The Portsmouth Elephant Cage reports on Southsea common

Following conclusion of the 2 stage of ‘The Portsmouth Elephant Cage’, a programme organised by Project Compass and our Dutch partners Architectuur Lokaal (Nov’16 and March ‘17), a new Project Compass report, summarised the findings, and synthesising an alternative strategic design for Southsea common and its frontage has been published.

Written up by Director Walter Menteth, this is published by Project Compass, is being distributed under ‘The Island City papers’ imprint, and is available here.

The international programme took research evidence from wide sources and case studies. The report examines and evaluates the sea defence proposals for Portsmouth’s Southsea common and found that a better solution having wider benefits was entirely possible and feasible and such an alternative is described and illustrated.  The report also recommends actions forward to address the apparent shortfalls with the existing proposals.

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