Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council is a Local Authority in the South West of England.
In 2009 it had a total population of 380,816 people.

Pub. DateNoticeDescriptionType
24/10/2017419980-2017Supply and Fit Communal Flooring - DPSContract notice
20/10/2017414993-2017Domestic Heating Installation ContractContract notice
10/10/2017397743-2017Supply of Double Glazed Units and Sheet Glass - DPSContract notice
23/09/2017374638-2017Joinery Timber Supplies - DPSContract notice
23/08/2017329623-2017Hard FM Building Fabric and/or Mechanical and Electrical servicing/repairsPrior information notice without call for competition
17/05/2017183069-2017Responsive Repairs to Properties located in the South of Bristol which are owned and leased by Bristol City Council (Response - South)Contract notice
17/05/2017183068-2017Responsive Repairs to Properties located in the North of Bristol which are owned and leased by Bristol City Council (Response - North)Contract notice
10/05/2017173743-2017Repairs, Refurbishment and Maintenance Works to Vacant Properties located in the South of Bristol (Voids - South)Contract notice
10/05/2017173742-2017Repairs, Refurbishment and Maintenance Works to Vacant Properties located in the North of Bristol (Voids - North)Contract notice
04/03/201782466-2017District Heating Systems Planned and Reactive Maintenance and Associated ServicesPrior information notice without call for competition
24/02/2017070127-2017Roofing FrameworkContract notice
24/02/201770127-2017Roofing FrameworkContract notice
08/10/2016350793-2016CON - Installation and Repairs of AdaptationsContract notice
20/08/2016288999-2016CON - Installation and Repairs of AdaptationsPrior information notice without call for competition
07/07/2016231619-2016Voids SouthContract notice
08/07/2016233166-2016Voids NorthContract notice
08/07/2016233165-2016Response Repairs NorthContract notice
08/07/2016233164-2016Response Repairs SouthContract notice
30/04/2016150490-2016Supply of Cremated Remains Plot Memorial Tablets to Bristol CrematoriaContract notice
04/02/201637677-2016Lot Title: Lot 1 Machine Laid Surfacing1)short Description: Carriageway Resurfacing and Re-constructionPrior Information Notice without call for competition
04/02/201637676-2016Lot Title: Contract Number 1 Winter Maintenance1)short Description: Contract Number 1 Appointment of a Contractor for the Provision of a Winter Maintenance ServicePrior Information Notice without call for competition
09/01/20166094-2016Lot No: 1 Lot Title: Response Repairs and Minor Works North1)short Description: Response Repairs and Minor Works North — the Range of Work Includes Carpentry, Brickwork, Construction, Decoration, Plumbing, Plastering and RoofingPrior Information Notice without call for competition
07/01/2016003476-2016Lockleaze Sport CentreContract notice
25/02/201565840-2015Low-rise External Wall Insulation Scheme Phase 2Contract notice
13/02/2015052294-2015Architectural Construction Consultancy FrameworkContract notice
24/01/201525874-2015Bristol — Construction of New Indoor Entertainment ArenaContract notice
10/01/2015007290-2015Former Dunmail Primary School DevelopmentContract notice
28/01/201529807-2015Former Dunmail Primary School DevelopmentPrior Information Notice
24/12/2014438913-2014Social Housing Professional Services FrameworkPrior Information Notice
24/12/2014437478-2014Bristol — Construction of New Indoor Entertainment ArenaPrior Information Notice
20/12/2014433148-2014Phase 2 — Low-rise External Wall Insulation SchemePrior Information Notice
03/12/2014409959-2014Heat Management ContractPrior Information Notice
13/08/2014277129-2014Bristol Arena Multidisciplinary Design Team CompetitionContract notice
28/05/2014178947-2014Lead Designer and Technical Advisor FrameworkContract notice
26/04/2014142185-2014Low-rise External Wall Insulation SchemeContract notice
09/04/2014120724-2014Lead Designer, Including Full Services of a Design Team, to Design Council HomesPrior Information Notice
15/03/201487547-2014Low-rise External Wall Insulation SchemePrior Information Notice
29/10/2013363458-2013Adaptations for Disabled People FrameworkContract notice
30/03/2013107050-2013Highways and Associated Works FrameworkContract notice
14/03/201385052-2013Filwood Green Business ParkContract notice
27/02/2013065499-2013Adaptations for Disabled PeopleContract notice
21/09/2012299032-2012Bristol Workplace Programme.Contract notice
20/07/2012230779-2012Bristol Workplace Programme Design TeamPrior Information Notice
26/05/2012166123-2012Bus Rapid Transit Design & BuildContract notice
20/04/2012126462-2012Response Repairs & Minor Works FrameworkContract notice
14/03/201282694-2012Lot No: 1 Lot Title: Alterations1)short Description: Full Information About the Different Lots Will Be Issued with the Ojeu Contract Notice and Pre-qualification QuestionnairePrior Information Notice
24/02/201261639-2012Ashton Court Mansion Options Appraisal Study.Contract notice
22/09/2011297766-2011The Repairs and External Cladding to Parkinson and Woolaway Prc PropertiesContract notice
03/03/2011070409-2011Woolaway & Parkinson Prc RepairsContract notice
01/02/201133668-2011Woolaway & Parkinson Prc RepairsPrior Information Notice
21/01/201121462-2011Planned Maintenance to Domestic PropertiesContract notice
06/10/2010296139-2010Uk-bristol: Planned Maintenance to Domestic PropertiesContract notice
30/07/2010225468-2010Uk-bristol: Cyclical Maintenance FrameworkPrior Information Notice
30/07/2010225467-2010Uk-bristol: Planned Maintenance to Domestic PropertiesPrior Information Notice
19/12/2008329669-2008Construction and Associated Consultants Framework ContractContract notice


Award Notice AvailableProcurement AbandonedNo Award Notice Issued

Winning Organisations

A Sellars Decorating ContractorsSpecialist Trade
Alec French Partnership Limited
Alfred Bagnall & SonsContractor
Alun Griffiths
Askew Cavanna Consortium
Astam GBC Consultancy
Balfour BeattyContractor
Beaver Maintenance Limited
Bouygues UKContractor
City Maintenance Bristol Limited
Cornish Glazing Bristol Limited
Dawns Construction
Domestic Drains Services Limited
Downs Brothers
Durbin Electrical Limited
Emmdee Electrical Services
Emmett Russell ArchitectsArchitect
ETM Construction & Recycling Holding
Eurovia Contractor
G D Calder Roofing & Building
Gale & Snowden ArchitectsArchitect
Lancer Scott
MD Building ServicesContractor
Mears GroupContractor
MJ Church
North Midland ConstructionContractor
P H Jones
Peter Morris Land & Property Clearance
RA Gardiner Contractors
S A Poulton Building Contractors
SC Design
Snape GroupContractor
Spectrum Services Uk Limited
The Columbaria Company (Odlings)
Tily Carpentry & Property Maintenance Limited
TPM Southwest
Urban Salon
Vps Uk Limited
White Design
Willmott DixonContractor