Notices, Awards and Cancellations

Please note that the award notices shown below are included where an awarding authority has provided a reference to a previous contract within the body of the award notice. A missing award notice does not therefore necessarily mean that an award has not been issued (although it should have been). Notices shown with a strike through have been cancelled without an award, usually where the procedure has been abandoned.

NoticeDate of NoticeProcuring BodyContract TitleConcluding NoticeConcludedLength (days)
260730-201817 Jun 2018SSE GenerationOO Construction - Civils Works Platin Fuel - Ireland 0618---
262492-201815 Jun 2018Network Rail InfrastructureIP Track Delivery - Track Works---
261782-201815 Jun 2018Birmingham City CouncilP0455 - Design Services for the Development of the Alexander Stadium Site---
260745-201815 Jun 2018City of London CorporationCity of London Intermediate (Minor) Works Framework---
260741-201815 Jun 2018City of London CorporationCity of London Major Construction Works Frameworks Housing---
260751-201815 Jun 2018City of London CorporationCity of London Major Works Frameworks General---
260725-201815 Jun 2018Warwickshire County CouncilWCC - Provision of Construction Works---
260718-201815 Jun 2018Lancashire County CouncilConstruction Partnering---
260677-201815 Jun 2018St Helens CollegeProcure North West (Lite) Framework---
258613-201814 Jun 2018Basildon District CouncilEast Gate Cinema Developement---
257348-201814 Jun 2018University of Sheffield1994/PB MandE Consultant for Translational Energy Centre (TERC)---
258538-201814 Jun 2018Highways EnglandRoutes to Market pre-procurement market engagement on Smart Motorways Alliance Programme---
257460-201814 Jun 2018University of Sheffield1995/PB Structural Engineer for Transitional Energy Research Centre (TERC)---
257160-201814 Jun 2018London Borough of HaringeyDynamic Purchasing System for the provision of Construction, Estates and Property Professional Services---
256079-201813 Jun 2018Keystone DevelopmentsConsultants Framework 2018---
254404-201813 Jun 2018Scotland ExcelSupply and Delivery of Light and Heavy Plant---
255233-201813 Jun 2018University of Sheffield1992/PB Project Manager for Translational Energy Research Centre (TERC)---
254158-201813 Jun 2018University College LondonDesign and Build Services for University College London – Phase 1 Pool Street West Residential and Academic Space---
254150-201813 Jun 2018West Herts CollegeWest Herts College - Dacorum Campus Phase 2---
258540-201813 Jun 2018Carmarthenshire County CouncilCarmarthenshire County Council Minor Works Framework---