Notices, Awards and Cancellations

Please note that the award notices shown below are included where an awarding authority has provided a reference to a previous contract within the body of the award notice. A missing award notice does not therefore necessarily mean that an award has not been issued (although it should have been). Notices shown with a strike through have been cancelled without an award, usually where the procedure has been abandoned.

NoticeDate of NoticeProcuring BodyContract TitleConcluding NoticeConcludedLength (days)
84418-201823 Feb 2018Dorset County CouncilRMMSCW Repairs, Maintenance, Minor and Smaller Capital Works framework---
85397-201823 Feb 2018East Northamptonshire CouncilEast Northamptonshire Enterprise Centre (ENEC) Design Team---
80946-201821 Feb 2018Langstane Housing AssociationFramework for Construction Professional Services---
80829-201821 Feb 2018Derbyshire County CouncilProcurement of Architectural Design Services for Alfreton Park Community Special School---
83080-201821 Feb 2018DefraUpdate of the UK's Persistent Organic Pollutants Multimedia Emissions Inventory---
82042-201821 Feb 2018Sunderland MAC TrustMACQ Phase II Auditorium---
82048-201821 Feb 2018Coventry City CouncilCOV - Nuckle Phase 1 Package 2 - Design and Build (Rail)---
78545-201820 Feb 2018NHS EnglandGrowth and Expansion of the Individual Placement and Support Programme---
77742-201820 Feb 2018The National Library of WalesMain Building Renovation Work---
80756-201820 Feb 2018CPD (Central Procurement Directorate)DfC 1188341- Historic Environment Division Specialist Services Management Contract---
79855-201820 Feb 2018University of HullConstruction of Aura Innovation Centre (AIC)---
80778-201820 Feb 2018University of KentConsultancy Services for Development of Life Science Building---
78610-201819 Feb 2018Grampian Housing AssociationFramework for Construction Professional Services---
77776-201819 Feb 2018Choice Housing IrelandCompetitive Land Design and Build Contract - Belfast South West---
77753-201819 Feb 2018Choice Housing IrelandCompetitive Land Design and Build Contract – Belfast South---
77732-201819 Feb 2018Moray CouncilCivil Engineering Small Works Framework---
078610-201819 Feb 2018Caughey SolutionsFramework for Construction Professional Services7 - Contract award notice81274-201821 Feb 20182
74908-201816 Feb 2018Scape ProcureCivil Engineering and Infrastructure Framework — England, Northern Ireland and Wales---
73302-201816 Feb 2018Scape Procure ScotlandNational Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Framework - Scotland---
73289-201816 Feb 2018New Forest District CouncilProvision of Design and Construction Services related to the implementation of Smarter Working across NFDC---