365-2017PF16-027 MEI Good Shepherd CourtContract notice
11/02/201753364-2017PF16-023 MEI Stewartstown RoadContract notice
11/02/201753363-2017PF16-025 Walmer Street MEIContract notice
11/02/201753361-2017PF16-020 - Multi-Element Improvement (MEI) Works at Lismore Park and Lismore Grove, Sion Mills, Co. TyroneContract notice
11/02/201753360-2017PF16-055 - Proposed component replacement and minor refurbishment works to existing ‘General Needs’ properties within Clements Court, DerryContract notice
11/02/201753358-2017PF16-058 Kilcreggan MEIContract notice
14/02/201755284-2017PF16-019 Multi-Element Improvement (MEI) Works to Dillon Court and Riverview House, StrabaneContract notice
11/02/2017053358-2017PF16-058 Kilcreggan MEIContract notice
11/02/2017053364-2017PF16-023 MEI Stewartstown RoadContract notice
09/02/201749121-2017PF16-030 Multi Element Improvements Fountain Court, DownpatrickContract notice
08/02/201747075-2017PF16-033 the MaplesContract notice
08/02/201747070-2017PF14-040 Remodeling Works 18 Stranmillis Road, BelfastContract notice
08/02/201747068-2017PF16-016 - Multi-Element Improvement (MEI) Works to Elmwood House, Oakdale House and Ashmore HouseContract notice
08/02/201747014-2017PF14-028 Rainwater Penetration Remedial Works 97 Great Victoria Street, BelfastContract notice
08/02/2017047075-2017PF16-033 the MaplesContract notice
04/02/2017043450-2017PF16-056 Bearnagh GlenContract notice
04/02/201743470-2017PF16-002 - Multi-Element Improvement (MEI) Works to Elm CourtContract notice
04/02/201743452-2017PF16-007 MEI Medway CourtContract notice
04/02/201743450-2017PF16-056 Bearnagh GlenContract notice
04/02/201743444-2017PF16-021 MEI Blacks CourtContract notice
04/02/201743418-2017PF16-053 Jocelyn Avenue and Jocelyn Street MEIContract notice
04/02/201743416-2017PF16-024 MEI John Blacking HouseContract notice
13/01/2017013043-2017PF15-020 maintenance and improvement works to 70 propertiesContract notice
13/01/201713043-2017PF15-020 maintenance and improvement works to 70 propertiesContract notice
17/12/2016444954-2016Beechland Way, LisburnContract notice
09/12/2016433002-2016Competitive Design and Build - North Belfast and West BelfastContract notice
08/11/2016391130-2016Bishop Street, DerryContract notice
27/10/2016376051-2016Beersbridge Road, Belfast (3x BRO sites)Contract notice
27/10/2016376050-2016Devenish Drive, Monkstown, RathcooleContract notice
27/10/2016376067-2016Killynure Phase 2, CarryduffContract notice
25/10/2016372527-2016Moyard, BelfastContract notice
22/10/2016370285-2016Tyndale Gardens, BelfastContract notice
22/10/2016370206-2016Parkhead Crescent, NewryContract notice
21/10/2016367975-2016Castle Place, CastlecaulfieldContract notice
21/10/2016367962-2016The Hill, PortstewartContract notice
21/10/2016367961-2016Neilsbrook, RandalstownContract notice
19/10/2016364667-2016Blackmountain Way BelfastContract notice
19/10/2016364666-2016St NiniansContract notice
19/10/2016364665-2016Fahan Street, DerryContract notice
28/09/2016335134-20162-4 Donard Street, NewcastleContract notice
17/09/2016322230-2016PF15-012 Kitchen, Bathroom, Heating Upgrades (KBH 1)Contract notice
03/09/2016305524-201621 Edward Street, PortadownContract notice
27/08/2016296714-2016Works at Glen Road, Hannahstown, BelfastContract notice
11/08/2016278338-2016Old Park Road Finishing ContractContract notice
05/08/2016270680-2016Irish Quarter West, CarrickfergusPrior information notice without call for competition
30/07/2016262851-2016Land, Design and Build - West BelfastPrior information notice without call for competition
27/07/2016258158-20162-4 Donard Street, NewcastleContract notice
27/07/2016258157-201621 Edward Street, PortadownContract notice
20/07/2016249945-2016Provision of Fire Risk AssessmentsContract notice
07/07/2016231212-2016PF14-035 Project PortrushContract notice
07/07/2016231208-2016PF15-006 Kitchen Bathroom and Heating Upgrade 2Contract notice
21/05/2016173115-2016PF15-007 General Building WorksContract notice
29/04/2016147961-2016Framework Tender and Mini Comp Evaluation ServicesContract notice
28/04/2016146615-2016Main Contractor - Knockcairn Phase 2 - RefurbishmentContract notice
29/04/2016147938-2016Architect-Led Integrated Design Team for St Ninian's, BelfastContract notice
27/04/2016144836-2016Competitive Design and Build Contract - LisburnContract notice
26/04/2016143374-2016Architect-Led Integrated Design Team for Moyard Playpark, BelfastContract notice
23/04/2016141325-2016Architect-Led Integrated Design Teams for Lot 1 - Killynure Phase 2, Carryduff, Lot 2 - Kilwee, Dunmurry, Lot 3 - Belvedere, DunmurryContract notice
23/04/2016141322-2016Architect-Led Integrated Design Teams for Affordable Housing at Lot 1 Glengormley Park, Newtownabbey and Lot 2 2-28 Shore Road, BelfastContract notice
20/04/2016135211-2016Architect-Led Integrated Design Teams for Tyndale Gardens, Belfast; Devenish Drive, Monkstown; Parkhead Crescent, Newry and Castle Grove Place, CastlecaulfieldContract notice
15/04/2016128399-2016Architect-Led Integrated Design Teams for Lot 1 - Neilsbrook Park, Randalstown and Lot 2 - the Hill, PortstewartContract notice
15/03/2016086114-2016PF15-010 Woodleigh Terrace Remodelling/Refurbishment WorksContract notice
15/03/201686114-2016PF15-010 Woodleigh Terrace Remodelling/Refurbishment WorksContract notice
08/03/201677356-2016Competition for the Appointment to a Framework Agreement for the provision of Design Team Consultancy Services on Housing ProjectsContract notice
09/03/201679095-2016PF15-008 Kitchens, Bathrooms and Heating Upgrades 3Contract notice
02/02/201634443-2016Pf14-024 109 Hamilton RoadContract notice
21/01/201619757-2016Pf13-059 Grove Place Remodelling and Refurbishment WorksContract notice
12/12/2015436618-2015Pf12-004 Remodelling / Refurbishment Works — Rock Mills, Strand Road, DerryContract notice
03/12/2015424566-2015The Construction of 21 No. Social Housing Units At Ballybeen Square, DundonaldContract notice
03/12/2015424565-2015The Construction of 9 No. New Build Social Housing Units At Fortwilliam Parade, BelfastContract notice
03/12/2015424557-2015The Construction of 7 No Social Housing Apartments At 4-6 Cheston Street, CarrickfergusContract notice
24/11/2015412464-2015The Construction of 106 No New Build Social Housing Units At Old Belfast Road, BangorContract notice
24/11/2015412463-2015The Construction of 24 No New Build Apartments At Irish Quarter West, CarrickfergusContract notice
10/11/2015395220-2015Construction of 1 No. Wheelchair Bungalow At Calmor View Phase 2, NewryContract notice
10/11/2015395219-2015Construction of 9 No. New Build Dwellings At Beersbridge Road, BelfastContract notice
10/11/2015395210-2015Construction of 20 No New Build Dwellings At Nelson Drive Phase 2, DerryContract notice
10/11/2015395209-2015Construction of 16 No New Build Dwellings At 52-58 Main Street, GlenavyContract notice
10/11/2015395208-2015The Construction of 11 No New Build Dwellings At Fahan Street, DerryContract notice
10/11/2015395207-2015The Construction of 8 No New Build Dwellings At Nixon's Corner, DerryContract notice
20/10/2015367954-2015Construction of 39 No. Category 1 Apartments At the Square, BallyclareContract notice
17/10/2015365297-2015Construction of a Women's Aid Refuge for 3 No. Self-contained Units and 9 No. Bed SpacesContract notice
17/10/2015365295-2015The Construction of 1 No. Social Housing Unit At 70 Salisbury Avenue, BelfastContract notice
17/10/2015365294-2015Construction of 24 No. Social Housing Units At Antrim Road, BallynahinchContract notice
12/09/2015320003-2015Reimprovement Works of 4 No Shared Supported Housing Units At Croft Community, 71 Bloomfield Road, BangorContract notice
12/09/2015319971-2015Construction of 36 No. New Build Social Housing Units At Market Road, BallymenaContract notice
12/09/2015319970-2015Construction of 11 No. Social Housing Units At Clearwater, Brookhill Avenue, BelfastContract notice
12/09/2015319969-2015The Construction of 12 No. Units with Communal Facilities At Former Dympna House, 143a Glen Road, BelfastContract notice
27/08/2015301137-2015The Construction of 24 No Supported Housing Units At Abbots Road, Whiteabbey, NewtownabbeyContract notice
22/08/2015296915-2015Integrated Design Team: Blackmountain Way, BelfastContract notice
01/07/2015227650-2015Integrated Design Team: 52-58 Main Street, GlenavyContract notice


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